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10 Things You Must Know About Narcissism

  HG Tudor provides you with detail from the narcissistic perspective of ten things which are an absolute must know for all targets of narcissist. If you have been ensnared, you need this information to ensure you understand and to protect yourself. Priceless information provided at a very low cost by the unrivalled purveyor of […]


  It is fair to state somewhat euphemistically that death is an inconvenience for everyone. In respect of my kind and me, it causes all manner of problems and issues which are especially irksome. Death generally only affects people in two respects. Their own death and the death of other people. Our responses to those […]

The Holy Narcissist

  The holy narcissist is one of the especially effective members of the narcissistic brethren. The attraction of religion but moreover being a member of the clergy carries with it considerable advantages for those of our kind who manage to install themselves within organised religion. The holy narcissist is nigh on impeachable. What better authority […]

Hiding From Yourself

  Another session with Dr E. As I sat down in his consulting room I wondered how much had been spent so far with regards to this supposed treatment. A few thousand pounds no doubt and I imagined that both Dr E and Dr O would be more than content to continue these consultations given […]

Locked On Target

I turn away from the group that I am with in the bar, the laughter at my tale still loud and suitably intrusive to cause other patrons to look our way. More fuel for me of course.  It is then that I see her, stood at the bar waiting to attract the attention of the […]

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