The Prime Aims



I have three Prime Aims.

All of our kind has three Prime Aims.

Our dark and menacing behaviours (even when dressed up as the illusory golden period) are focused on the attainment of these three Prime Aims. They are all that matter. Everything else is dust. We are driven to secure these Prime Aims. They are hard-wired into us, they are sub-conscious requirements in most of our kind and amongst the Greater of our brethren we are aware of the necessity of attaining these three things to ensure that not only do we survive but we also thrive. Everything we do, say and concern ourselves with revolves around achieving these three aims. Nothing else matters.

Do we love you? No. We do not know what that truly is but we will use love or secure our Prime Aims. We will desecrate it through our twisted facsimile of what we understand love to be and use it secure our aims.

Do we want to do good for the disadvantaged around us? No. Yet, if such behaviour will ultimately benefit us through the establishment of a facade which can then be used to further our quest for these Prime Aims then we will become a trustee of that charity or organise a fund raiser for the Orphanage For Unwanted Monobrowed Children.

Do we want to be friends with you because we find your collection of unopened Star Wars figures fascinating. No. We do so because knowing someone with the best collection on the East Coast means that it works in favour of us in terms of attaining the Prime Aims.

Nothing we do is about you. It is all about securing our aims. Admittedly, there will be occasions where we are in alignment and our march with our dark troops by our side to the attainment of the Prime Aims means that you and others benefit. That is pure serendipity and we do not care whether the outcome is good or bad for you, so long as we achieve what we need.

The sooner you grasp and understand that we are focused on securing these Prime Aims and nothing else matters to us, the faster you will be able to formulate your own way to avoid being caught up in their attainment. The Prime Aims and their attainment is the only goal we are interested in and everything else is swept up in the need to achieve them. Children. Job. Home. Wife. Father. Daughter. Friend. Interests. Socialising. Conversations. Money. Status. Manipulation. Connections. Infidelity. Misery. Cruelty. Seduction. Possessions. These and so much more are mere conduits, enablers, bridges to the securing of the Prime Aims.

Never underestimate or fail to recognise the single-mindedness by which our machine like efficiency closes on this goal. You are there to ensure we achieve it. Our faceless Lieutenants and lurking Coterie are there to ensure we achieve it. The secondary and tertiary sources, the facade, the crows, the butterflies, the seduction, the devaluation and the disengagement. The hoovers, oft and repeated or seemingly absent, yet appearing years later are all part of the inextricably linked matrix to achieve the Prime Aims.

So, what are they?

Those of you who have read much of my work will already know what they are, but it is necessary to identify and underline them.

  1. Fuel/Control

The chief Prime Aim. The most important one and the overriding objective of our engagements with everybody that we come into contact with. Fuel is the emotional response provided by you ad everybody else, caused by us which signals that we have control over you.It may be indirect, for instance someone smiling at us as we walk by, it may be direct because we have provoked you into crying by calling you names.

Fuel is both positive and negative. It flows from all appliances. It varies in potency dependent on the Fuel Index (see the book Fuel for an expansive explanation of this central factor of what drives our kind) and in terms of its quantity and frequency. Fuel powers us. It quells the anguish and the anxiety, it settles us, it edifies us, it makes us powerful and it causes us to feel impregnable, omnipotent and god-like.

It is our drug. We want it and we need it and it must be provided each and every day and we take it from those that we have established in our fuel network. From lover to lollipop lady, everybody and I mean everybody we interactive with is a fuel appliance. The words you use, the tone attached to them, the inflection in your voice, the gestures you make, the things you do, the expression on your face, the sounds you make – all of these provide us with fuel and it has to be caused by us.

If you are crying over the death of your mother, that is not fuel for us. It is fuel for your mother (albeit she didn’t need it when alive and certainly has no use for it now she is cold in the ground). Those tears are wasted and this infuriates us. Thus we will say something hurtful about your pathetic weeping so that you then cry because of what we have said. Your emotional response then is down to us and we gain fuel.

Fuel/Control is the single most important thing to us. We must have control over you and any threat to our control is always met by The 3 Assertions of Control. No fuel and we weaken and ultimately enter a Fuel Crisis.

2. Character Traits

We have built a construct. This construct is like a frame and through the gathering of fuel we are able to then power its maintenance and further development. This construct imprisons The Creature. This construct allows us to show the world what we want to see and thus gain more fuel and the cycle repeats.

Everyone we interact with has the potential to furnish us with character traits which we lift and apply to the construct to make it better, stronger, more attractive and more secure. Each piece of fuel is the paste which enables us to place the shards, segments, patches, pieces and elements of character traits onto the construct and keep them there.

If you wish to understand this in greater detail, read my book Fury.

Your interest in insects, a friend’s sporting achievements, a child’s academic prowess, information from a tertiary source about the best restaurant in Barcelona’s gothic quarter, the humorous anecdotes told by a speaker at an awards dinner, the tales told by a grandparent, the intelligence gathered by a colleague and so on, all of those things become character traits which we will take for ourselves and pass of as our own. We want them and need them from those we interact with. Some have nothing to provide and thus they are less important appliances, but others have many and thus your coruscating, dazzling traits when you are a primary source to us become fundamental as part of the Prime Aims.

3. Residual Benefits

Are you well-off? Have a good house? A car? Access to a particular club? Tickets for sought after games? A famous friend? Excellent carer? Brilliant cook? Social magnet? DIY capable? Good income? Respected community member?

We are entitled and we do not recognise boundaries. Your resources are our resources and the more of those that exist and in different forms, the greater the advantage you possess because of these residual benefits.

