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25 hard hitting ways you are being manipulated.
Learn about the different ways I manipulate those around me to do what I want. Read how I control people in a range of insidious ways. If you want to know how I operate you need to read this powerful material in order to protect yourself.51zAFF-39EL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

25 thoughts on “Manipulated

  1. Lisa says:

    I desperately need to read this book!

  2. Natalia says:

    You have helped me so much and I greatly appreciate it. I’ve been reading lots of stuff and listened to some recordings on YouTube. Love the way you narrate. Extremely intriguing stuff, your work is phenomenal. I was ensnared by a narcissist for five years who had stripped me off my resources. It was hard to get out and I didn’t know what I was dealing with. I came across this page on Facebook and every since I’ve been planing my way out into freedom. I’ve been from the ensnarement for about a month now and I’m still recovering. I still continue to read your posts now and then as I come across them. Considering buying a book, would love to educate myself as much as possible. This is great, what you’re doing. Despite of what you are. I see lots of people are missing the point here from the comments I’ve read. What better way to learn about narcissism than to have one tell you how his mind works? Of course provided that you’re not manipulating me, lol. This is amazing, will buy some books soon.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Welcome Natalia, there is no manipulation here, only the best information which you are finding out about to your benefit. Thank you for your compliments about my work.

  3. Tom says:

    How can people at work realize they are being manipulated by a narcissist? They could be puppet models for your book cover! Could this book help people who do terrible things for a bad person? Or can the magical spell of this awful person never be broken? Are the hopelessly doomed doomed forever? Should I leave copies of the book for them or will some manipulated people never understand they are being played for the sole purpose of being horribly used for the evil narrcist’s own purposes?!

  4. Rhoni says:

    Why are people attacking this author? I have not read the book. But was interested in it but question why anyone would self help author?

    1. Lynn Hill-Miranda says:

      You must of never personally delt witb a narcissist if you dont get it! Lucky you:)

  5. miranda mygatto says:

    Fuck you Daniel and pappa johns pizza. Its not delivery its fucking digeorno

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Comment of the week.

  6. Lynn Miranda says:

    Why do people become narcissist and does domestic violence go hand-in-hand with narcissism?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Lynn,

      Why do people become narcissists?
      1. Some think it is genetic;
      2. Most think it is a response to childhood trauma/upbringing though of course not everybody who suffers childhood trauma/upbringing becomes a narcissist;
      3. Some think it is 1 and 2 combined

      Not all those who engage in domestic violence are narcissists – they may be alcoholics or drug abusers, suffer from a different form of disorder. Domestic violence – physical, emotional, financial and sexual is almost always a present factor in the behaviour of narcissists.

      1. Lynn Miranda says:

        Thank you for clarifying that for me. Im super intrigued. Im reading Chained right now and I am reading in detail the shit my husband used to pull on me. Anyway Im just curious because this was what my husband had along with being a narcissist. Is it normal ppl that are narcissist also have other conditions like Bipolar Disorder?Depression and Anxiety? Paranoid Delusions?PTSD? Or did i just get the deluxe edition with him and all this shit? I feel like a complete fuktard to be played out the way i have for past 7 years and to literally be the last one to see it. I still try to justify his behavior in my mind saying he wasnt aware of what he was doing to me and not intentionally or strategic. Thank you for this book. Do you have work books available.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          There can be other conditions.
          There will be a publication concerning work later in the year.

      2. A Victor says:

        Do you still believe that domestic violence of these four types are almost always present with narcissists? Is it abuse as you have written about within the schools and cadres? I did not realize all four almost always present.

    2. Ali says:

      i have met a narc that was not abusive in the sense that he was not hurting the person verbally or physically, but he did cheat and hoover and get fuel, he just cycled girlfriends over and over keeping them hanging on while he would definitely go on a smear campaign behind their backs when leaving them…to their face he was very sweet, always, and part of his hoovering was based on that… being the perfect boyfriend and lover – i defriended him once i realized what he was doing/trying to do to me even knowing i was with an abusive narc… i guess he thought he was a better narc for cheating but not being verbally/physically abusive…

      while the narc i left was covert and abusive as can be, though never physically – i’d have had more recourse against him if he had been

  7. dave says:

    you never click on these links and get any actual info do you – there’s no misery miserable enough that some cynical dick wont profit from .

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Yet you can always comment on a blog which has over 800 free to read articles eh Dave?

      1. Julia D'Alo says:

        ….And incredible articles to boot!!

  8. Amye says:

    This is great! A book BY a SELF proclaimed manipulator offering you advice on how to protect your self from being manipulated…. Like being manipulated into buying this book because your tired of being manipulated. Diabolical!

    1. malignnarc says:

      Just like you have to buy a new tyre because you have a puncture, from someone who has some tyres and knows how to fit them.

    2. katrina says:

      Why would anyone want to read what a bully like you has to say you fuckin waste of space nothing to be proud of

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Hello Katrina, let’s see, perhaps it is something to do with gaining more understanding and knowledge from me than you will get anywhere else. Thanks for the fuel.

        1. ST says:

          That is sad that a narc is fueled by being abused not just giving abuse. Maybe that is one reason a narc can abuse so guilt free because they don’t feel the pain of the abuse, only the fuel. How sad!

          1. A Victor says:

            Interesting idea ST. One thought, is it abuse if they’re entirely in control of it? When I was abused I had no control as long as I remained in the situation. Control is one of the prime aims, they never let it go, so if they’re being “abused” , they are allowing it for their own reasons. Therefore is it actually abuse?

          2. ST says:

            A Victor, if they are inviting abuse, then it is not abuse. For example, there are people in BDSM relationships who enjoy being abused so that isn’t abuse. It is their mutual kink that gratifies them both.

            In narc relationships, the narc is provoking for a reaction so if he/she gets one, I would say the victim is still responsible for how they react, but the narc brought it on himself so he isn’t a victim. He is a provocateur.

            There are others that say they don’t want abuse but really they thrive on the drama, instigate arguments, and dish out as much as they serve so I wouldn’t call that abuse either. I would just call that a mutually dysfunctional relationship.

            But what I was referring to was Katrina made a very personal and abusive comment to HG and he received that as fuel. He did not invite nor provoke that comment. So in this case I would consider it abusive. We don’t normally think of the narc being abused but I think this is a demonstration that they can be abused to.

            Now I fully understand where Katrina came from. Perhaps she was projecting her anger on HG who represented all narcs to her. I get her anger and I think HG does too. I don’t think it hurt him at least I hope it didn’t.

            Nevertheless, if we judge it fairly, it was verbally abusive. HG was just introducing a new piece of his work that would be beneficial to anyone who has been abused, but she came out cursing him, putting down his work, and saying he is a “waste of space and nothing to be proud of”. Those are strong words that I think most people would consider to be verbally abusive. It really is sad to me that he takes it in as fuel (it empowers him). Something must have happened in his childhood to make him like that. And of course, I think Katrina had to have experienced abuse at the hand of a narc to say that so I am not trying to beat up on her. I can understand her pain and anger.

          3. A Victor says:


            Ah, I see what you mean. I don’t think I read the previous comments, took yours as a stand-alone, the idea was interesting. The previous comments in conjunction with your follow up comment reminded me of the article “Love Me, Hate Me but Never Ignore Me”.

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