A Personal Jesus


I am your personal Jesus. I enter your life and bring light and healing. Have you been hurt and damaged by another who did not value the honesty, decency and truthfulness by which you lead your life? I will soothe your fevered brow and reassure you that you are a good person. I bring calm where there is confusion and misunderstanding. Listen to me as I explain to you how the world really is. I have created paradise. I will open its gates and let you gaze upon it. Feel the love, warmth and tranquillity flow from it. This is all yours. All you need to do is follow me. That is all I ask. Come with me and I will be your world. I am everywhere and understand everything. When you are feeling down I will call you and remind you of how wonderful you are. My angels will remind you through my text messages and love notes of how special you are. You have a place reserved in my heaven. I chose for it you.

If you feel that your journey through life has taken a wrong turn, let me guide you. If the road ahead seems dark and stony, do not be troubled. Climb onto my back and let me carry you. I am your angel and my wingspan is wide enough to protect both of us from the darkness that lurks in the world. Open your heart to me. Give it freely and it will prosper under my stewardship. Listen to my words. They are imbued with wisdom and you are welcome to keep them as watchword to your heart. For too long you have struggled alone. I am here to relieve your burden and show you the wonderful, beautiful perfect love that you deserve. Just take my hand and follow me.

I am your saviour.

41 thoughts on “A Personal Jesus

  1. kittyxdragon says:

    I just have a quick question, and it may sound stupid. Are you an angel? And if anyone else is one can you help me? I’m an earth angel and idk I just feel so lost down here, it’s hard to hear God or my guild. Please help, anyone?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I am a Dark Angel.
      If you feel lost, you are welcome to stay.

      1. AH OH says:

        You are naughty Dark Angel. Did you tell her what her cost would be? He loves souls for supper. Welcome to the club as we are all Earth Angels. Stick around, we even have exorcisms going on. All kidding aside, you will find much support here but you must be honest with yourself first. We are a big support group and we do group {{hugs}} >

  2. God Bless you for your work through Jesus Christ, In our Body as a whole, shining your light before all men and women, nations and the world as a whole. God bless you. Come also visit, let us share each others, word and gift from God, Let us fill the hearts of others. I encourage you and bless you. Let Gods anointing flow through you and place you higher and higher in your calling from God.- Daniel Byzewski
    God Head Disciple

  3. revengestar says:

    psychotic episode

  4. Fool me 1 time says:

    I agree with you Bethany! I wrote the same thing. However I do not know where it is? Xo

  5. TheFlowerandRock says:

    In regards to BloodandThunders latest response in that she perceives me as being on a high horse, and not just any type of horse but a Trojan horse – I will say this – I volunteer to be here to offer some of my professional insights for reasons which I have creatively and consistently articulated and stand by. Having said this, I wish to also express that I am a human being and am not immune from feelings, certainly not mine own – I find myself feeling unsettled and harassed by the comment.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      On that note we shall call a truce to the recent exchange. All have articulated how they feel about the matter and been allowed to do so as the exchange of views is important and everyone has validity in expressing their own view about matters written here and the observations of others. I encourage debate and exchange. I feel no more need be advanced and we move on. Besides, I don’t want the spotlight staying off me for too long!

      1. TheFlowerandRock says:

        Yes, perhaps these are the chords of which you choose to dance in, however validity and soundness are not necessarily interdependent of one another, and most times are not. I encourage exchange as well, however this does not mean that I am willing to subject myself to a harmful dynamic. I do not require a spotlight and therefor gracefully bow out. I wish yourself and the readership here all the best in their respective journeys towards healing. It has been a pleasure to have collided. Much love and respect to you and everyone here.

      2. Leilani says:

        Haha! Now how did I know you would you would say that… it’s not about Leilani either. Always a first time for everything. Indeed it is a rejoice to a being.

      3. Ah Oh says:

        Never will we take our eyes off of you. Never. Once we engage you are ours for life.
        The sister wives. The perfect ten club
        AH OH GOD!

  6. bethany7337 says:

    Yes HG – your descriptive post nails the dynamic between the codependent and narcissism. Your kind comes offering what feels like salvation and we readily climb upon you to take us to heaven. Initially it does feel like you are heaven sent as we surrender it all to you and make you our Higher Power. Therein lies the problem…

    I’ve been thinking about you in my conversations with God a lot. With deep gratitude, I thank Him for my ️Healing which has been tremendously escalated as a result of your writing. It is profound. And I pray for your continued ️Healing and growth and for the strength and courage you are demonstrating here to continue to your Highest Good. May you be happy, joyous and free HG.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you for the kind sentiments.

      1. bethany7337 says:

        They are heartfelt.

  7. Another brilliant tactic, HG. Those words would melt over a person`s soul like warm honey and then, that same honey would start to harden and stick. Stick as a constant reminder.

    There is something deep in the human conscience that calls out for need of a saviour.

    Someone or something bigger than we are that will rescue us from the current despair and tragedy in our world, in our lives, at work, in our relationships, etc.

    People are always looking for salvation and most either don`t know how to save themselves or are simply too lazy to, so they look to someone else to do it.

