Don’t Be A Fool For Fuel

Understand fuel. Understand the narcissist.


Learn all about what drives the narcissist and YOUR role in this






8 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Fool For Fuel”

  1. This book was great but while it fueled my mind with answers a million questions were raised. Like how does someone who does not know what they are know what kind of fuel they desire and how much they need? Why does the golden period not give a narc enough fuel to stay there? Do they subconsciously go out of it or do they know? How do narc go through these phases? Is it something they can’t control? What deciphers when the golden period ends? Why?

    1. I am pleased you enjoyed the book. Thanks for your questions Alex.
      1. They will not know what kind of fuel they need, but they will note that certain reactions make them feel “better” and therefore those are sought after.
      2. They will not know how much they need but rather they will feel irritated and restless as fuel dips and that sensation goes away when fuelled.
      3. The golden period does not give enough fuel because the positive fuel begins to become stale. This may be because the primary source is not as loving and admiring and/or familiarity causes a stale sensation if the same things keep happening.
      4. The move from the golden period is subconscious with most of our kind, although I recognise now when it has happened.
      5. What phases do you mean?

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