Speaking In Wrongs

One of my other psychiatrists, I call her Doctor O (she is obsessed with me – I don’t think that’s very professional albeit it is only natural) instructed me to make a list of things that I say when I first meet somebody. I sighed and rolled my eyes. How am I meant to do that? I speak to so many people and to be honest, they all seem to merge into one to me, so it is very difficult for me to distinguish between them and recall what I have said. She was insistent however and then it dawned on me. I don’t need to remember at all. You do. After all, meeting me is such a memorable occasion my wonderful words will have been etched on your hearts forever. Seeing as I have done so much for you, perhaps you would do me a favour (you will do me a favour or else) and tell me what I said to you in the embryonic stage of our relationship. That way I can collate them and pass them to Doctor O and then perhaps she might be a little less obsessed. Don’t dilly dally though, I need to know so I will feel better.

8 thoughts on “Speaking In Wrongs

  1. A Victor says:

    It was a shared love of herring.

  2. Michelle says:

    HG, you are a comedian and I laugh myself sick reading your blog! I want you to know how the way in which you string words together is some of the most hilarious reading material I have. Thank you. Also, I refer a lot of people to you for education. You’ve done a lot of work that has really been helpful.

    1. sedthat says:

      HGs’ neurotransmitter pathways sent genius spontaneous solve, intelligence caused us to experience pure humor in his favorite color ha the all of white, not brown yellow or red. What, who keeps intel is who knows. The perfect question solves perfectly. It’s un-funny while not answered because the question was wrong. Like how will HG remember? Wrong question can’t be answered. Looks like laughter and love are structured the same, tit for tat. The varieties, dynamics, some get it, some do not and every spot between. Our empathic logic validates intelligent love, like intelligent laughter both exist as an emotions spontaneous luxurious experience of fuel or flow. Intelligent humor made it impossible to not laugh. So that’s how it is for us Empaths and love. Also we did all read the sames books, live learning unworded communications that we turned inward for reflect then exude a flow of love that intelligent puzzle.

  3. You are my guardian angel

  4. Maddie says:

    “I just had to have You!”
    “You are my half, my soulmate”
    “You are the most beautiful generous kind person in the world”
    “I’ve been waiting for You all my life. I’ll never want to leave You”
    “You run through my veins”
    “I think about You every second”
    …could go on and on…the list is endless…

  5. lcd68 says:

    You are everything I have ever dreamed of. Forever is the only option for us. Even if you decide you don’t love me any longer, I will make you think of me daily so no one will ever be able to take you completely away. You will always be mine. I always,thought there was something off about someone falling so completely head over heels that quickly. Now I know. It’s not real, that’s how.

  6. seanstoirm says:

    “When I first saw you something inside of me just went ‘WOW’. I could almost hear the word as if I’d said it out loud” and “I’m yours for life, you’ll never get rid of me now..” – ominous in hindsight but said with an endearing silliness at the time.

  7. jerkbusters says:

    “If you’re truly 6′, the you’re the type I’m looking for: tall, attractive, intelligent”

    (This is a copy of his first contact on an internet dating site, spelling mistakes included.)

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