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Psychopathy : Boredom

    Boredom lurks. . It is a state of existence that wishes to become all too familiar to me, as if it were an unwelcome but inevitable companion. I will never let it be that companion. It is quick to make its presence known, descending with undue haste to wrap its beige being about […]

Psychopath : I Will Burn It All

  — The embankment was comparatively steep, however, the way that the trees had grown on it and the erosion of some of the soil meant that natural steps had been created in the embankment making it easier to climb. I made my ascent, jerry can in one hand, using the other to ensure that I […]

Knowing the Narcissist : 6 Smears (And How To Clean Them Up)

    Smearing is a regular weapon in our arsenal. Deployed in order to maintain our façade and ensure that everybody thinks that you are the abuser, you are the trouble maker and that you are the Crazy One. A method of getting our retaliation in first. The smear campaigns are such that you have […]

Knowing the Narcissist : Should I Get In Touch With the Narcissist?

    The creation of anxiety and uncertainty are twin concerns which we engender in much of what we do. Both have the effect of stopping you from doing things, preventing you from analysing matters in an effective way and ultimately from helping yourself to escape our hold. One way of doing this is through […]

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