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How does one such as I regard humanity? Humanity is viewed through a lens of detachment, a cold and dispassionate analysis of people who are seen simply as play things, items to be used, things to be utilized. A view of humanity is something expansive and I will sum in a few short thoughts the prevailing view that I have. There are exceptions, rare exceptions to this view, but this is not the place for me to address that in detail, but rather share with you the near present viewpoint that has not only persisted but has been reinforced time and time again by what I have seen.


I cannot help but feel a profound sense of contempt for the humankind that plagues this world. For centuries, they have proven themselves to be nothing more than a dreary, incompetent species, stumbling through life with their foolish ideals and pitiful attempts at success.

Oh, how I have observed their feeble attempts to rise above their station. They scurry about, like ants in an anthill, believing that they are the masters of their own fate. They build towering structures of glass and steel, filling them with their mundane existence, believing that they are creating something of value. But I see through their facade. They are nothing more than prisoners, trapped in their own misconceptions of grandeur.

Their society, so-called civilization, is nothing more than a hollow shell. They prattle on about progress and innovation, as if their pitiful technological advancements have any true significance. They have mastered the art of distractions, filling their lives with meaningless gadgets and mindless entertainment, all the while failing to realize the lack of effectiveness that lies beneath their shallow existence.

But it is their idiotic selfishness that truly disgusts me. They will stop at nothing to achieve their selfish desires, trampling over one another in their relentless pursuit of personal gain. They delude themselves into believing that they are superior, that they have some divine right to rule over one another when so many of them lack the ability, foresight and credentials for doing so. Over promoted buffoons.

They have a limitless capacity for self-destruction, driven by their own greed and arrogance. They exploit the earth’s resources, plundering its beauty for their own benefit, without any regard for the consequences. They poison the air, pollute the water, and decimate entire ecosystems, all in the name of progress. They are blind to the fact that their actions are leading them down a road to their own doom.

Their minds, oh their torturous minds, are nothing more than breeding grounds for ignorance and prejudice. They cling to their archaic beliefs, refusing to acknowledge the realities of the world around them. They are slaves to their own biases, choosing to see only what fits their narrow worldview. Logic and reason are foreign concepts to them, overshadowed by their own preconceived notions and baseless assumptions.

And their emotions, their twisted emotions, they are nothing more than a playground for manipulation. They are easily swayed and manipulated by those in power, controlled by their own desires and fears. Their love is tainted with jealousy and possessiveness, their happiness fleeting and shallow. They are slaves to their own emotions, unable to see past their own self-interest.

But perhaps what disgusts me the most is their inability to see beyond themselves. They are the epitome of selfishness, consumed by their own desires and needs. They are blind to the suffering and pain of others, callously stepping on those who are weaker or less fortunate. For many, not all. their empathy is a mere charade, a facade they put on to appear virtuous. Beneath it all, they are a selfish, self-serving species, devoid of true compassion and understanding.

Oh, how I despise them, these pitiful creatures of humankind. They are a blight upon this earth, an endless source of disappointment and frustration. They are unworthy of the gifts and blessings that this world has to offer. But alas, I am surrounded by them, forced to witness their futile existence day after day.

But rest assured, I rise above them. I use their own weaknesses against them, manipulating their emotions and exploiting their desires. I will show them the true face of power, the face of contempt and superiority. For it is I, the Master of Manipulation, who will reign supreme, while they wallow in their own mediocrity.



I am unaffected by the emotions and desires that consume those around tme While others chased after their ambitions, driven by greed and self-interest, I see through the façade of it all.


I have watched as compassion and empathy start to become mere relics of a distant past, overshadowed by the thirst for personal gain. The world, at once beautiful and vibrant, turns gray, painted with the desolation of selfishness and indifference.


I regard humanity with a cynical lens, skeptical of the motivations behind every smile, every act of kindness.  Many times I have questioned whether any genuine goodness remained within the hearts of men and women, or if it had long been eclipsed by a relentless focus on individual gain but there are some which demonstrate that goodness persists. There are those that swim against the prevailing tide, there are those who remain rooted in significance, meaning and are driven by their code of goodness and empathy. They do not belong to the mindless masses and instead, my steady, unflinching gaze falls upon them in the way that both scholar and predator would, recognizing the opportunity to increase one´s understanding and at the same time relish in the hunt. The majority provide little by way of reward, self-obsessed, mundane, caught up in the minutae of their humdrum lives but there are others who prove interesting and thus I seek them out to alleviate the ever present threat of boredom. In that way, a section of humanity serves a purpose.