These vary dependent on the nature of the narcissist who has ensnared you. We may be financially superior and have a large house, but you are well-thought of by people and have an extensive social circle, political connections and the like, thus we want them.

We may have a physical health problem and therefore the fact that you are a nurse practitioner and exceptionally caring results in those residual benefits becoming the foremost ones.

We may have no job and a rampant cocaine habit, so your well-appointed residence and burgeoning bank account are appealing residual benefits to us.

The list of residual benefits is not exhaustive and they will vary from narcissist to narcissist, but they form a further essential part of this triumvirate.

Thus fuel and control, character traits and residual benefits are the Prime Aims. All appliances are expected to fulfil their obligation to provide us with each element of the Prime Aims, although it is naturally of greater importance concerning the primary source having such applicability.

We are not with you because we love you. We are with you because you as the primary source largely fulfil The Prime Aims and you do so better than anybody else in the Fuel Matrix 

We are not friends with you because you are good fun. We are friends with you because as a Non Intimate Secondary Source you contribute to The Prime Aims.

We are not flirting with you because you are hot. We are flirting with you because as an Intimate Tertiary Source you contribute to The Prime Aims.

We do not help you as our sister because we have a sense of duty towards you as a family member. We help you because as a Non Intimate Secondary Source you contribute to The Prime Aims.

We do not have an affair with you because our “wife does not understand us”. We have an affair with you because as a Dirty Little Secret you contribute to The Prime Aims.

You are there to be used. You are in the Fuel Matrix because you contribute, to a greater or lesser extent to The Prime Aims. That is your ONLY function.


Always keep in your mind the relevance of these Prime Aims because this will aid you understanding why certain things are said and done by our kind.


Learn more about Fuel

11 thoughts on “The Prime Aims

  1. annaamel says:


    1. Do the 5 rules generated by you and the Good Doctors only apply on this blog?
    2. Is the building and leaving of a legacy a) a residual benefit or b) connected to the prime aims another way
    3. Do you have other long term goals that matter more than the creation of your legacy?


    1. HG Tudor says:

      1. That cannot be answered.
      2. It is a residual benefit but of course it caters to other prime aims.
      3. Yes.

      1. annaamel says:

        I imagine that if your doctors were initially encouraging you (a malignant narcissist) to create a public blog where you not only published your writing but chatted to readers, their main concern would have been that while you personally benefited from it as a creative outlet, as a way of exploring your ideas, and of understanding how others felt, that no harm came to anyone else. They would not have encouraged you if they felt concerned that you could hurt people or do wrong by them or create difficult situations for them. I would think all the rules pertain to maintaining an ethical environment and approach. That you agreed to these rules is actually very impressive, from my perspective, because you could have claimed you were going to follow the rules but then did whatever you want based on whatever would be best for you. But I believe you didn’t – you developed the five rules with the good doctors and have made it one of your missions on this blog, from the get-go, to stick to them. I can tell you have been sticking to them because I honestly don’t see much on this blog which is problematic or unethical. It might be one of the most ethical blogs available, because you run it with such purpose and control (and those rules). It is a well run, well maintained, safe and useful resource and place to converse about narcissistic abuse.

        1. Jordyguin says:

          You’re very right, Annaamel. And the more I zoom out and the bigger the picture gets — I see something that is so unique, which sprung from the mind of this unknown we call HG Tudor.. No government or anyone else in history ever came up with the idea that enfolds by his strategy. I get now what effective means and how accurate! Whenever I connect the dots of which I’m aware of, of what this will create one day.. It have to be this way. I understand now.
          I’m smiling, imagining this guy walking by people in his daily life, undercover. Them having no idea.. The world is still dormant.. but what awaits it will be colossal and cosmic.. if everything continues as it is now.

        2. Joa says:

          Sooner or later, this work will be forgotten or destroyed (as we know it, the “for us” version).

          At the end there is always silence or conflagration. It’s inevitable.

          But let’s enjoy… while it lasts. Apparently we need it.

          Thank you and please HG.

          1. Jordyguin says:

            Thousands hugs to you dearest Joa! I read and follow the processing of your story and your healing♥️🌺💪 (✨breathe✨🌬)

            As to -will it be forgotten and destroyed? If yes – than us/they weren’t ready to receive it and preserve. Compared to what was before which lead to destruction and amnesia, it’s quite unique and unprecedented approach, thus my forever excitement. The Ultra can reveal in the most detailed manner and touch upon the fundamental societal dysfunctions trough the most accessible settings. The actual transformation of the human experience depends on the individual strength and maturity if you will:)❤️‍🔥

          2. Contagious says:

            Joa: my hope is HG’s work is relied upon for the DSM or international equivalent, that it is referenced and relied upon in psychology classes and become the standard. I think HG is the best at understanding narcissism. I also feel it could lead to some elimination of cluster B ( my own two cents) and ways of assisting professionals and victims of narcissistic abuse ( not PTSD) as it helps us understand and deal. But it’s a hope it doesn’t die.

        3. Contagious says:

          I agree. HG is the best at teaching narcissism but I question if he is following rules and ethics set by doctors versus his own agenda and goals. My belief he sets the rules for his greater aims. Never heard of a diagnosed psychopath caring about societies rules or norms unless it suited their purpose. But we benefit all the same. No one compares.

  2. k mac says:

    Understood. It used to hurt me that I meant nothing to him. Now I take comfort in knowing it really wasn’t personal or about me so to say.

    1. Joa says:

      kMac, I hug you tight.

      I understand perfectly.

      1. k mac says:

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