Wounded Creature

I would never hurt an animal, not intentionally. I am an expert marksman but I would never shoot a live animal. I am not fond of animals, I have never kept a pet and I never will. Caring for or hurting an animal has no interest for me. I should imagine that has taken a few of you by surprise. I should imagine that you saw the picture of this fox with his cast and thought, “This is where he shows more of his sadism by revealing that he tortured guinea pigs when he was  a child or shot at birds in the garden with an air rifle.” I am pleased to disappoint you. That never happened. I am well aware that hurting animals may be a sign of no conscience but it does not follow that a lack of conscience means that you will hurt animals. I know that certain individuals obtain an emotional gratification by hurting an animal as this is about exhibiting the ultimate control. I regard those that engage in that type of behaviour as low-functioning epsilon semi-morons. An animal cannot answer you back, it cannot tell you things or say the wrong thing. I do think that animals display certain self-centred narcissistic tendencies, feed me, wash me, stroke me, play with me, walk me, clean my living space and so on. They require a lot of attention and that is why I cannot countenance ever having one as a pet. I suspect that is the reason why I have never hurt one.

No, my ire exists for the wounded creature, the pathetic person that is weak. I do not like babies because they are weak and absorb attention away from me. I do not like the elderly, they are weak and they absorb attention away from me with all the help they need. I also want no reminder of how mortality fades and they are the spectres hovering at the end, reminding us that the reaper’s scythe is nearing. I do not like the ill, they are weak and they absorb attention away from me. I think you are getting the picture now. I know you empathic people reach out to these people and that society dictates that these groups should be cared for. That does not resonate with me. They infuriate me. I would rather they disappeared and did not distract from my purpose. Should they come within my reach they find themselves subjected to my irritation and displeasure which results in me lashing out  with acidic tongue and savage words at them in order to exhibit my annoyance. I know you regard that as wrong but I am just being honest. It is what I feel. Now you know why my kind ditches you for a younger model, pays no interest to the birth of our child and why our kind always vanishes when you are ill or injured and in need of care. We have no desire to be reminded of weakness, not when it threatens us from inside on a daily basis.

21 thoughts on “Wounded Creature

  1. Asp Emp says:

    HG, I read a comment of yours where you say that you do not do physical violence.

    You say in this article, you have never intentionally hurt an animal.

    I believe you.

    You said on your blog that you are honest and do not lie on KTN site. I have shared the relevant links when you have shared this information earlier this year.

    I just wanted to state as such.

    By the way, that fox cub is so cute 🙂

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No, I do use physical violence, I have made that clear repeatedly. However, it is not something I so with great regularity.

      1. Asp Emp says:

        Thank you for your response, HG 🙂

  2. Kasia says:

    Mr Tudor I think that some narcissist have an advantage of having a baby. children fulfill their parents’ dreams. they take part in beauty contests and narcissistic parents are very proud of them.
    What do you think ?

  3. DF says:

    Hello HG,
    recently I found the man whom I safely identified as a narcissist (after reading so many of your really helpful writings on the subject) engaging in a discussion about unborn life and the cruelty of abortion. I seriously do not understand what is going on there. As soon as a new life is born there is a chance it will find its place in his narcissistic universe, but this time he really seemed to be concerned. (While I am writing my question to you, a malign thought is forming: He has impregnated a woman and asked her to have an abortion. Simultaneously he is putting her to shame by publicly declaring himself an opponent of women’s right to abortion, thus playing “pillar of society”.)
    May I ask you for your opinion on this? Can you imagine other reasons why he would express his indignation about the abortion issue, and do you think what I wrote in brackets is genuine narc behavior?
    Thank you very much,

  4. Lauren says:

    1. I know a narcissist who adopted two kittens because he said that “their energy is uplifting and keeps me from dwelling on the negative”.

    Does this mean that some narcissists have pets for fuel?

    He is an elite UMRN or MMRN and lives alone (he recently dumped his wife and moved out) – which might be why he felt the need to adopt the kittens.

    2. Do all narcissists stay away from having pets? Or is it the sociopaths that don’t have them?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      1. No, that was said to triangulate.

      2. No – see above.

      1. Lauren says:

        Ok. Thank you, HG!