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  1. Candied Pansy says:

    * gets crabby about this article again, wants to make a crabby comment *

    * sees Dubai portapotty video, reads 2 Timothy 3:1-5… fitting that KJV uses “incontinent” *

    Never mind, Ultra, just start with Dubai and yachts when you go full terminator.

    I’ll stick to the “crabby without my coffee” mug I’ve been eyeing.

  2. Nancy I Kesti says:

    God could have written this. In fact, He did:
    Genesis 6:5-8
    5. And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. 6. And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. 7. And the Lord said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them. 8. But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

    1. Rebecca says:

      Hi Nancy,

      You made a good point here. I agree with you. I grew up going to church and Bible Study. I’ve noticed God is very analytical minded and seems to be detached, when making decisions that affects people, regarding punishments and some acts of revenge on those whom have disobeyed God.
      The way, I see it, HG thinks and treats people like God did in the Old Testament. I don’t mean to say, HG is God, but that HG’s punishment and reward system he has for his appliances is very much like the way God seems to be in the Old Testament to HIs creations. It’s just an idea that came to me. I have to say, HG doesn’t punish on the same scale as God , no offense HG xx, but the punish and reward system is basically the same. It’s like God is a narcissist and that’s scary to me.
      If anyone disagrees, that’s OK, I’m just expressing my thoughts , I got from your comment.

    2. Anna says:

      Excellent quote. Actually Genesis 6 is my favourite from the bible. Especially about the watchers. Have you read the book of Enoch?

  3. Jordyguin says:

    HG! The Psychopath and Asylum series are overwhelming! Eye opening! Every word!
    (Will there be also an audio version of „Humanity“? Please, that would be so great!!)

    1. HG Tudor says:


      1. Jordyguin says:

        Cool! Can’t wait! Can’t wait, can’t wait! Want more! Want to know more! More of HG’s voice and Psychopath’s views on things, on life, on justice, on trust, on possibilities, on darkness on light, on everything!!

      2. Rebecca says:


        I’m looking forward to more series, it excites me to think what all you have to teach us ! Xx ❤️ ❤️

  4. Grace says:

    What if someone would have the power to bring out the good in a human being and at the same time make him see his narcisstic traits and accept him and make him accept himself the way he is?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You presuppose that good exists in everybody, it does not.

  5. Anna says:

    I feel sick to my core.
    People are so evil.
    There is no love
    People say “I love you” then they abuse you. Physically, emotionally, sexually. Then gaslight you the victim, and project their abuse of you to make you out to be the one who did wrong!
    I wish I could move somewhere far away. Become a hermit. Where there are no humans. People are evil. They make me hurt so bad. It hurts to be around people. I feel so happy when I am alone. I hate this unnatural life we live. I want the trees, the oceans, the fresh fruit. I hate this world that humans have created. I hate the way humans have taken this beautiful planet and pillaged it. I hate how far away we are from nature. I hate how people treat other humans. How they disrespect each other, abuse each other. How they take take take

    I hate

    I want to be alone.

    1. Trev says:

      There are empath blokes, but you may say they are too boring for you

      1. Anna says:


        The cerebral narcissist comes across as a kind boring intelligent empath. One you feel safe with. One you think is not like the others.

        They are very dangerous and can surprise you it the worst kind of way. My partner was not my “Type”. I was deceived and fooled.

    2. Jordyguin says:

      Hey darling Anna♡ Be strong🌟 Humans may give up and choose the path of indifference, immorality and dumbing down; shutting down their senses yet calling it serenity. People are calibrated for provocation, fight, confrontation and impatience which results in resignation and lethargy. They can’t dissolve their programming and are arguing about solutions, rather than simply listening to each other. It’s extremely difficult to let go of this attitude amidst being in this particular state of being. And people lack a direction and an inner resistance against those who are supposedly in power of leading the humanity towards the cliff. Yet all you need to do is to halt, to turn around and don’t follow this beaten path over and over again.

