No Sense of Duty – Meghan Markle

2 thoughts on “No Sense of Duty – Meghan Markle

  1. Asp Emp says:

    “Britain does not have specified rules about what a Royal may legitimately say in public” – that one ‘loop-hole’ Megsie may be aware of and using / abusing that.

    Ok, her narcissism may not be as ‘evolved’ as other narcissists of her school / cadre, she does know a lot more than she ‘professes’ to and yet her narcissism does what she does to ‘flout’ rules, even beyond what is classed as ‘common sense’.

    She will go too far at some point because she is not as ‘clever’ as she thinks she is. Her narcissism will be the cause.

    I am sure that the Royal Family will (and are) ‘keep an eye’ on Harry, in order to protect him in any way they can, without the public being aware of it as such. At what point will their ‘intervention’ come forward to prevent Harry being seriously ‘dragged’ down with Megsie?

  2. Duchessbea says:

    Everything you have said thus far about Harry’s wife is spot on. An excellent series. Thank you HG.

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