The Bridge

You are at a fork in the road. Your destination is utopia. You have heard of this place from many people but you never thought you would be in a position to be able to reach it. This place is everything that you have ever wanted. It is elation, contentment, passion and a perfect love. It is a place where you are made to feel like a king or queen. Everything is made of gold in utopia. It shines and it gleams and you want it. Everybody wants it. Everybody wants to feel that love which is legendary in utopia.

It is usually the case that most people have to follow the left-hand road to utopia. It is a long, long road which winds and twists and meanders. There are some signposts but many are missing and as a consequence many people who travel this lengthy road never reach their destination of utopia. They make a wrong turning and head off to Obscurity. They may miss a slip road and end up heading on a direct route to Mediocrity. These travellers may find themselves reaching places such as Momentary, As Good As It Gets or This Will Do. Nobody really wants to travel to those places but those who take the lengthy road find they end up in these places and they never manage to escape them. The road to Utopia passes through some Badlands where there are people waiting to derail them, hijack their vehicle and leave them stranded. There are some good Samaritans who roam this hinterland acting as guides as they try to send people along back on track after giving them a lift. There are some fascinating sights along this routem any of which captivate the travellers so that they actually forget where they are heading. The destinations of Money, Career, Family and Friends often manage to distract travellers and cause them to halt their journey towards Utopia. Occasionally the storms which rage over this road obscure the way ahead and those lost souls who drive onwards end up in remote places such as Addiction Despair, Loneliness and Penury. It is a hazardous and fascinating road which goes through the bane and the beautiful as it wends its way towards Utopia. Many take this route and with good intentions. They prepare themselves in a fasitidous fashion and swear dedication to their quest but there is much to hamper and distract them on this route. One does not embark upon this lengthy road to Utopia with a faint heart.

You however have a choice. You are not forced like so many others to run the risks on the elongated route. You do not have to gamble and be subjected to the vagaries that come with driving that way. You can turn right and avail yourself of my bridge. Look at that super structure, isn’t it magnificent? Look how it soars into the sky, a spectacular edifice of concrete, steel cables and that unmarked pristine tarmac. There is no congestion on this bridge. No waiting for the traffic to clear before you can progress. It is a swift and direct route to Utopia. You do not have to go the long way round. You are not forced to run the gauntlet of risks and potential mishaps like so many other people. You have been chosen to have access to this super fast and direct route into the Promised Land. All you need to do is make that right turn and drive onto the bridge. You need not have any concerns about it as it carries you over the abyss below. This bridge has been constructed from the strongest materials and built by the most qualified engineers in the world. It is a testament to the ability of man to conquer that which was once thought of as insurmountable. You will cruise across the bridge, the tarmac designed to muffle any noise from your car as you are transported promptly and safely to Utopia. Once you are on the bridge of course you cannot turn back as that would cause a problem but you need not be concerned about that because I know you want to carry on straight to Utopia taken there by my bridge. I can see you nodding. That’s right, indicate to the right and away you go. Amazing isn’t it? Breathtaking in its dominance as you drive towards it and before you know it you are on my bridge and racing across it. Can you see that golden light of Utopia now?Yes I thought you could. You are not far away at all. The abyss is wide and deep but it is no obstacle to my bridge and before you know it you have crossed the halfway point and you are nearing the other side. You can see the booths and the barriers ahead. You slow your car down as you approach. Oh yes, I forget to mention there was a toll to pay for using my bridge. Well, you surely did not expect to be transported so magnificently to Utopia without paying a price did you? It’s okay, you can put your wallet or purse away I am not going to take money on this occasion. What’s the price you have to pay? It is straightforward. Just give me your life as you know it and in return I will give you a husk and passage through the barriers. Deal?

11 thoughts on “The Bridge

  1. Maddie says:

    deal long as it’s Your utopia not

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Always is. Deal.

  2. alexis2015s says:

    This was very powerful HG. It really provoked a lot of thought and emotion. I can’t imagine having read this when I first worked out what had happened to me.

    thank you for the very kind offer of your bridge but I’ll stick will the yellow brick road thank you. It may have its own dangers but I will at least have the mental capacity to tackle them.

  3. Hmm…indeed!

  4. Nikita says:

    It is fascinating how you write, making a lessage real with fantasy. Its such a pleasure to read you. Very good article.
    And true… So very true. Exact!

    1. malignnarc says:

      Thank you Nikita.

  5. survivednarc says:

    I sure would have liked to know the high price for crossing the bridge, before I started my journey over it.. there should be information signs! 😉 Also, I never got to enter Utopia, only got small and teasing glimpses of it, before being taken back to Despair… I’m not a happy customer and will not be travelling on that bridge anymore.. Great post.

    1. malignnarc says:

      Thanks survivednarc.

  6. Jax55 says:

    And to think when I had reached my “Utopia” I once said that I never wanted to settle for mediocrity. I escaped before I was spat out a dried out husk, I consider my gut instincts and intuition were far stronger than my desire to bask under the scorching sunlight of PlanetNarc 😉

  7. Sheila says:

    I’ve paid too many tolls to fall for the misguided belief that Utopia is achieved with someone by my side. The only perfect love I need is the one that I have for myself. That doesn’t mean that I use other people along the way, it means putting my needs above others in a healthy way. Taking care of myself and knowing what’s good/healthy for me and not allowing others to take more then I want to/should give.
    Yes, finding Utopia is a long. winding and confusing path, but once you clear away the unnecessary garbage that society tells us we absolutely MUST have, the path is straight as an arrow.

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