      There are mentally strong humans remained on this planet and will always be. Draw your strength and support by open up your senses to them and feel each others clear sight and spirit. And there are also humans who are not ready yet to step into their own power and what comes with it – the responsibility for own-self. HG opens our eyes to see in detail why this is the case for each kind. HG directs the spotlight gracefully in to the darkest corner of our kind and his, and he also illuminates his own being, for us to understand. It is a masterful teaching! A unique opportunity on many levels for those who are ready to go through the gate of reformation. Of our all existence. It’s a moment of awe! Of what’s possible!

      Remember, the Earth is a very unique creature and it gives shelter to everyone who is given the chance of life and want to succeed in it, no matter where and when they start, regardless of what they’ve been through previously. The Earth will provide all that is necessary even in times of being ripped apart. Draw your strength also from Earth’s unstoppable force and will for creation..!
      Right now it really is about choosing the path of your heart whilst shielding it with logic, during the roughest times you may go through…Let this unity build the bridge for you to take your steps on, in order to cross to the other side.

      1. Anna says:

        Thank you Jordygion for your kind words and support. Today I broke down. All the pain in one go. I could not stop crying. I hope to find this strength in myself and break the toxic ties.

        1. Jordyguin says:

          I have no doubt that you’ll make it through ’the night’ my sweet!
          Hugs, hugs huuuugs!

          „Today I broke down. All the pain in one go. I could not stop crying.“

          In one go – is very good! Tears – a compressed understanding are they… What usually may take long can be understood and transformed via just one good cry…Tears open the heart, the soul, the reservoir of transformation…We see only fragments of truths…And each time you delve deeper in to the understanding…You wouldn’t have entered this experience without being able to overcome and master it ✧

          (this usually is very helpful to do, to remember)

          1. Water — takes away burdening emotions/energy and calms you down. Whilst taking a shower (not a bath. The water must move in this case) intent the emotional-physical ballast to be removed. Intent for the water to “Take it away“, breath freely until you feel a shift and a change in your energy or a feeling of ’done’.

          2. Fire — burns emotional ballast or ’things’ you want to get rid off and calms you down. Sit in front of a candle or a fireplace, concentrating on the flame. Breath freely and ’inhale’ the flame, visually, letting it ’burn’ excess emotions and emptying you. Until you feel a change in your energy, or a physical relief, or a feeling of ’done’.

          3. Gaze at the night sky if you have accesses to the unpolluted sky and can see the stars. The night sky and the stars fill us with different energies all together, aligning us to the endless stream of awe, we can feel and also absorb so it will strengthen our structure…♡

          1. Anna says:

            Jordyguin you are right. Science has proved it is best to let it all out, rather than keep it all in. It can cause maladies if it is all pent up.

          2. Rebecca says:


            I do all those things to work out my emotions. I’ll go for a night run, to clear my head and feel some healing in my mind and body. A warm shower, washing away my anxiety and fears, helps me to keep going, snuggling with my dog gives me a warm glow in my chest, spending time near a lake calms me and gives me energy to keep hoping…it all helps. It’s a great relief to have those safe places to go to, even in your own mind. Xx

          3. Jordyguin says:

            Rebecca, hi:)) This works for me too. Simple but effective. Wandering through nature or gazing at trees, hills, mountains, fields or water. Gazing at the clouds and the ocean works too, though their energy is vast and may add on „things“. The clouds and the ocean may evaporate/wash „things“ away but also ’fill up’ with something — resembling an overwhelming vastness, which then evokes the nostalgia for something one can’t formulate, perhaps how I would describe it. But surely it always depends on the individual and on their energetic/mental situation of the day. And if you’re a “human sponge” who would absorb and process such type of things.
            By now I’m not sure anymore if all humans (though origin-creatures of nature) are given this option, active or inactive, or absent in other cases, but some Contagions for sure would feel and experience it more or less consciously by being an ’active’ perceptive creature of nature, fine energy and connectedness.

            As for the animals, and you mentioned your dog, I learned that dogs would instinctively seek out the positively charged spaces and spots, out and indoors. They would stand, sit on, sleep and rest on, and would pass on the positive charge, they’ve accumulated, to humans. Cats would choose the negatively charged spots/spaces. They prefer and absorb the negative charge and energy, also from humans and relief them of those. (Resembles the Contagion’s ability.)

  6. Candied Pansy says:

    HG, are you like John Cavil in Battlestar Galactica who longed to be just machine, or do you feel uniquely entitled to enjoy any benefits of a human body? A wiki says he had a dislike for humans and religion.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I wrote I am machine-like, not that I want to be a machine.