  5. Kat says:

    Yes, yes and more yes!
    I used to kill animals as a child though, but out of curiosity, not any malice.
    Death was not the intention and I did not get off on it.
    I love animals, as long as they don’t make many demands on me. That’s why I love cats. Just feed the little sociopath, pat it when I feel like it and ignore it the rest of the time. Perfect 🙂

    As for humans, I like babies and children and they naturally gravitate towards me. I like how open and honest they are.
    Old and sick people annoy the hell out of me if they are whiny. Yet, I am a nurse. And very good at what I do.
    Know how to combine just the right amount of (fake, but convincing) empathy and toughness that I am able to get patients to do more and feel better than most other nurses.

    I honestly can’t believe how much resources are wasted on the elderly and those with no real quality of life when, funnily enough, the elderly/sick themselves have had enough. The amount of suffering I have seen families put these people through, because their own guilt and shame won’t allow them to let go.
    And they call me a sadist…

  6. I too agree with Amanda’s comment. It really helps to kind of sort of look into his sick thoughts and actions. And believe it or not I can’t wait for your new post. Keep posting.

    1. malignnarc says:

      Thank you. It may not be comfortable but it will be insightful.

  7. Miss_taken says:

    Animals also provide unconstitutional love, they don’t care who you’ve destroyed today. They still wag their tails and wait for you to walk thru the door. I would think it would be nice to have something around that you didnt feel like you had to perform for, but that’s just me. Plus a constant supply that’s not going anywhere.

    1. malignnarc says:

      I see the point you are making. My sources of fuel would wag their metaphorical tails though when I walked in and I did not have to perform for them, they performed for me. Plus I never had to feed them, wash them, take them for a hair cut or pick up their droppings. Fido is not for me.

  8. byoung19963 says:

    Very true yet again. We were allowed no pets in our home. It was a joke that the kids could have any pet they wanted ..as long as it was a stuffed animal. My exes fiance died of breast cancer he left the state claiming he didn’t know. That all seemed so weird to me. I asked him about why he left and never went back to care for her in 3 yrs? He got defensive immediately saying “don’t try to figure me out!” And ” don’t judge me!” I wasnt just seemed strange….now I get it.

    1. malignnarc says:

      Yes we don’t like to be around those that remind us of our own mortality and the need for the empathy we lack.

  9. Amanda says:

    It is amazing how simple you make it all sound…its like being inside my husband’s head when I read your posts!! Its empowering to me to be able to understand the “why” of his behavior because he is so similar to the actions and behavior that you describe. I have to say, at least you know who and what you are. You are owning it, through this blog at least. Has writing it been therapeutic for you? Or enlightening in any way? I guess I’m really asking is it cathartic in any way to write these things and share them? Just curious 🙂 Thank you for the amazing post. Please keep writing!!

    1. malignnarc says:

      Hi Amanda, thank you for your kind words. I am pleased you find my writing interesting and empowering. Yes, I know what I am and with that comes all manner of interesting experiences. I find I enjoy sharing my observations because in my typically self-centred way I am saying to all the empathic individuals, “Hey, I know what I am don’t you think I am brilliant for realising?”. I do enjoy the interaction with people and I do enjoy writing so it seems the logical thing to do to write about me and my thoughts so others can read them and do what they will. If that helps people, that’s fine by me as that pleases me because it makes me feel good. I am an expert in being me, but have no relevant qualifications to my analysis or comments, but in a way I think people find that refreshing and helpful. I am telling you how it is, you can work out how to use that knowledge yourselves without me being paternalistic about it. Do I find it cathartic? Partially but that is not the driver behind my writing. The primary reason is that I love writing and I thought why not tell the world about what I am and the way I think and people can make use of that in their own way. Some chime with it, some find it very insightful, some want to insult me and that does not concern me as even that means it has been of use for them. Thanks for your contributions by the way and keep them coming.

      1. Chingona says:

        Maybe you won’t read this, and if you did, and replied, I probably wouldn’t see it anyway (although I’m an ardent fan). Regardless, your use of “I love writing…” confounded me. It reminded me of something I’ve been wondering. My recent ex, part of why I adored him is that he writes really well- especially when he lets the narcissism (he knows what he is) remark upon itself. He’s written some potent free-verse poetry to impress/compete with me. So many musicians write blatantly, and beautifully, about narcissistic behavior. As an artist, I always assumed narcs lacked the emotionality to make art, yet there are irrefutable examples of the opposite. I’m dying to hear your take, HG, on this.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you for the compliment.

          One draws on a combination of experience, observation, intellectual analysis and calculation to ascertain how something may occur and then applying the learned techniques about the words which are used for certain feelings and emotions etc where one does not experience them.

  10. magpie884 says:

    Hurting animals is more of a sociopath/psychopath thing. They, along with narcs, are cut from the same cloth but there is a difference!

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