No Contact Suicide : Part Two



I have explained previously that there are two guaranteed ways by which you will cause your no contact regime to be breached. The first method is as a consequence of you contacting us first, where we anticipate that you will make that contact with us, be it in person, by telephone call, text message or social media contact. The second method by which you commit no contact suicide arises where we contact you, but you, in effect left the door wide open. In a way, to describe it as no contact suicide is slightly misleading because for suicide to be committed, this presupposes that no contact was actually in place to begin with. Many people may well think that they have imposed no contact, but they have not done so and this second form of ‘suicide’ is very common indeed.

The second method of committing no contact suicide is where you leave open a route by which we may contact you of an electronic nature. Accordingly, this mistake includes :-

  • Not blocking our telephone number
  • Not blocking our e-mail address
  • Not blocking us on every social media platform
  • Not changing your telephone number(s)
  • Not changing your e-mail address(es)
  • Not removing yourself from every social media platform

You will notice that there are two parts to ensuring a robust no contact regime when it concerns electronic communications. The first is to prevent us from contacting you using our existing platform – we can call or text you from our existing number and it gets through, we can continue to e-mail you from our existing e-mail address, we are able to post messages to your social media and send direct messages from our relevant account or accounts.

You may be surprised to learn that many people do not block us when they are supposedly implementing no contact. For a smaller percentage this is because those individuals have misunderstood the concept of no contact. They think it is all about ensuring that the victim does not contact the narcissist and therefore believes, mistakenly, that numbers ought not to be blocked because the victim believes they will resist the urge to contact the narcissist (thus avoiding No Contact Suicide Part One). A further percentage do so either naively or arrogantly because they believe that the narcissist has gone. The victim believes that since the narcissist raged at them and told them it was over and that they never wanted to see the victim again, that must mean this was the ‘final discard’.

As I have stated many, many times, there is no such thing as a Final Discard

You may think that you have caused massive wounding to the narcissist, that you exposed the narcissist in such a way that there is no way on earth that the narcissist is going to hoover you. So many times I have read comments and questions from my readers where they state

‘There is no chance of him hoovering me, not after the way I made him go beserk.”

“She would not dare to hoover me, not since she knows that I know what she is really like and that I will tell everyone.”

“He has someone else and after the way he left me, he is not going to come back and hoover me.”

Such thinking is complacent and dangerous.

There is always a risk of a hoover.

Furthermore, if you think you have put in place a no contact regime but have left the door open by not blocking our access to you through any and all electronic means of contacting you, then you WILL be hoovered. It may not be straight away (especially if the narcissist has selected a new prospect who we are infatuated with) but it will happen. I see comments from people stating that they have not heard from the narcissist in three weeks. Three weeks? That is nothing. Others may say it has been silent for six months and therefore they know they are safe. Rubbish. I hoovered somebody after a gap of twelve years.

If you do not block us from ‘phone, e-mail and/or social media you are inviting a hoover. Why is this?

  1. We are creatures of economy. If there is a simple, straight-forward and low energy method of contacting you, we will take it. Consider this, if we could not contact you through electronic communication, what are some of our alternative options? Write a pen and paper letter to you? Organise a lieutenant to hoover you in person or by telephone? Send you a gift? Attend on you in person? Those are all options but they require more effort (and sometimes considerably more) than the simple action of sending a text stating ‘Hi’.
  2. It invites a swift response from you. As your emotional thinking surges on receipt of the message, it is so easy for you to type a reply and answer before you even grasp what you are doing and what you are inviting. You can pause before opening  a gift, you may work out a Lieutenant is hoovering you on our behalf and therefore keep your emotional thinking under better control and therefore provide no information to this Lieutenant. You may recognise the hand-writing on an envelope and pause before opening it, your logic attempting to keep you from falling prey to the emotional thinking. Once that text has landed, showing our name and message, sometimes even on your locked screen, then you are much more likely to respond to it.
  3. The electronic medium allows us to dip a toe in the water. This is especially important for Mid Range Narcissists. If we were to attend on you in person and you ignore us, this causes substantial wounding. In order to avoid this, our kind prefer to be in a position to test the water first. If you ignore a social media message, yes it will wound, but it will not be substantial and we will try at least one more time. If you respond, be it pleasantly or unpleasantly, you have still responded and this signals to us that you will do so again. If your response is pleasant, we instinctively know that we are pushing an open door so we shall text/message again. The messages become an exchange, become a conversation and then emboldened and encourage and also fuelled, we speak with you on the telephone, knowing that you will not reject us and then we meet and before you realise you are in our bed and in our grasp once again. The electronic medium enables us to create a landing point without too much risk and once established it becomes a bridge head for further messages as we hoover you hard.
  4. Even if you do not respond (and we anticipate that you will) we know you will see the message and this will provide us with Thought Fuel. This may give way to feeling wounded when time passes and there is no response, but we still gathered some Thought Fuel beforehand.
  5. Our need to exert control is so great that if you present us with an easy way of getting in touch with you, we will take it. You may as well send us the keys to your house and leave the front door open. Even if you have wounded us in the past, the impact of that fades over time (and indeed is often outweighed by our expectation of high quality hoover fuel, the need to assert our superiority, to get control over you again and in certain instances to punish you). We will not pass up the opportunity to hoover you if you have left an electronic gate open.

