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One thought on “Ending Soon – Do Not Miss Out

  1. Mar says:

    HG, your excellent work — on the narcissist’s playbook, modus operandi) gives further credence on why there’s an emergence & predominance of narcissists being elected- to-office(s) around the world (e.g. PBS documentary film “Rise of the Bolsonaros”; Putin, Duterte, Bong Bong Marcos, tRUMP, Myanmar military junta, etc.) among common traits: ruthlessness, lies/confabulation/distortion/deception/duplicity/excuses/denial; propaganda/impression management, emotional manipulation, “flood the zone”, master manipulator, outrageous antics (audiences crave to be entertained by “shock & awe”); prone to boredom, thrill-seeker, desire for novelty, Machiavellian, social predator, motivated by an insatiable search for narcissistic supply, objectification of “appliances”, telling you what you want to hear, “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, becoming the target’s “Dream” ideal (lure & allure), being all things to all people (chameleon), mirroring, contradictions/inconsistencies in words versus actions, empty promises (the Lure & Allure), future-faking, breadcrumbing, bait-and-switch (Putin’s ploys),Cognitive Dissonance (“Do as I say, but not as I do”), infidelity (triangulation, monkey-branching), alternate reality, re-write history, blame-shift, counter-attack, counter-accuse, inter-personally exploitative, parasitic lifestyle, corrupt, use targets’ blind trust & good traits against them, love-bomb/praise/prod/galvanize target sycophants, status-conscious, power/control/domination/hijack, use of props, visual focus (grooming/appearance, meaningful imagery), remorseless, lack of empathy, lack of conscience, entitlement, boundary violations/interloper, lack of concern for human life, lack of accountability, rules/laws/morality don’t apply to themselves, victimhood, transactional relationships, fear-monger, vindictive, schadenfreude, narcissistic injury, narcissistic rage, jealousy, envy, covetous, one-upmanship, egomaniac, duper’s delight, Jekyll & Hyde, crave notoriety/fame, etc.

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