The Ultra Narcissist met his victim in a club.

She agreed to head home with him.

How did they both get what they wanted and needed?

Understand the power dynamic between the two.




4 thoughts on “Spanked

  1. Sue says:

    Between ‘who’s the daddy’ and Spanked, quite an interesting scenario

    1. A Victor says:

      Hi Sue, if you liked these I recommend that you check out the Dark Cupid series. There is a lot to be learned on this topic. It really brings home the nature of the narcissist, the dynamic we have with them and also our own nature’s. If you do, I recommend following the instructions carefully.

  2. Asp Emp says:

    Bubbles, oh, Bubbles, I saw your comment on this article from a while ago……ohh, you dark horse 😉

    I also noticed someone else’s comment in relation to the red pens and THAT film.

    Whenever I use my red Sharpie, I remember….the conversations on this blog LOL…. PS I have a lot of Sharpies in various colours, the only colour I have not been able to obtain, is……erm, white.

  3. k mac says:

    I love that picture

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