    If that is what you`re offering, you`re sure to get a lot of takers. No one ever thinks about the saviour letting them down, especially when the saviour says and does all the right things. It seems impossible to think that the saviour would ever lead the flock astray.

    They never stop to think that maybe the saviour intends to devour the flock, little by little, piece by piece.

    And that is what is so perfect about this tactic, this morsel of false hope.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Indeed B&T the false hope does indeed allow our kind to ensnare by reason of people looking for someone or something “higher” in order to save them. It is an effective tactic indeed and well put. This is why there were never any atheists in the trenches.

      1. Ha ha! But I do wonder if your kind would be able to change the minds of some atheists.

        I wouldn`t be surprised.

      2. Ah Oh says:

        No place to post to B&T on changing a mind of an Atheist. I am here to say no. I might Call out God when I am climaxing, but I am talking to the one that is stimulating me to the point of explosion. He is my GOD for that moment. My church in my bed. My God is the one giving me head.

      3. Tappan Zee says:

        Wait. Whoa. What? Explain. I need to hear this. My XN atty is using his Catholicism against me.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Do you mean explain why there were no atheists in the trenches?

  8. Reach out and touch faith.

    1. HG Tudor says:


      1. Are you giving me permission to touch because I already have and will again.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Permission granted.

      2. Lord, I am not worthy to receive you but only say the word, and I shall be healed. 😉

        Baptizing the faithful. Turning water into wine. Walking on water. Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me.

    2. Ah Oh says:

      Is that her name? Hellooo My dearest BandT

  9. 1jaded1 says:

    So inviting.

  10. susan anderson says:

    …how true this is…or at least how true NPDs believe this to be. I’ve heard savior and martyr many times not to be shocked or surprised by this blog of ‘revelation’ …..I was told many times by the XN he was my ‘Redemption’…and I would likely thank him for all he’s done for me, one day….Yes…thank you for aiming to send me to a grave to show your omnipotence without stabbing choking or shooting me to death. I am forever grateful….I wish Id added him to my Life Insurance policy as a bonus….so him and his fling of the month could live in a house that I purchased for them….lol

    ..I hope that one day he sees a brighter light – bc the empath in me sees a broken child who needs to be re-mothered into safety…I dont care about the cruelty and abuse. Broken people break people. Its projection plain and simple.

    Dear Real God – I pray for my fellow NPDs who hurt women, and hope that you can one day save them from the agony, destruction, and pain that they inflict on partners and children, alike. Bring peace and love into their hearts, and allow them to see that people are inherently good. The world doesn’t have to be this way. Not all people have an angle. However, we all have Angels. And they are watching over us – and not the Narc….real ones… XO Love and blessings…

    1. Cody says:

      Susan, this is a beautifully written prayer and one I so wish would be granted.
      But it also illustrates exactly why the Ns choose us, the empaths, and why we have such a hard time letting go.
      My prayer? That every empath and especially those “blessed” to be involved with a Narc discovers this blog. Because in a totally sick way, HG is the one “personal Jesus” out there who may actually help.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Well put.

      2. Amy S. says:

        I agree with you, Cody.

      3. Amy S. says:

        Before finding this blog I would most likely have gone for this sort of talk, but not any more. If something seems too good to be true it probably isn’t, trust your instincts, that’s what I have learnt.

    2. mlaclarece says:

      Powerful words in such a concise statement. “Broken people break people”.
      Leads to questioning as my Narc broke my heart and forever changed me, did my fighting and wounding him back cause further breakage in him?

      1. susan anderson says:

        No – you’re fighting and wounding him was actually for YOU and proving YOUR STRENGTH…You didn’t SUBMIT AND OBEY….The Master was challenged by his slave & you were forever changed bc you faced true EVIL. . We see evil exists now & it’s a tough pill to swallow…

        Where we speak he is silent…and where we cry, he cannot…so…you were his truth…and noone wants to face a truth as ugly as this ..you were in fact, HIS savior..but in true Judas fashion he forgot your existence

        Your Narc put a Bandage on after you attacked, and went onto the next bubble gum chewing woman with the IQ of a turnip. You were a close call. And NPDs dont need nor want close calls… xxxx – Susan

        1. mlaclarece says:

          Thank you! Great message here!

      2. nikitalondon says:

        I really did miss out the chapter in the bible where it says that when you get hurt you are allowed to hurt back by showing back truths, and this excuses you of any fault.
        I really miss the passage where the bible states that you become a savior by showing with hurt the truth and only the truth and that you can then auto-redeem yourself.
        I really have to talk to my religion teacher if one day I meet her again. She missed out on that part. And I strive for forgiving when I could also hurt back and save somebody. I really need to speak to this woman because before being our teacher she had been a nun. Teaching us the wrong things SMH 🤔🤔🤔

        1. mlaclarece says:

          Hey Nikita, not interested in your sanctimonious Bible forgiving talk. Please refrain on it to comments I make especially when I’m responding to someone else. Thanks!

          1. nikitalondon says:

            Is this an order ? I thought we could all comment where we felt like . But okay if you dont want then of course I dont comment anymore to your comments. and the comment was both for you and Susan

  11. Leilani says:

    Wow, speechless.

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