Who Can You Control to Beat the Narcissist?




Where should you be applying your control in order to beat the narcissist?

This Logic Bulletin addresses the following to assist you in escaping and staying away from the narcissist.

Can you control the narcissist? If not, why?

What happens if you try to control the narcissist?

Should you control third parties?

What happens when you try to control third parties?

The consequences of trying to control third parties with reference to the narcissist.

The consequences of fighting a Smear Campaign by the narcissist

The consequences of seeking to expose the narcissist to third parties

The responses of third parties where you see to control them in respect of the narcissist

Assistance with the targeted process of Inform and Influence

Achieving the best outcome with regard to control and the narcissist

Achieving the best outcome with regard to control and third parties

Your role with regard to the issue of control

The concept of Dilution of Assets and its relationship with control.

Common mistakes which are made with regard to the idea of control and the repercussions of those mistakes on you and your No Contact Regime.

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3 thoughts on “Who Can You Control to Beat the Narcissist?

  1. Asp Emp says:

    https://narcsite.com/2020/01/17/who-can-you-control-to-beat-the-narcissist/ This particular image was appearing on my Facebook feed during the period (aka my lengthy supanova still in formation, laughing) when I was posting narcissist this, narcissist that, narcissist here, narcissist there, about a year before I found my way to KTN blog. I just kept scrolling past this image advertising ‘Knowing The Narcissist’……(sorry, HG)….. I arrived to your blog a year later, but, hey, I made it 🙂 And, I was right despite not knowing what I know now. So them narcissists can go and fk themselves (laughing as I type this).

    I got ‘me’ back, plus so much more, because of your work, thank you for that, HG xxx

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  3. Duchessbea says:

    HG, this is pure class. Also you outdid yourself with regard to the latest Harry’s Wife. You summed it up in a perfectly thorough, amusing way. I take it that this could be the reason they left the UK quickly. I very much agree that it dawned on Harry, everything he literally threw away. Again brilliant analysis HG.

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