Knowing the Narcissist : Distraction : Sleep


Sleep is the foundation to all success. Too often, sleep is denied you as a consequence of the impact of the narcissist, fear, anxiety and a racing mind. Now, you can harness this material to distract that mind and be taken far from the clutches of the narcissist by a tranquil recital embracing sleep.

Get equipped with this distraction so you alleviate anxiety, reduce Emotional Thinking and reject the narcissist.

As part of conquering Emotional Thinking, the use of a distraction and a calming, tranquil one is paramount. When you feel ET rising, or if you want distraction from the narcissist´s attempted hoovering, use this material to your advantage. Whether it lulls you into a deep slumber or provides you with a necessary escape from the moment, utilise it as part of your march to freedom.

HG Tudor harnesses sleep with a series of recitals, delivered so that you can indulge in these rich sounds and transport yourself away. These recitals will allow you to relax and also, if you remain awake long enough, to learn also. You will reduce your anxiety, you will escape racing thoughts, you will distract yourself from the narcissist and find yourself able to relax and where required even to drift into sleep.

Distraction is a powerful tool in the battle against Emotional Thinking and this tool is applicable to a variety of situations and can be repeatedly used to your advantage.

Achieve sleep here

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