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The Veiled Primary Source

You were crowned as the Intimate Partner Primary Source (“IPPS”) and you enjoyed that magnificent golden period. Those mesmerising days with the narcissist have gone, but the memory remains bittersweet. Blackened devaluation followed and now disengagement as you find yourself cast aside. During the downward spiral you had concerns that the person you loved and […]

I See Sanctuary

When I first meet you and I look into your eyes I find a certain sanctuary. Your optimistic eyes seem like paradise to me. I can see the hope, the desire and the adoration burning in your eyes. Be they brown, blue, green or grey I can see the promise of salvation. That is why […]

I Will Tell You A Secret

The telling of a secret is a very useful manipulation. In the first instance, we may tell you a genuine secret about somebody else because we are adept at garnering information about other people, gaining their trust and their confidence. Your reaction to this will provide us with fuel. It is also highly likely that […]

The Incredible Sulk

Who is the Incredible Sulk? Unsurprisingly, he or she is a Mid-Range Narcissist. Lesser may occasionally sulk but it is rare, they are far more likely to explode with heated fury, either lashing out at you by name-calling or windmilling fists. The Greater may also sulk, but that is a very rare occurrence as the […]

The Death Bed Narcissist : The Upper Lesser “A”

    “Whoaaaaahhhhhh!” “Quite the sight, I agree,” remarked a hollow voice which seemed to circle and eddy the listener. “What an explosion man! Look at the flames!” remarked the man excitedly. He was stood up in the cockpit of the expensive speedboat as orange flames surrounded him. The yellow and orange of the flames […]

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