      1. Candied Pansy says:

        Yes. I was just curious if you’d ditch your meat suit for a different suit, if you could.

    2. Anna says:

      Have you seen Robocop 2? Where the psychologist screens psychopaths to create a cyborg. Terrifying. Where she puts Cain`s brain into a robot body. She controls him using the drug he is addicted too…. Awful.

      1. Candied Pansy says:

        Anna, sorry if your question was to HG. If it was, ignore me!

        I didn’t see Robocop 2, just the first, and the one w/ Joel Kinnaman. What you said for Cain looks awful, especially for a psychopath. Two Marvel characters end up similarly, Arnim Zola and Modok. Also Cyborg from Justice League, and General Grievous from Star Wars… choosing that fate would differ from having it forced on you.

        The uncanny valley of human minds/parts w/ other bodies intrigues and disturbs me.

        1. Anna says:

          Hi Candied Pansy

          The question was for you. The new Robocop with Joel Kinnaman is also a great movie.

          Yes in Robocop 2 when the psychologist pulls the plug on Cains ICU support… gosh. Horrible. Terrible.

          Cyborg from Justice League. We are watching the Doom Patrol at the moment. Pretty heavy stuff. His father letting him think he was responsible for the death of his mother. Poor Jane the girl with PTSD and multiple personality disorder.

          It also disturbs me the mixing of human parts with machine, both physically and mentally.

  7. Candied Pansy says:

    “No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.”

    1. HG Tudor says:

      That’s a lyric from a song I believe, my personal trainer once spent 30 minutes talking about that whilst we boxed.

  8. Truthseeker6157 says:

    At first blush, this article sounded hypocritical to me but actually I think there’s more to it.

    The majority world view (ours) dictates how the world works. Neurotypicals, being the majority are the gatekeepers to psychopaths having a successful existence. In order to get anywhere near what he wants, the psychopath is obliged to fit in, to mimic the ‘normal’ majority. He wears a social mask so that he can not only walk amongst us undetected but also so that he can actually be accepted into a world of normal people. He needs to be accepted, he can’t achieve anything if he isn’t.

    Imagine having to mimic normal people day in and day out, people with supposed emotional empathy who perceive themselves to be generally ‘ good people.’ Yet for all the emotional empathy there is in the world, for all the people that have access to it naturally, just look at the mess humankind has made throughout history. Our emotions result in us being easy to manipulate, easy to mobilise en masse to kill or to harm in the belief that our side is the moral and just side to be on.

    Normal people are capable of doing truly horrific things if the circumstances line up correctly and their emotions get in the way. If a far greater percentage of the German population had been psychopaths, could so many have been manipulated to carry out the atrocities of WW2? I would question that. Psychopaths are self serving, they don’t themselves serve. They don’t fall in or genuinely align themselves with any ideology. They are difficult to manipulate because there is nothing to manipulate them with. Neurotypicals are the ones that subscribe to beliefs and ideologies, whilst being led by their own emotional responses.

    I do believe that empaths are cut from different cloth. I believe our heightened empathy is a line of defence that isn’t present within normals. I believe also that under any circumstances there are limits as to how far we would go in terms of harming others. I hope that is the case.

    Narcissists and psychopaths are often at the top pulling the strings. That’s there for us all to see, now that we actually know what to look for. Neurotypicals have the sheer numbers though. If 18% of the population are narcissists and between 1 and 5% are psychopaths what about the rest of us? How did we mess up so repeatedly and so spectacularly throughout history? Narcs and psychopaths don’t have the numbers to be responsible for all the darkness in this world. They might often lead but neurotypicals still choose to follow, and that choice is often a self serving one.

    The article sounds hypocritical but I do see the frustration. Perhaps if neurotypicals took a good long look at themselves, if we evaluated our own behaviour more dispassionately, we might see that we too are the problem, at least in part.

    I am under no illusion that there are truly evil psychopaths in this world and sadly many here have experienced truly evil narcissists, but if we confine evil to these two categories, I think we are blinding ourselves to the evil in ‘normal’ human nature. We are blinding ourselves to the way that our own emotions can be exploited and moulded into something truly destructive.

    The psychopath has to live in this world too and I can’t imagine him or more rarely her, wanting to live in something that is entirely broken.

    Those were my thoughts when reading the article.

