Knowing the Narcissist : The Contagion Empath

5 thoughts on “Knowing the Narcissist : The Contagion Empath

  1. Emc2gion says:

    This insight on the Contagion was fascinating HG! It put into words what I have experienced but not been able to describe! Thankyou! The section on the aura was interesting. Feelings as colours and colours as energy that surround people. It moves and shifts as alive. The part where Contagions cannot make others FEEL what they feel but rather we can TAKE/ ABSORB others emotion/energy and ALLEVIATE for example sadness of another it’s spot on returning to emotional equilibrium. If this is a regular occurance then spending time alone is highly important to diffuse the energy which is not our own, otherwise overwhelm and burnout occur. When you say high majority contagion what percentage would that be, and is there a contagion that exists that is 80/100%?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You would not find 100% contagion, we would be looking at 85% and above.

      1. Contagious says:

        In your latest YouTube, which was so powerful and so true, I would label you a gatekeeper or a bridge if some sorts between narcs and psychopaths and contagions! I was Silenced. Completely floored. But you had a Freudian slip, you said Lark than dark. Happy as a lark! Larks have a meaning of inner personal joy that uplifts others. They are earthly little beings lol

  2. Contagious says:

    Jordyguin I didn’t look at the imagery ! What a brilliant perspective obit! Thanks!

  3. Jordyguin says:

    HG, how fascinating!!! You mentioned the aura!!! How interestingly you described it..! So much new information there! Thank you so much!

    I must listen to all the videos again and again!

    What strikes me is – the population on the planet is indeed structured amongst the categorisations, how you describe it. The mixture of the schools and cadres makes the uniqueness and still it all can be seen, foreseen and explained!

    Your voice at the beginning of The Contagion Empath – „the voice of the eminence grise“ (as I call it) is so different, before you switch to the „HG Tudor – the narrator“ voice. That first voice is filled with type of feelings which are something else! Every time this voice appears I hear someone else! So cool!

    How brilliant the choice of all the images, the colors and shades in this series!!!
    Everything about the Contagion image is simply fantastic!!! The dark silhouette of the individual resembling the silhouettes of the trees! The branches – the WEB of veins this individual is connected through the tree-branches, which surrounds the human!!!

    The LIGHT!!! Omg, the light at the bottom of the feet! Usually people (artists) when creating images of such nature – they place the light at the area of the head or the center (belly), or the heart. To place the light at the bottom, at the feet is fantastic! It is the area where we connect to the earth! Where we have hearts in our feet, where we can feel so much – where our roots „go in to the earth“, where the love, the energy, the source sits, as it starts at the bottom of our feet and washes over us, rising to the top and spread in all directions!
    The red color choice for the font – the blood which circulates – connecting the organisms, holding them together – bringing the individual and the surroundings in to one huge organism..!Ahhh

    Magnificent! I love it so much!!!

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