Accordingly, if you do not block us from all methods of electronic communication then you are committing no contact suicide. You will be hoovered and your attempt at no contact has failed. It is highly likely that our hoovering will prove successful and we will garner fuel from you as well as resurrecting the Formal Relationship (as and when we choose).

I know there are many of you who want to be hoovered because you want that contact from us once again. You have not got your emotional thinking under control at all. If you leave that electronic gateway open you will be hoovered but do understand this will happen when we decide, not when you want it to happen. Accordingly, if you are the disengaged former IPPS it is highly likely we will have someone else and therefore (unless it is malign) you will not be hoovered until your replacement is in devaluation which could be months or even years later. If you are a shelved IPSS you will face a hoover, but not necessarily when you want it. You will receive comfort crumbs instead and the hoover to take you off the shelf is decided by us, not you. If you are a disengaged IPSS then we have no interest in you because we are engaging with other more reliable appliances and yes with the electronic gateway open, you will be hoovered, but at a future point of our choosing, not at your dictating.

However,  blocking of our electronic method of reaching you is not sufficient. You need to go further otherwise you are still committing no contact suicide.

You must change the telephone number.

You must change the e-mail address.

You must come off social media.

This is because although blocking will have some effect, it is still not enough.

We will ring you/text you  from an alternative number, use a Lieutenant’s number (maybe someone you thought you could trust and thus you take the call or read the text) so we circumvent your blocking of us.

We will create a new e-mail address and do so repeatedly to get around your blocking of us.

We will create false profiles or message through someone else’s profile, or just stalk you using these profiles even if we do not contact you.

Of course changing the profiles/numbers/e-mail addresses will not guarantee that you will not be hoovered because of course some (not all) of our kind will expend effort in getting hold of these new numbers and e-mail addresses, but if you block and change you are putting in place a hurdle which will go some considerable way to raising the Hoover Bar and thus diminishing the risk of a hoover.

You will either force us to expend time and effort to ascertain the new numbers etc and/or you will force us to use alternative methods to hoover you and breach your no contact. We may not know where you live or where you work, or these venues may be some distance away and thus by closing (as far as possible) the electronic gateway by blocking and changing there is more chance we will focus on an easy target rather than waste time trying to gain fuel from a source which has become more difficult to extract from.

A total no contact is very hard to achieve. Moving continents, fleeing to the mountains and changing everything about your prior life, cutting off all routes of reaching you through friends and family etc is doable but is difficult. However, if you do not block and change the electronic method of reaching you, you are committing no contact suicide and you will be hoovered at a future point.

If you have to have come channel of communication with the narcissist (for instance co-parenting) then choose e-mail. Make it clear that this is the only means by which the narcissist can communicate with you, that you will only check the e-mail address say twice a week at a set time for e-mails and no other time. This way you will reduce your exposure to the hoovers which have to get through (by reason of the need for some communication) and with them being in writing you can regulate yourself in terms of your response and endeavour to get your emotional thinking under control.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that keeping open electronic channels is a pressure valve or a safe way of ensuring we do not turn up in person. This is incorrect and is an outcome of emotional thinking. If you think it is a wise move to keep open a text communication so this will prevent us from coming to see you in person, this is bad thinking, because

  • Doing this WILL mean you are hoovered with the consequences of you feeling anxious, being subjected to more and repeated hoovers through text and more
  • These repeated hoovers which have been allowed to happen because of the easy electronic route will invariably result in your emotional thinking surging and then we have managed to start seeing you in person again. Do not think you can resist this happening because it is very hard for you to do because your tipping point is reached through the repeated surging of your emotional thinking.
  • If we cannot reach you through electronic means it is NOT  a given that we will turn up in person for the reasons explained above. Even if we do, you can still avoid the hoover, escape it and cause wounding.

It is very simple ; keep any form of electronic communication in place with us and you are committing no contact suicide and you will be hoovered at an appropriate point.


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16 thoughts on “No Contact Suicide : Part Two

  1. Rebecca says:


    My NC regimen is good. He can’t call me and if he uses someone else’s number, I won’t answer a number I don’t recognize. He’s not on my Facebook and can’t send me message being off my friends list on there. I have no other social media accounts. He wouldn’t come to my job,he’s a coward afterall. He definitely won’t come to my house,he’s never been to my house,why start now? He’s only choice is contact through proxy, which I think he tried recently,but failed, yet again. He’s really not good at this, maybe he should take up another hobbie, like knitting or cooking lol

    1. Leigh says:

      Be careful Rebecca. You never know what they will do. You can’t underestimate them. If you’re too confident, a hoover might sneak through. He might not call but he might send a text. Maybe the text says, “xoxo” and that’s it. Now, within a half a second, he’s back in your head. Maybe you even respond, saying, “Go fuck yourself.” Now there’s an exchange and you’ve given him fuel. They are slippery little suckers and will weasel there way back in if given the opportunity.