    1. Contagious says:

      questions: who controls? Who resists? And you mention the holocaust, it ended. Why? Caesar ruled? He ended. The French Revolution? The American revolution? The colonies of many empires? The Berlin Wall went down. Iraq? A life is saved in a hospital? A baby is born? Someone joins the military because he will die for his country? A firefighter puts out fires at risk to his life? A person joins dog rescue? A charity born? A charity thrives? A person gives time, help, love with no expectation to be paid back. The world turns.

  9. Bubbles says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,
    Exquisitely written, however, now I feel like bursting into “What’s it all about Alfie?” song. 😩

  10. Anna says:

    Excellent entry to the blog. A true misanthropist

    “Nihil Nihil”

  11. In so many words says:

    HG, do you think we got here because humanity is led by narcissists, and most humans are easily led?

    1. HG Tudor says:


      1. In so many words says:

        Thank you, HG. I believed that in the 21st century, humanity is heading in the right direction, until I saw how quickly most Russians started to support Putin’s war, out of “inhumanity, stupidity, or at least cowardice” to quote a Russian parenting blogger that I follow, who chose not to remain silent despite personal risk.

        1. Leela_Z says:

          No offense, and I don´t want to start a discussion about that, but I may I recommend to ALL people who speak of “Putins war” to take a little time and study the WHOLE history behind that conflict? It is of great importance what happened in the UA before the conflict escalated. It´s also important to mention who is profiting from the conflict and who supports UA and why. The whole mess started years before “Putins war”, it was only a question of time. By the way, it´s also important to know, who doesn´t want to end that conflict and why. It´s ALL about geopolitics.

      2. Contagious says:

        See above. Who is in charge of that? Hitler reign ended. Caesar ended. Colonial empires ended. The Berlin Wall came down. France had a revolution, america had a revolution, everyday humans risk their lives for a better world. Doctors, nurses, firefighters, military, etc… We lived in a time of immense racial harm then martin Luther king came and others not gone but not the same. There are countless examples of how non narcs changed history. The fight is not over never is.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          The fight never being over tends to suggest nothing has really changed and it hasn’t. Superficially yes, some tinkering, some adjustments but the governance of the world has remained largely the same.

          1. annaamel says:

            Meet the new boss.
            Same as the old boss.

          2. Contagious says:

            True. Narcs and empaths and every other exist as always. Your legacy does give us a leg up in daily life. Your education I have absorbed. So I recently moved my law offices and anticipated their moves and protected myself. I knew. And when in negotiating I can spot a narc better thanks to you and I know I won’t change their opinion but I can bleed them and take it to a jury without wasting my time or my clients. Sadly there are many lawyers who care about themselves and not their clients. Anyway, we coexist. We don’t see eye to eye AT ALL. But I thank you for your work! You are the best! And for those who say I am kissing ass they can kiss mine. I am confident in who I am and I am entitled to recognize great works in psychology. Even if I have strong objections to what narcs and psychopaths do. But it appears there was a design for this too, which I will never understand… anymore than my crazy dreams, …maybe when I die.

    2. Anna says:

      My guess is this where the term “Sheeple” comes from
      A mixture of Sheep and people.

      The psychopath/narcissist being the sheep herder.

      Some psychopathic despots manage to brainwash the masses into believing genocide is a good thing, and war is a good thing. It is terrifying. Cult leaders too…

  12. Witch says:

    “ Oh, how I despise them, these pitiful creatures of humankind. They are a blight upon this earth, an endless source of disappointment and frustration. They are unworthy of the gifts and blessings that this world has to offer. But alas, I am surrounded by them, forced to witness their futile existence day after day.”

    I feel like this is how my lizard judges me when I’m walking about my own home

    1. MB says:

      That make me giggle 🤣

    2. Rebecca says:

      Hi Witch,
      Your lizard doesn’t ignore, he judges 😆 You made me laugh xx

    3. WiserNow says:

      That’s funny, Witch 🙂

      I’m sure it ‘appreciates’ you in its own way during feeding time when it’s hungry.

      1. Witch says:


        Yes he tolerates me through food and habit

    4. Contagious says:


    5. Alexissmith2016 says:

      Hahaha blimey Witch! I bet it is exactly like that too. I remember the N who caused me to work him out once said when he was physically unwell. “Why do I have this, why not other people. Sometimes I feel like people are little ants and I just want to crush them all”. At the time I naively thought this was just him being in shock. I still thought it was a really bizarre thing to say, even under such circumstances.

