The Golden Idol

You are the foolhardy explorer. You may label me as driven and single-minded but take a moment to consider your own position. There, gleaming and glistening on a plinth is your prize. The golden idol. Grasping this guarantees your return to the golden period with me, that time of utterly intoxicating desire, supreme happiness and the perfect love. All you need to do is take it in your hand and you will be transported back to that wonderful place. It is an irresistible temptation. In order to reach the plinth and its alluring prize you must negotiate your way past an array of dangerous traps. First of all , you must walk the daily tight rope and avoid plunging into the pit of toxicity that bubbles beneath it. This tightrope is being cut away by one of my loyal Lieutenants as you try to walk across it. From the left another of my Lieutenants is firing his Proxy Weapon at you, shooting bolts of Smear Campaign. You cannot throw them back but you must try to duck and dodge them. From the right, another lieutenant uses his Proxy Weapon to launch repeated Character Assassinations at you. They come thick and fast.

From the tight rope you now need to cross the eggshells that are scattered across a large section of the floor. As if this was not hard enough, jets of Narcissistic Rage spurt out at completely random intervals from around the room, seeking to burn you and have you topple onto the eggshells breaking them. Beyond this is a merry go round. You cannot avoid it and you must get on and find yourself being spun around at a dizzying speed. All the while loudspeakers pump out scurrilous accusations at you to belittle and confuse. You have to somehow get off the merry go round despite the neckbreaking speed at which it turns.

Dizzy and disorientated you blunder into another room where barbed spears drive at you from every direction if you tread on the wrong paving stone. There is no way to gauge which stone will generate a spear that is seeking to wound you. All you can do is try toconquer your wheeling vision from the merry go round and hope Lady Luck somehow steers you through this room. Somehow you might surmount it and then walk into a further room. This room is lit with flames, fuelled by gas and the light flares up and down in no consistent fashion as you are expected to walk through a maze. The dimming and glowing lights cast shadows which send you the wrong way time and time again as frustration mounts and you try to steer a way through this maze. Up above you fly several of my lieutenants who offer to lift you up and carry you across the maze. Exhausted and weary you accept their kind offer only to find that they carry you back to the start of this hellish puzzle.

If I showed you this malevolent contraption without the prize you would shake your head and walk away, but you have seen the prize, indeed I allowed you to hold it for a moment and you could feel its potency to return you to the golden period. You want that prize. Nobody sane would surely go through all that though would they ? But your sanity has been compromised and you will endure all of those trials just to try to claim the idol, even though you are unaware that it will turn to dust as soon as you lift it from the plinth. Indiana Jones wouldn’t even attempt it, but as Indiana Empath you will.

19 thoughts on “The Golden Idol

  1. Asp Emp says:

    I re-read this article. I decided to turn it round……

    Daily tight rope = journey of learning
    Pit of toxicity = incorrect ET
    Eggshells = fragility of LT
    Barbed spears = external stressors / triggers
    Rooms = various stages / aspects of life since childhood to now
    Hellish puzzle / maze = navigation & the fight between facing the pains while understanding narcissism and it’s impact on your life (and others around you)
    The prize = The Holy Grail (‘Searching’ article0.

    Indiana Jones used sand on the invisible path in order to reach where he found the prize. Hell, yes, if he did it, then an Indiana Empath would do it too!

    Stay on the path, even if it is invisible because it is your mind, your emotions that are not visible unless actively shown by what you say and / or what you do.

  2. Cara says:

    There is no golden idol…there’s just the obstacle course.

  3. 1jaded1 says:

    HG. Thank you for this reminder in case I once again take leave and try to go through the maze of hell. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up but this is the fairest warning to what happens if we try an go back.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome.

  4. nikitalondon says:

    Great great great description. !!!! Amazing how much people can endure to return to the golden period, until the cord is cut.
    It does happen! Just like at birth. This moment does come one day. Its the beggining of separate lives.
    I see it very much like giving life to another being. At the end of the 9 months, the challenged are so heavy you cant wait to have your own body, again, the sleep and the normal energy to come back…. Nevertheless when the cord is cut at painful birth its a relief but also a loss..
    Same when love turns into the description above… When is this going to end?? Somewhen the cord gets cut and the golden period, or happy connected moments are let go.
    Its normal human behaviour.
    Even with the purest and strongest love which is bearing life, i dont think any woman who had a challenging pregnancy woul say ” i wish pregnancy would be 18 instead of 9 months” ..
    Excellent post!!! 😘😘😘
    As it was soo hard getting out of bed I had to drink 2 coffes before reading … Reading you is such an enjoyable activity at any moment. 💝

  5. apocalipznow says:


    1. nikitalondon says:

      What are those initials standing for?

      1. apocalipznow says:

        big f**kin deal

  6. I’m beginning to agree with a reference that TheflowerandRock made in some other post…in that it is indeed not an empath that will go to these extents (for long anyhow, as they do not forsake themselves for others; despite their very real empathy for others)…it is Indiana codependent that endures this endlessly. It is indeed the definition of insanity (or the prescription of it, in the very least) and self destruction to continue on this variation of “groundhog day”. 😕

    1. The lsst sentence was my additional thoughts. I believe she was more gracious and kind in recognizing that we cannot truly do better until we possess the skills to overcome our past traumas. In this I very much agree.

      1. TheFlowerandRock says:

        I am still processing this post, “The Golden Idol” and then back to ” The Walking Dead”. I am honored for your mention, mostly though, that you are sharing of your processing of such. Much love and respect to you Crystal Empath.

        1. And to you dear soul. Blessed Be ❤

          1. TheFlowerandRock says:

            Thank you for your kind wishes Crystal Empath. I in turn wish for you all that you wish for yourself.

          2. I’m working on daring to wish for more for myself…first time for everything. So I take that to be positive reinforcement of that…works for me 😉

          3. TheFlowerandRock says:

            Yes, my intention was of good nature. I wish everyone here good strength and courage on their healing journeys and I see it as a privilege to have connected with such dynamic and courageous individuals who make the choice to do the work involved in self discovery. It is not a light task where by one can sit back on their laurels, it commands the profundity involved in comittment. I hope that everyone stays the course of their process, in a manner which helps shape the most nourishing life possible. Reach out to supportive environments, ask for help, and be fearless in your commitment to heal. I wish everyone the best and thank you!

    2. nikitalondon says:

      Totally agree on this one. Insanity.

  7. "Finished!" says:

    Perfect timing! After over a month of no contact, we spoke yesterday. I felt the potential to be drawn back in with the “I love you’s” and “if you ever need me I’m here, just call”. It’s tempting but I can’t do it. I can’t subject my daughter nor I to the abuse and go back to the days of dancing on the head of a pin never knowing when we will say the wrong thing or be perceived as criticizing him. He’s a lower level narc and extremely unpredictable! Very knee jerk and emotionally immature. It’s time to file the divorce and stop the madness! He will never change…

  8. Hope says:

    HG, yes our sanity may be temporarily compromised. But, our hearts & souls will never be. We will always have hope and we will always believe in the goodness of people. We cannot change this within ourselves. And that, it seems – is our downfall.

    1. TheFlowerandRock says:

      Hello Hope do not harm yourself by believing that having an open heart is a downfall.

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