Knowing the Narcissist

Knowing the Narcissist now has a YouTube channel

I am extending my reach

It can be found at the link below

New and insightful content will be available shortly

If there is a topic you would like me to talk about or a question you would like answered please do ask and I will endeavour to include it in my broadcasts

I look forward to you welcoming me onto your screen

Thank you for your continued interaction


36 thoughts on “Knowing the Narcissist”

  1. Greetings to you, HG and fellow commenters!
    I just decided to pop back in for a visit and a reminder of your heartfelt and painful reminders of a roller coaster type world, such as one’s experience that your kind brings with such potent reality. Both a blessing/curse for so many reasons…
    I’ve missed you all…not sure if you remember me. HG, especially, as you have so many that are a part of your everyday world and interactions.
    My timing couldn’t have been more perfect…youtube has finally arrived. Not sure if it’s really your own voice (you said previously it wouldn’t be… or that it would be altered somehow) I read above that you said it was, I know you are capable of telling the truth…Perhaps I’ll never truly know. I am not a fan of many british accents normally, but this man’s voice is quite lovely.
    I’ve been busy experiencing new aspects of narcissim…I’m exhausted. Thought I’d seen it all. I’ll keep reading. As always, thank you for all that you do here HG; despite your motives. I feel blessed for both the resonation and validation, and also for those rare moments when I actually “see” things for the first time. You are always a voice within me; a guardian angel if sorts…how ironic is that?!
    Living what I know, and turning off my heart and fantastic fuel supply constantly is where I struggle. It is indeed, so much easier just to love others. I thank narcissism for showing me my shadow side. Embracing that fully seems to be my life’s work and what will ultimately give me peace…embracing my self love; wholeheartedly.
    Great marketing idea btw…love to hear more talking ❤

    1. Hello CE of course I remember you and a pleasure to have you return. Yes that is my voice and thank you for the compliment. There will be plenty more talking to come. So, what has been happening then CE?

      1. Thank you HG. 😊I’m sorry to be such a bore and time/energy waster (and provide no form of fuel or research HG) but, I must remain closed lipped about the current complexities I’m amongst.

        Looking forward to more videos! Thanks again.

        Hi MLA! 😄
        Hope you are well and somewhat at peace overall.
        And…had the time of your life as Carrie Bradshaw!! ❤

    2. Yay! You’re back! You’ve been missed! Exhausted from new forms of narcissism? Please share!

  2. HG, thank you for every single word you write and now for the videos. I am still not completely free. But I will be soon and it will be glorious. Knowledge is indeed Power and you are that source of Knowledge for me. The days of his control over me are numbered. And then *I* will be in control. Finally. ❤️

  3. I want to hear your voice. As I read your posts, my mind imagines a specific voice delivering the narrative. I know you are English but for some reason I can’t picture such a diabolical persona speaking with a British accent. Will we hear you HG?

    1. Why would a diabolic person not have a British accent? Don’t we make the best villains in Hollywood?!Yes it will be my voice that you hear.

    2. You sound as though you’re from the North West of England but you’ve gone a bit RP, but not quite.

      1. Where’s Henry Higgins when you need him! Ok then, I’ll have to go blanket, but definitely Northern,

    1. Not initially, I will speak about topics I have chosen, I will speak about topics that viewers/readers have asked me to do so, I will also compile a set of questions and then provide answers in one session. A live broadcast format may follow in the future.

  4. Lots of videos out there already .. a better video is you actually doing the talking ..showing us who you are .

  5. Watched the first video, bookmarked the site. I’ve downloaded & read all your books on Kindle, and continue to read your brilliant blog posts, the comments & your Tweets. You sure keep me busy, HG.

    Thank you for all that you post – your audience is extremely appreciative!

      1. Yes, please. A sequel to “Keeping Me In Mind.” One that details how to counter-act the visual encoding of our mind, so we can finally be free.

  6. This is absouletly wonderful news HG!!!! Congratulations! You have helped so many and with this I hope you can help many more!!! Xxx😘

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