Harry´s Wife : 40x40xFuture Faking

How is the 40×40 initiative panning out then?

One thought on “Harry´s Wife : 40x40xFuture Faking

  1. Asp Emp says:

    LOL….”a flunky”….

    ”a servant”…..OMG, maybe narcissists do use that word but I have not heard of it being used in some time.

    Bloody hell. When did the number of toilets increase by a thousand?! Isn’t there enough sh*t going around as it is?!

    “she believes that she really does have something to contribute to this planet she’s deluded she doesn’t realize that she was a d-list actress that has nothing really more to offer”……. HG, if I may say so, it is not for the ‘good’ from her perspective, however it is, from your perspective because you are showing her for what she is to everyone who has been made aware of your work – so, (laughing here), you are using her, for the good to humanity….bless you for that, HG. I don’t really give a sh*t about her, nor interested in what she does (which is fk all in real terms 😉 ). Yet I am interested in the overall ‘saga’ to see what transpires RE: Royal Family, Harry etc.

    Headlines one day….”HG Tudor spotted her narcissism years ago, why we were so blind to it?”…..

    Laughing…..a new word I learned today….’funking’…..laughed some more when I read the dictionary example using ‘funked it’…..brilliant. My education ensues…..

    Oh yes, Bond gets a mention too? LOL.

    So, it will be interesting to see how the 40×40 “initiative” pans out……(if anything!) (giggling). Laughed again at others not going to get involved because it’s crap…..

    Cliveden House. Went there a few times with family when I was younger, walking around the massive grounds, the gardens…..I loved it because there were lots of places my sister and I would wander off to (bored with muvver, didn’t want to be around her, maybe, indirectly, not be seen with her either LOL)……yes, that place was always maintained very well. Immaculate.

    Yes, reading about ‘Future Faking’ in this video did remind me of times when narcissists (especially them f*ckens at work) made such statements about events that never materialised. Actions to take that never materialised, especially in relation to their service-users. It was all utter BS. How often were the service- users left disappointed? That is what was so saddening to witness. Some other people were also horrified. Yes, the service-users also ‘accepted’ the narcissist’s ‘explanations’, or, it would be left to the local team to offer an alternative (going out of their way to ensure something was offered instead of totally nothing). Absolutely appalling.

    Thank you, HG, for another entertaining and wonderfully amusing video.

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