Sinead O’Connor : The Conclusion

3 thoughts on “Sinead O’Connor : The Conclusion

  1. Dani says:

    This was a fascinating analysis, sir. It’s been fascinating to listen to analyses of people from classifications other than the narcissist as you put them under the Tudor Scope. Looking forward to whomever you look at next.

  2. Asp Emp says:

    That was such an unbelievable result as the polls showed what people ‘measured’ Sinead to be. I was surprised at the conclusion as I had originally selected Empath then after a couple of polls, I went for Narcissistic. However, it ‘balances’ out 🙂 Sinead knew she was incorrectly diagnosed. Your in-depth work on her shows how approaching the wrong medical professionals can result in incorrect ‘treatment’ may be issued / suggested. It also shows how weak in some parts of the system is when it comes to determining what it is that leads to patients / clients to seeking assistance in order for them to be sign-posted into the right direction in the first instance.

    Brilliant analysis on Sinead, thank you X

  3. WhoCares says:

    Thank-you for the livestreamed conclusion, HG. I think it kept many of us ‘on the edge of our seats’..

    I just never conceptualized someone of Sinead’s outcome (I won’t ruin it, if people haven’t listened yet) to seek center stage, as she did in her music and to champion certain social issues. It was definitely a learning experience.

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