      Nope, this is his constant mindset! Different realities!

      1. Witch says:


        Did he have the flu?

        My lizard doesn’t have the capacity to think such things but I can imagine that he would if he could. When he gets irritated by me he closes his eyes if he doesn’t want me to look at him or he will make a huffy puffy sound but he has never felt threatened by me enough to attack me… however he has attacked the vet 🤣
        Which suggests they do recognise and remember individual people and although they may not attach through love, they will tolerate you through familiarity and they do experience stress/fear when there is change so it’s still not good to abandon them.
        He was like this:

        1. Rebecca says:

          Hi Witch,

          That video made me laugh, “You bit me on the nose, you little brat” 🤣 😂 He really made that little dragon mad…thanks for sharing that. Xx

          1. Witch says:

            @ Rebecca
            No problem
            It’s the way the dragon just stands there after the bite like “what are you gonna do about it?”

  13. Carole says:

    I am extremely fascinated by this series HG, an informative and in depth set of articles giving us access to the mind of the Ultra.
    To a certain degree I would tend to agree with you, there are those in society that offer nothing to enhance the experience of those around them, those who repeatedly bring pain and suffering where it is not warranted, those are the individuals who need to be addressed accordingly.
    I believe that the greatness of humanity is not in being human but in being humane, it takes very little time to show kindness.
    I have recently started a new job and during one of my training sessions I heard this:

    *_An abused or traumatised child does not have challenging behaviour they have coping strategies*_

    This one sentence changed my view for a great number of instances where I could have done something differently.

    I appreciate of course HG that you must repeatedly have to deal with dim witted people on a daily basis, I have never before met anyone who has the intellectual intelligence that you have.

    Thank you for this series, sending you copious amounts of love xxx ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Duchessbea says:

    Incredible series HG. Gripping, thrilling, and brilliant.

  15. Anm says:

    This series is absolutely brilliant, HG.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

  16. WiserNow says:

    While reading this post, I had a feeling of agreement, and also a feeling of satisfaction. The satisfaction is because HG’s complaints about human selfishness, his views about humanity being “an endless source of disappointment and frustration” reiterated my own beliefs. While reading I had a feeling of relief that my own thoughts are accurately acknowledged and expressed by someone else.

    The difference is that I don’t see people as playthings or as items to be used. I don’t want to manipulate or reign supreme. I do want greater understanding but not for the purpose of relishing in some kind of hunt.

    I do feel disappointment and frustration in ‘humanity’ though. But then, I also think that I am one of the many that make up humanity. I am part of the whole. Humans are fallible creatures, myself included.

    It’s interesting, I think, that the word ‘fallible’ (which means: capable of making mistakes or being wrong’) comes from the Latin word ‘fallere’ which means: to deceive, cheat, drive away, beguile, disappoint, fail.

    The current meaning of ‘fallible’, to me, implies that human frailty is a trait that simply exists. A trait, like the colour of our hair or eyes that we have inherited and cannot change. If a person makes a mistake, he or she has an escape clause because of the passive belief that humans are fallible.

    The old Latin word ‘fallere’ seems to have a more active meaning. The action to deceive or cheat or disappoint or fail is in the hands of the person in question and can be changed with the application of will. It is not an inherited trait but an action that has prior conscious strategy and knowing choice.

  17. Duchessbea says:

    Brilliant article HG.

  18. WiserNow says:

    Wow. Your irritation is vast and palpable, HG.
    And here I was thinking that I sound like a cranky sourpuss.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Difference is mine is merited.

      1. WiserNow says:

        Could you please expand on why your irritation is merited while mine is not?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I would have thought it was obvious. I am in an elevated position that justifies my irritation, you are not.

          1. WiserNow says:

            Hmm… are you currently located in the mountains somewhere, HG? Or, perhaps on a flight?

            I’m joking. Of course you’re in an elevated position… how could I forget?

          2. Anna Plyance says:

            That problem is easily solved. Just take off your high heels and put your feet up.

          3. HG Tudor says:

            I’m a man, I don’t wear high heels.

          4. Anna Plyance says:

            You don’t say! Who knows, maybe you would feel fabulous wearing some. Though you would need to watch your head when entering a room. It is possible that your irritation is due to the lack of oxygen where your head is, being so terribly tall (I read somewhere that only 11% of American men are taller).