      1. Rebecca says:

        Thanks Leigh,

        I’m keeping my eyes and ears alert. I’m not slacking or putting my guard down at all. In fact, my husband complains I’m too vigilant and paranoid. He’s never experienced what we have gone through, so he doesn’t understand the measure of concern I have and why I’m so hyped up and on the defense. I already warned my friends, don’t give out info on me to anyone, not if I’m working, phone number etc. I also put in place a plan if he does show up at work or home, or just while I’m out. I planned for all of it. I have people aware of my plans at work too. People I trust and I have different plans for each of them,just in case one betrays me,you never know….I have more plans. Know your exits is a simple one to start with,as an example. I’m not paranoid, just prepared. Military brat , we can prepare for anything. Need a bag packed, no problem.. Need an escape plan,, how many you want? Thanks again Leigh.

        1. Leigh says:

          Hi Rebecca, so since you are married and your husband knows what’s going on, can I assume that this isn’t an intimate partner then? If its not, can I ask who he is to you? If its not an intimate partner, it changes things a little bit.

          By the way, I saw your empath detector results. I’m triple hybrid too. 33% each Carrier, Savior & Geyser. When you were talking about the kittens and how you spoke to your mom, it reminded me of me. I have a disabled brother that I would often have to protect from my parents. I had no issue telling them to go eff themselves.

          1. Rebecca says:

            No, he wasn’t an intimate partner. I was a NISS to him….friend

          2. Leigh says:

            I asked because since NISS isn’t high in the fuel matrix, there’s less of a chance for a hoover. It can still happen but if you were an intimate partner, the former intimate partner’s fuel supply has the highest potency. If you were a former intimate partner you would be in much more danger of a hoover attempts. Have you read Fuel yet? Fuel is probably one of the most important books to read. May I also suggest, Sitting Target, Manipulated, Fury, Pipelines & Your Fault. They are all extremely informative.

            I have a teeny bit of Contagion too. Sometimes it feels like a guardian angel sitting on my shoulder whispering in my ear. Other times it comes from my gut and I think of it as my Spidey sense.

            Good luck in your journey to healing.

          3. HG Tudor says:

            Good to see your understanding of my work being applied, Leigh.

          4. Leigh says:

            Thank you, Mr. Tudor.

          5. Rebecca says:


            That’s cool we got rhe same results, I also have a bit of Contagion element and Co dependent when it’s triggered….the Co dependent part I cringed at….and yeah, I’ve never been one to not defend others and I don’t have issue with talking back lol

          6. Rebecca says:


            My recent narcissist was a LM somatic and I was his NISS,but he wanted me as his IPSS and pursued me….friends got involved and it became a shit show….not fun and I’ve had previous experiences with being stalked by a lesser narcissist in my past and my ex husband was a cerebral narcissist with Borderline personality disorder and he still tries to reach me to this day and we got divorced years ago. Make sense now? 🙃 If I am paranoid, those are the reasons I’m paranoid.

          7. Leigh says:

            Ugh! I’m very sorry. I know how much narcissism sucks. I wasn’t suggesting you were paranoid. My parents, my husband and my daughter are all narcissists. I was just thinking that as a NISS it might not be as bad. But honestly, at of all the narcs in my life, my daughter is the most hurtful when I’m painted black. I apologize if it came off as accusatory.

      2. Rebecca says:


        My husband also thinks I’m prepared for all this for nothing. He thinks a hoover will never happen. I told him, HG said, there’s always a chance. I even had him listen to some of HG’S videos and he still thinks I’m being paranoid. Finally, I just told him, “Look! HG is an expert on narcissists,he’s one himself,so who better to know what a narcissist will do,but an aware narcissist?? So, stop acting like you know better than HG and stop calling me paranoid and stop telling me to just get over it. That’s shitty to say!” Yeah, he poked the tiger a bit.

        1. Rebecca says:


          You said your daughter was the most painful for you and you were not her IP. I’m not mad, I just want you to know you don’t have to be the IP to have a painful experience with a narcissist, as you just pointed out with your daughter. My narcissist mother caused me a great amount of pain and I was her NISS, just like I was the NISS with my recent narcissist. In his mind I was his period,didn’t matter that I didn’t sleep with him, and HG told me there’s still a chance of a hoover, eventhough I was NISS to my LM SOMATIC. Thanks for the apology and I’m not upset,just wanted to clear up your confusion.

    2. Asp Emp says:

      Rebecca, that is good to read – that you have put a good NC regimen in place. You are effectively reducing as much ‘opportunity’ and possibility for a hoover to get through.

      I am not sure if you have seen HG’s article ‘The Golden Rules of Freedom No.4’ – I found the paragraph – second one up from the bottom of the article particularly useful as a reminder, should an unexpected hoover happen. Here is the link to it

      You’re doing very well on your journey here 🙂

      1. Rebecca says:

        Thanks Asp Emp for your guidance and links,,both are helpful and appreciated. 🙃❤

        1. Asp Emp says:

          You are more than welcome, Rebecca. Thank you for your acknowledgement. Let me know if there is further I can help you with 🙂

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