Knowing the Narcissist : To Sin Is To Win



Winning is everything to me. I have to win. This applies to every facet of my life. You will be aware of not only my desire to win but the fact that I always come up smelling of roses. I know you find this particularly unfair as this is something that has been hurled in my direction on several occasions,

“You just walk away from the carnage you create without so much as a scratch.”

“You carry on as if nothing has happened without a care about what you have done.”

“How is it that someone as nasty as you just gets to sail through life untouched?”

“You cause so much misery yet you always land on your feet.”

I am able to fire the useless employee without worrying about how that will impact on his or her life. I do know that this will improve productivity. The weak link has been expunged and the ruthlessness by which it is executed causes those still in employment to work harder. Result? It’s a win. I renege on financial arrangements which leave your position in tatters and mine intact. I use my charm and plethora of excuses to always avoid having to pay for dinner, for an evening out or a holiday. Consequently you carry the burden of our entertainment whilst my bank balance grows. Amazingly, you are aware that I out earn you but the application of my manipulative techniques results in you happily forking out for that weekend away, again. You do it because I have been so loving and charming to you. You do it because I have been so brutal to you yet you still want to please me. Whichever stance I adopt, seduction or devaluation, I secure the desired result. The win.

My lack of conscience and legendary capacity to tell lies sees me grind you into submission during any discussion about financial settlements so that you are left exhausted and just wanting an end to it all. Accordingly, you agree to a far weaker position than that which you might be entitled to. I threaten unfounded complaints to ensure I gain an upgrade, free vouchers or a better outcome for me. I have no qualms about fabricating such a position in order to secure the result I want. It’s another win.

The skill by which I control friendships sees me lob the metaphorical hand grenade into a friendship group and I will stroll away as it detonates behind me causing carnage. I watch from the side lines as friend turns on friend, based on the whispered smear campaign I have created for my own amusement. This is another win as I marvel at my power over people. Nobody has the presence of mind to direct their anger towards me. Oh no, I am too clever to be sucked into that and I can stand and observe the bitter recriminations all stemming from my behaviour. I will always move on to a new relationship without a backwards glance, my smile radiating from every picture and posting that I can muster. I leave you in abject misery as you watch dumbfounded as I find someone new in a matter of days (or more often I already have them lined up). You are staggered as to how I can do this so easily after my proclamations of undying love towards you. How can it be right that you, the one who gave everything and always behaved so properly is left distraught, confused and bereft whilst I waltz around town without a care in the world? Why am I never upset or miserable?  It seems unjust and unfair. Why do I always seem to win? Why do I get the cream, win the main prize and have the golden ticket? It is because of how I am designed. I am designed to win. That is my sole focus. By winning I gain admiration and power which gives me fuel. You know how I need that fuel and therefore to secure it I have to win. Unlike you, I have been created with the skill sets that allow me to behave without integrity, to function without a conscience and to sail through life untouched by moral concerns. Normal people are upset and troubled by my machinations, but I am not hampered by such concerns. They do not affect me. I have been fashioned to always secure the win because without it I cannot survive. That is why I have to win and that is why I always win. There is no hope for any other outcome. By the time you and others have worked out that I have been the architect of the chaos and destruction that surrounds you I am long gone. I have left town and ridden off into the sunset in search of my next victory, having conquered you before any consequences of defeat can come looking for me,

12 thoughts on “Knowing the Narcissist : To Sin Is To Win

  1. Enthralled says:

    This reminds me of those confidence tricksters/ leaches who go around defrauding people – usually the elderly out of money.

    I think winning is just a matter of perspective – Harold Shipman killed over 200 before getting caught. His winning streak did not last forever.

  2. Klaudia says:

    Thanks. You just made me VALUE MY VALUES in a way I’ve not looked at before.

    Are you sometimes angry for having to be the man you are?

    1. HG Tudor says:


  3. Anna Plyance says:

    In life we do not get what we deserve, we get what we bargain for. You bargain for the win, others bargain for different things.
    Won’t you stay for the celebrations of your victory at least? Well, in any case remember to wear good shoes and take care of your horse, and when you’re riding off into the sunset watch out for that no-good Lucky Luke character, I don’t trust him.

  4. The power of Christ compels you! *sprays with holy water*

    1. HG Tudor says:

      That just turns into Creed Viking when it alights upon me.

      1. Candied Pansy says:

        Hahaha! *googles* ooh, I’m poor but it looks lovely. Funny that frankincense is a note. Throw in myrrh and gold, and you give the antichrist a run for his money (but I bet you hear that a lot, even w/o the accessory pack). Bergamot is a plus. I used to smell earl grey tea bags like a weirdo. This will greatly assist certain endeavors, thank you.

        1. Do you have specifically Norwegian ancestry?

        1. HG Tudor says:


          1. Viol. says:

            HG, if you have Norman ancestry, you’ll have some Scandinavian in you.

            Also, Vikings and Anglo-Saxons mixed pretty readily, after the invasions. Similar cultures and languages, etc.

      2. Contagious says:

        HG: As a descendent of Vikings, in part, it is important to note that Vikings did not have a strict moral creed like modern religions do, but they did have a set of cultural values and beliefs that guided their behavior. Honor, bravery, loyalty, and a strong sense of community were highly valued among the Vikings. They believed in fulfilling their obligations to their family, their gods, and their society. Additionally, they believed in the concept of fate, and that their actions in life would determine their destiny in afterlife. Now play Led Zeppelin’s Immigration song!!!! Lol

    2. Contagious says:

      Life is short. Eternity is long.

      1. Anna says:

        Well said Contagious
        Eternity is infinite.

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