Ultra Interview: Catherine Cardigan

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  1. WiserNow says:

    Overall, I enjoyed this interview, mainly because of HG’s thorough answers.

    When Catherine introduced herself as a ‘medical intuitive healer’, I found the title interesting. The words ‘medical’ and ‘intuitive’ seemed like they don’t (or perhaps shouldn’t) go together. Medicine is based on science and therefore physical or ‘material’ or ‘quantifiable’ and ‘repeatable’ practices. Intuition, on the other hand, is immaterial and intangible. It made me wonder what a ‘medical intuitive healer’ actually is.

    With my truthseeker hat on, I googled practitioners that operate as ‘medical intuitive healers’. One example: there is an Australian website by ‘The College of Intuition’. It has a main heading that says, ‘Your Online Resource for Intuitive Insight’. One of their offerings: for just under $A500, you can obtain a package of two 60-minute appointments conducted over Zoom that include a
    – ‘comprehensive scan of your energy system and soul blueprint to find the energetic causes of your health concern’;
    – ‘personalised sound frequency audio recordings to assist with your energetic healing’;
    – and more.

    I don’t know… personally, if I had a lump somewhere, or a pain in my chest, or a sore knee, or a terrible migraine, a scan of my energy system and soul blueprint would probably be the last resort.

  2. Contagious says:

    Excellent again. But after years of following you and admiring your work, I want an interview with someone with a higher level of knowledge on narcs such as Sam Vatnim or a neurologist. I have followed some of Sam’s work but I prefer your work. His opinions are often not applicable and he cites too many other international sources which I will never ever read. But there are some differences I would love to hear you debate upon such as a BPD male or BPD in general which he relies as a valid cluster B diagnosis and you do not…or the reason to have subcategories in cluster B at all. So many nuances…and I think your insight would be the best. You are the best ! Is there any chance of a “ specialist debate”? Or if you have done one can I buy it in the vault?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Borderline addressed a long time ago – see the video “The Borderline”
      Issues re sub categories in cluster B – already done – see Amber Heard : Is She Histrionic and a Borderline.

  3. WiserNow says:

    Interesting interview. HG consistently provides rational, helpful information about concepts such as ‘evil’, how to manage social expectations like ‘honoring’ your narcissist parents, and co-parenting effectively with narcissists.

  4. A Victor says:

    This was an excellent interview. It went deeper into some things that is only heard on more of a surface level. Really enjoyed it.

  5. Asp Emp says:

    From minutes 17:41 “between a narcissist and an empath, it’s one of controller and controlled an it’s one borne out of addiction the narcissist is addicted to control”

    In so few words, HG summarises what it is all about.

    The why, when and how vary so much, it depends on the situation(s), person(s) and the level of the ‘need’ – the amount of, the potency of fuel; character traits and residual benefits in order to achieve control. It also depends on the school, sub-school and cadres of those with narcissism.

    These interviews give so much information, thank you for sharing (and doing) these on your mediums to access your work, HG 🙂

  6. WhoCares says:

    “Expect to *not* have a Happy Birthday when you’re with a narcissist.”

    My experience was the opposite. (My birthday’s were always good.)
    But I think that is because the narcissists in my life recognize that I actually don’t want the attention on my birthday. It’s just a date in the calendar (for the most part – of course I enjoy a gift, or dinner out etc.). My narcissists got the emotional reaction from me by doing something over the top – that put me on the spot, in terms of drawing attention to the fact that it was my birthday and, concurrently, drawing attention to themselves by what they had planned. But, of course, I was expected to be thankful, even though they didn’t respect my wishes…but, naturally, it doesn’t look manipulative because it’s under the guise of doing something ‘nice’… something ‘special’.

    An example: for my 30th birthday, my mother planned a surprise party for me. (A low key surprise party might have been okay with me.) But she went as far as inviting (without my knowing) people from all walks of my life, friends, family, co-workers, my boss – even my long distance “boyfriend” at the time! And so, I was put on the spot when we finally arrived in the backyard of our home for the “surprise”. Oh, joy.