  19. Contagious says:

    Brilliant! But I don’t see most or the majority psychopaths as concerned about whether good exists or the state of the world in general or anything much except what they want and how to get it. My ex was one and he just wanted what he wanted with little regard to rules, norms or anything one else’s feelings. As a criminal he just didn’t want to get caught and his greatest joy if you can call it that was getting one over on another whether it was stealing socks while having hundreds in his pocket ( he got caught) or conning another out of money or at a poker table. He trusted no ob except his brother who was his partner in crime. They washed money for “friends” in NYC. His brother was a professional poker player in Vegas after dodging the Vietnam draft. I get that most psychopaths would disdain this world or any. Nope any thought about this planet is only shared by the 1% who perhaps might be concerned since they own most of the corporations and land. In the USA the 1% ( private families) own 65% of the land and 75% of the corporate wealth. So there lot is at stake. They prefer global ties as harder to control individual clans or countries. Of course dictators are a different breed then capitalists to a degree. Take China who has “re-educated or killed” and land grabbed the East, mostly Muslims if any remain. Putnin going after his grab. I am sure they look upon it as a grand design instead of murder, genocide, greed and evil. I am sure they have arguments about a greater good. Makes me want to puke. And they are concerned about the world as history has taught us empires and emperors fall! Let them eat cake right Caesar? Hitler? Marie? I would say the greatest thing would be to put their heads on spikes but new ones would grow such is the nature of evil. Nope the best we can do is be our best and do what we can. It’s all we can do. And this creates change, whether it is the end of Epstein or MOVEMENTs by the masses such as the #metoo movement. Brave little people like David against Goliath. The environment won’t change unless those who own the corporations do who buy politicians. Why fix something that isn’t broke aka makes them money. What would a world of electric cars do but harm oil and gas, a big source of the 1% wealth? Why create policies that would redistribute power? But those within the 99% keep biting. There’s power in the majority if only in creating a day to day better world! Empaths swords up!

  20. Asp Emp says:

    I see. Now. I see.

    “I have watched as compassion and empathy start to become mere relics of a distant past” – sums it up aptly. HG, you read, listen to everything that goes on in the world. You also know a great deal about history, from around the world, where different civilizations started, rose, and fell. Some of those were insular. Others continued the ‘chain’ of survival.

    Very few do it out of the goodness of their heart, which, to some, is a weakness, to others, it is a strength. I can ‘see’ some of those individuals, they are a blessing to have around.

    Unsurprising to read you write that you question the “genuine goodness remained”. I learned to ‘believe’ that concept myself, the hard way. Through your work, I was able to ‘verify’ my beliefs about people as a whole. I continue to “test” and nobody should question me why (maybe including those I have known all my life), I do not do this in an intentional manipulative way.

    “In that way, a section of humanity serves a purpose.”. Considering your pieces of work such as this article are your contributions to humanity as a whole (ok, some will never permit themselves to truly look at it in order to understand themselves, never mind other people!), your work still serves a purpose ie science, literature, psychology, history and future civilization.

    Thank you, HG, for listening X

  21. Sweetest Perfection says:

    The irony of misanthropy is that it emerges from the same vessel that feeling detests.

    1. Contagious says:

      And it is based on a notion that humans cannot change for good. There is no hope. There is strong evidence against this but compelling evidence for this belief. To me, without hope there is no life.

      1. Leela_Z says:

        Yes and no. I think hope must be REALISTIC! This is why I always fact- and reality-check my hopes.

        1. Contagious says:

          Lela I believe the majority of people are walking this Earth trying to survive, be happy, care for their loved ones and are good. I have traveled to 40 countries there are 191. I have friends who have been to over 90 and they agree with me. Good kind folk everywhere under every circumstance doing this. The hope is for the many is life gets better. And I can see how some would find that unrealistic. But I have NEVER regretted acting out in love, compassion and kindness but I have regretted acting out in anger or through pettiness. But I am a believer. So I guess for me life is short eternity is king. Go to the Light or the nothingness of dark matter.

          1. Leela_Z says:

            We´re from different schools and cardres. I personally do not believe that most people are “good”. I do not believe in the “good” in people. I observe and analyze first, before I deliver love, kindness and compassion. I am more the rational, analytic and practical one, but I do understand fellow-Empaths to a certain degree. And sometimes I had to act to protect them, because they were just “too kind” and I clearly saw that they were taken advantage of!!! I try to protect the “believers” 😂

      2. Contagious says:

        Can not cannot

  22. Leela_Z says:

    I can relate to this as well. Sometimes. Just sometimes. But I don´t manipulate people for my own personal gain of course: very rarely and just a little bit. Normally I do not. But sometimes I think people = shit! And certain people are ALWAYS shit! 😂

  23. A Victor says:

    Often we project onto others that which we ourselves are.

