President Harry’s Wife?

14 thoughts on “President Harry’s Wife?

  1. S says:

    Her grandiosity is something to behold. Because Harry’s wife married a piano tuner, she thinks she’s going to be the next Liberace.

  2. lickemtomorrow says:

    Haha, TS, to “her gurning face” 😛 The sense of irritation is mutual.

    I’ve tried to lessen her impact also by avoiding articles, etc. I’m in ANC – almost no contact.

    I couldn’t resist this article.

    I love the title of HG’s series – “Funding Freedom, Finding Dollars” – says it all really, and the idea of HG flailing her within an inch of her life ‘amuses’ me 🙂 I just wish the flailing would produce the desired effect and we could be rid of her “gurning face” once and for all. It seems nothing anyone says or does will bring an end to our suffering. How many more incompetent politicians do we need? Haven’t we got enough leading us on the road to perdition? Where are the competent narcissists?

    Totally agree on virtue signalling wokedom and the Harkle’s are the poster children for that.

    I don’t think forming an opinion about her has anything to do with narcissistic traits coming to the fore. For me, it’s pure common sense once you factor in all the information we’ve been given.

    Glad you feel better 🙂 Me, too xox

    1. Truthseeker6157 says:


      Haha, sometimes it feels good just to say it like it is doesn’t it?

      I’m avidly watching the drama unfold around Boris just now. So much material for HG today! Denial, denial, and yet more denial. Fascinating to watch a Greater under pressure. Unless he figures out a way to walk on water, Boris is out within the week I think.

      The worrying thing for me is, which narcissist will replace him?


      1. lickemtomorrow says:


        “Unless he figures out a way to walk on water, Boris is out within the week I think.”

        Well, we all know what happened now and it’s another case of the gift that keeps on giving!

        He’s been gifted with a delayed departure, but the race to replace him is heating up and I’m not sure there are any narcissists capable of replacing the Greater at this stage.

        The knives are constantly out and it’s a very depressing side of politics which doesn’t engender much confidence.

        Maybe there’s an empath in the wings who can help clean up the mess?

  3. lickemtomorrow says:

    I read this article and some of the comments. My favourite was the comment about “what Harry’s wife wants, Harry’s wife gets” and it’s laughable to think just because she wants the U.S. Presidency she will get it. The difficulty I find is that it’s not just Harry’s wife who is apparently delusional.

    It appears delusional people abound in terms of promoting her and this is where my main concern lies – she is being promoted as some kind of ‘woke’ warrior by people who appear to have no clue either about her narcissism or her inability to carry plans for the Presidency forward.

    The idea is being planted, and by numerous people. That is a strategy that involves backers and high profile meetings like the one with Gloria Steinem, high profile photo shoots like the one at Uvalde, high profile articles like the ones relating to her letter to Congress about paid parental leave and subsequent contact with unsuspecting Senators, high profile appearances at the behest of various causes including vaccination ‘equity’ and a visit to the U.N headquarters in NY. The list goes on.

    I have no doubt there is a team behind her who are preparing the ground and appear to be oblivious to the level of dislike and dismay she causes. They don’t seem to care. My sense is that a decision has been made by more than Markle to drive this agenda forward. How else could she gain all these opportunities? She is the chosen spokesperson. She is the one being featured. Creating ties to Royalty seems to have been a necessary part of her progress to this point. No one would have accepted her as a serious candidate without some element of celebrity attached. Harry appears to have been a stooge all along. A willing stooge for now. Mr. Markle.

    In spite of her failures and the huge sense of dislike surrounding her she continues to be invited to heighten her profile. These, to me, appear to be ‘top down’ decisions, not ones generated by popular opinion. It’s like she’s being shoved down our throat and for the most part I just want to throw up.

    1. Truthseeker6157 says:

      I’ll have to listen to this one, haven’t yet. I must confess just looking at her gurning face irritates me to such an extent these days I can’t bring myself to give her any headspace at all. I am in No Contact with Harry’s Wife haha! I’m sure she is distraught.

      That said, Funding Freedom Finding Dollars I absolutely love. Probably because I know ahead of time that HG is going to flail her to within an inch of her life. Virtue signalling wokedom just aggravates me to death and nothing gets by HG in this book.

      My anger and irritation towards HW is nothing to do with my narcissistic traits coming to the fore. It’s to do with the fact she’s an arsehole and hypocrite of the highest order.

      Got that off my chest. Good. Much better now.

    2. Viol. says:


      The “bottom up” decisions don’t go so well. She and hapless were cussed on the street in Harlem, and one furious mother of a student at Mahalia Jackson posted an indignant video about their visit which got plenty of views before somebody got it taken down.

      Here’s a recent DM story:

      “‘Get the f*** out of here’: Squad member Ilhan Omar is booed by 10,000-strong Somali music festival crowd in her OWN district – days after she suggested Minnesota is worse than a refugee camp”

      I’m just sorry they didn’t hold up lighters & phone-flashlights & demand “Freebird.”

      1. lickemtomorrow says:

        I saw the story on Ilhan Omar and I got the sense people were there for the party and not for politics. Were they booing her because they disagreed with her politics or her presence? Likely a bottom up decision that didn’t go so well and now the whole world knows she’s not well received by her own people. That is a very bad look, but maybe not bad enough to keep people from voting for her again. Politics is a fickle business.

        You need to be fickle to be in it. Which is why I wonder at what point Harry’s wife is making the decisions, and at what point more fickle operators are generating her ‘leads’, promoting her, putting her front and centre. From what I can see (due to the nature of her narcissism) she isn’t capable of passing GO and collecting $200 in a bid to win the White House. That doesn’t seem to stop her and others from fashioning the idea.

        Like I said, there’s more than one delusional character involved. We can only hope their delusion doesn’t become our reality. It’s already painful enough.

        The last narc introduced me to that song, btw. Why didn’t I pay more attention to the lyrics? 😉

  4. Asp Emp says:

    HG, thank you, a very good and detailed ‘list’ of “why nots” as to why Harry’s wife is not going to get past the bull’s gate to even begin to appear on an A list of celebrities, never mind a being President, nor Prime Minister, nor Queen of any place on this planet, never mind the universe! Her narcissism, her narcissistic characteristics “blinds” her to see any of the truths that lie right in front of her, even if it were in black and white. Repeatedly in black and white.

    Harry will, one day, have the opportunity to view and / or be given full-on, in-depth and external expert (HG 🙂 ) and ‘experts by experience’ perceptions on what he married. Alas, including the perceptions of the unaware (not, necessarily, the unconscious 😉 ) narcissists that also have added their “opinions” (cough, cough). Having said that about the narcissists commenting, Harry has some “examples” that he can “off-set” as a ‘measurement’, as well as ‘alignment’ in regard to similarities to what his wife had ‘used’ aka HG’s ‘Decipher’; ‘Found in Translation’; ‘Why Do Narcissists Operate From The Same Book’ – the behaviours and the language (Narcspeak).

  5. Maggie says:

    I am not interested in the royals or johnny depp

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Well, we will all sleep better as a result of knowing that, Maggie.

      1. fruit ‘n’ nut says:

        How can anyone not be interested in JD, he’s a fascinating character, a real conundrum. I’m straddling the fence on the Royals, come come come ca on that one.

        1. Fruit ‘n’ nut says:

          Comme ci comme ca, I hate auto correct

      2. Viol. says:

        I shan’t. I’m getting waking nightmares even as we speak.

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