    It’s actually a perfectly (horrible) example of a lack of boundary recognition and exhibition of a sense of entitlement.

    And then, of course, my mother looked fabulously caring because of the lengths she went to, on my apparent behalf. And I was/am expected to be ever grateful.

    She did other things of a similar nature.

    There is a theme here, I must say – narcissists in my life putting me on the spot.

    Even if it’s simply to call out my behaviour, in order to make a point.

    Fun times. Teachers have often done this to me in school in the past.

    I recognize it for what it is now though and can, usually, role with it.

  7. WhoCares says:

    In listening to this interview, HG, it struck me as interesting when you spoke of the minority vs. majority view of what is wrong or right. And you have spoken about this often enough that I recognize that ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are not absolutes. However, this time around, hearing this, it occurred to me how ironic it is that – through their often touted “moral superiority” – Mid-rangers contribute to this majority view of what is morally acceptable – when actually, unconsciously, they have the minority perspective.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are correct.

      1. WhoCares says:

        Thank-you HG.

  8. Francine says:

    First time listening to this interview…I’m 5 seconds in ( her introduction and the sound of her voice) and it’s like every red warning flag went up Narc alert! Narc alert!. I had to tell myself Clam down and just listen could be just narcissistic. Or maybe I’m just wrong, but she’s not getting No benefit of the doubt. Narc until you prove me wrong. Red ALERT SHIELDS UP.

  9. Lou says:

    you always say narcissists cannot be cured and I understand this is the case with current methods and technology but why are you so sure there won’t be a discovery in the future ? A new medication that switched on the empathy in a person for instance . ? An operation that adjusted a neural pathway maybe ? You say that you are content to be the way you are and do not see any benefit in changing but in other videos you have said also that narcissist have a feeling of a deep empty void , an unpleasant feeling of nothingness . Depression etc . Maybe you’d like to change this ? And the future of medicine and tech could have some answers ? Isn’t it worth putting more pressure on the medical industry to study this more ?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I have stated that at some future point there may well be a way of curing narcissism. It would need to include the compulsory attendance of the narcissist to the appropriate treatment as well as the treatment itself.

      1. Viol. says:

        I think we’re getting into 1984 territory here. As little as I like the conduct of most of the narcissists I’ve encountered, I can see obvious potential for abuse. Your family, school, government doesn’t approve of your opinions? You’re a narcissist: off you go to Room 101 for the modern equivalent of a lobotomy or shock treatment (both excellent Ramones songs, BTW).

        1. Viol. says:

          Furthermore, if you’re not a good fit for whatever pedagogical fad is currently poisoning the schools, they can call you a “Narcissist” and schedule you for the according procedure. I got the hyper label and the meds without anyone paying attention to my home life; these days, everyone’s on the spectrum.

          The irony if course, is anyone who can be guilt-tripped into getting such a procedure because “I don’t want to be a Narcissist anymore!” almost certainly isn’t one.

          1. Another Cat says:

            Unfortunately, the like button doesn’t work on this lap top! Well stated, Viol. In my country, and this is reported by daily newspapers so I’m comfortable it is true, when a child decides they want a sex change, and social services find out, the parents are under severe pressure to say yes to any kind of hormone treatment for the child, when protesting or questioning the least bit, some children have been taken away from the parents for a while.

          2. Viol. says:

            Another Cat:

            I haven’t figured out how to do likes at all. For a while after my recent gravitas change, I was getting notifications that someone else had liked my comment, but then they stopped, started again, and stopped again.

            WordPress is ugly and its mother dresses it funny.

      2. Contagious says:

        Or if they ever pinpoint the gene, genetic engineering. At that point, who cares. Who wants to live in a world of total robots? NC seems a better option lol scary how close the scientists are at altering genes. Want a boy? Want dark hair? Smart. Free of disease?

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