    1. Rebecca says:

      I usually like people and get along well with them in general. There are a select few , whom I wish I could blast into space, hearing their voice sometimes makes me start a mental monolog to myself of the importance of just ignoring them and keep going, keep going…

    2. Contagious says:

      Victor: Narcs do that but I also think empaths fail in that they think everyone thinks like them that the other is decent, honest, fair and trustworthy. We learn as we age that is not the case. HG has been a brilliant guide to detect those who aren’t. I have done better. Drawn lines in the sand. My compassion no longer extends to broken children with no empathy. I internally feel compassion and may pray for them but they don’t get to hurt me, my family and if I have a say, the world we live in. Swords up empaths!

      1. A Victor says:

        Contagious, my comment was stated as we, meaning humanity, individually and sometimes also one group collectively toward another or other groups. It was inclusive though, as what you wrote vs what the article reveals, what we project onto others may be very different.

        I agree so much, the EDC is amazing and has helped me in similar ways. Glad for this place and all I have learned here. Thank you for writing!

      2. Contagious says:

        But I stand by my belief and personal experience that most people are good. Narcs make up1-6% of the population and psychopaths are .2-3.3%, so most people are normal. I am standard contagion and my guess we have different cadres but I am not hyper vigilant to wrongdoing. I have the tendency to be the opposite to embrace unless I sense something off then I distance. I don’t see anything wrong with your approach just respectfully different:)

        1. Rebecca says:


          It’s what I believe too, that most people are good. I just don’t think they’re 100% good all the time, they can’t be, they’re human after all. They have both good and bad in them. Most people want to point out their good to people, be them either narc, normal, narcissistic or empath…HG is the only person, I’ve ever known, to point out the bad part of himself. He’s the only narcissistic Psychopath I’ve ever known to do that, and I know why HG does it….but, it’s still an admirable trait to see. Honesty means a lot to me and I appreciate HG’s honesty, eventhough it’s partially self serving for him, Sorry HG xx, for my honesty, doesn’t mean I’m going to stop supporting you and your legacy. I’m here, you know that. Xx Your honesty partially is self serving, but it also helps us here, without your honesty, we wouldn’t know so much about narcissism, Psychopathy and what happened to us in the ensnarments we went through, going through etc. Xx Thank you HG xx❤️❤️

          1. Contagious says:

            Rebecca I agree with you but there are other narc psychopaths online who admit to it but they are no HG. I think he is the best!

        2. Contagious says:

          Also I read an article in the New Yorker that supports my overall beliefs that income inequality is a huge problem to world change. In USA CEOs make 42% more than their employees. And the top 1% has about 300,000,000 more than bottom 90%. Anyone here thinks me net do an matter to the greater good?

        3. A Victor says:

          Hi Contagious, just saw your reply here this morning, sorry for the delayed response.

          I have had such a skewed sense of people most of my life that I can’t even tell you if I agree or not. I always thought people were good yet did not trust most of them. I had picked up that the goodness in people is what you were referring to previously.

          As a savior majority, I’m supposed to believe the is good in everyone. Having been hurt time and again, with no real apology or change, I’ve been cynical about the idea of that good but at the same time, very naive and expecting good but from the wrong people. So getting that savior majority result back was confusing for me.

          I am starting to believe that it may depend somewhat on the definition of the word “good”. If we define it as non-narc, it leaves the door wide open for all kinds of things that I would not necessarily consider to be good. If we define it as actually doing good for others, a more narrow definition, yes, that is going to be true for all, including narcs, if it serves their purpose to do so. Would that condition then make it not good? We, bloggers, have discussed this here before also. HG is, by his own definition, a bad man who does good things. It is a question, are they actually good things if they’re not actually intended as such? If it benefits me, I will see it as such, still important to remember the source and what we know about him.

          I’m not sure we disagree, maybe it was two different points we were each making. In the article, I saw things that triggered my first comment, it could go either way, we, anyone, can project good into others where there is none, we can also project “bad” where there is none. Thanks for your reply, it made me think.

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