The Less You Are Found Out

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“I know what you are.”

How many times have you wanted to tell the abuser you have become entangled with that you have finally worked out what they are? It might be during your period of abuse, it may be when you have cast aside, it might be when you have been hoovered back in, but you have eventually gained some insight and enlightenment and I know your desire to impart this knowledge is overwhelming. You want us to listen to you as you tell us that you now know what we are. You want us to listen and listen well.

It is a paradox that such a comment as that above causes greatest concern and alarm to the greater of our kind, but before I detail the effect that those words have on the greater narcissist, let us look at the lower functioning member of our exclusive club and how it affects him, the lesser narcissist. Those of our brethren who are of the lesser variety will have no comprehension of what they are and such a revelation is meaningless to them. Tell the lesser of our kind that you know what they are and in all likelihood you will be met with a dismissive shrug or a demand that you explain yourself. If you tell a lesser narcissist what they are and that you know, his lack of awareness will lead him to laugh at your use of the word and he will no doubt ask you what is for dinner or to grab him a beer. If you leave the matter there, it will be forgotten about and the insight you have offered will not even make a mark on the lesser narcissist. He knows he isn’t one of them. He probably would struggle to spell it. But perhaps you are not done. You are an empath after all and you want your narcissist, even though you may not know he is from the lesser school, to understand what he is. You also want him to know that you know. For too long you have been on the back foot and now you want to recover some power. You are a disciple of knowledge. You are an acolyte who worships at the altar of understanding and you have deemed that this time your narcissist, lesser even though he may be, should be aware of what he is and that you are in full possession of the facts. You are not going to let him shrug this one off. Should you then spell it out and describe that person as a narcissist they may not even know what one is.

“What do you mean I am a narcissist?” is the most likely response to such an allegation. He is not accepting it is he? You need to give him more. You need to put some flesh on the bones for him.

“You. You are a narcissist. You build people up, you make them feel special and loved and then for no reason you turn nasty. That’s what your kind do. You think of nobody but yourself. I have been nothing but good to you and you treat me like dirt.”

“That’s bullshit, who has been filling your head with such nonsense?”

“My friend Paula has read all about your kind after I was telling her about how horrible you are to me. She showed me a book and I have read it and you fit the profile. You are a narcissist, a horrible and empty abuser.”

Will he get the picture now? Will he have a breakthrough in understanding now that you know exactly what he is? Have you landed a blow and stripped him of his abusive powers?

The level manner in which you deliver these observations will result in one response and one response only from the lesser narcissist. The ignition of his fury. He will not have a moment of insight. He will not accept what you have said. He will not slink away wounded by being called a narcissist. The word narcissist is meaningless to him. He isn’t one though, he knows that much, but the issue of whether he is one or not is immediately pushed to the wayside. He knows that your use of the word and the context in which it has been used, along with your calm descriptions of “abuser”, “nasty” and “horrible” amounts to a criticism of him or perhaps more accurately described, he does not think this through and assess that you are criticising him. No, he only knows that what you have said is wrong and all of a sudden a ferocious rage has engulfed him and you have to be punished.

The reality is that your words have wounded him because he is better than you and you are weaker than him. He does not think this through because he is a lesser narcissist. He responds and reacts in a knee jerk fashion. Who are you to criticise someone as mighty as him? You should know your place. His churning fury is ignited and he cannot control it as it bursts from him like lava erupting from a volcano.

“Oh fucking Paula has been telling you has she? How many times have I told you to stay away from her? She’s nothing but a goddamn trouble maker. Why do you not do as you are told?” he shouts and moves towards you in a menacing fashion.

“She isn’t a trouble maker; she cares about me.”

“She is always interfering, I am sick of her and your other arsehole friends. I am the head of this house, not them, do you understand?”

“I am sick of you bullying me, leave me alone!” you shout back.

“If you did as you were told, I wouldn’t have to do this would I?” he yells and the all too familiar open-hand cracks you across the face as he loses control of the ignited fury and assaults you. You cry out in pain, hand raised to the already reddening mark on your cheek as he continues his ferocious tirade causing you to back away. Your attempt to get him to realise that you know has been lost, subsumed beneath the ferocious fury that you have ignited through his criticism of him. His response is to go on the attack and make you scared, upset and worried of what else might happen. He swipes another arm sending some ornaments on a shelf crashing to the floor causing your hypervigilant self to jump as the pottery smashes against the filed floor. The lesser narcissist does not know that he to do this, it is an immediate response, a defence mechanism to your criticism. He will not understand what you mean by calling him a narcissist. He will not accept it. As you try and explain what it means, if you do so in a calm and measured manner all you are doing is criticising him and this will always ignite his fury. With the lesser narcissist he is less able to regulate his response and most of the time, subject to where you are, he will respond with verbal and physical violence as he has to draw an immediate reaction from you to stop the wounding effect of your criticism. This fuel you pour forth as your tears fall or you shout at him enables him to address the wound you have created. He does not know any of this because he is lower functioning, he just responds. That is why when you tell a lesser narcissist you know what he is, it is a pointless exercise. He will either shrug it off since it is meaningless to him or if you pursue the point you will end up being attacked in some manner because you ignite his fury.

He cannot see it. He is not allowed to see it, but he must be allowed to defend himself and with most of our methods, the best form of defence is attack. So, what of those of us in the greater school? How is it different when you tell us that you know what we are? Well, that comes next. How many times have I told you to be patient? I do wish you would listen to me.

21 thoughts on “The Less You Are Found Out

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    If he put hands on like that…he would no longer have hands. How meaningless would that be to him?

  2. Lynn says:

    Hi HG, Thank you very much for your insight and blog. After reading everything I could get my hands on over the past few months, I have to say that your blog far surpasses all of the material available on this subject and has provided me with an immense amount of clarity. It is like the blinders on my eyes have been removed and now I see everything for what it really was, all the dots are connecting. I guess I would say it evens the playing field a bit. I am very interested to know how those of you in the greater school would respond to the declaration above, please don’t make us wait to long, I am not a good waiter 🙂

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Lynn, thank you very much for your kind words, they are much appreciated and yes the Greater response will be along in due course so do keep reading.

  3. His Echo says:

    I was totally enthralled , but of course you already know. I’m the perfect little codependent and was hanging on to every word. Just waiting to see what my sweetest nightmare is thinking about me at this moment, because yes he knows I’m aware of who he is (I don’t classify him as a what). And as I read the last two sentences I realized I am just as twisted as you both because I chuckled. He was right I was groomed by my parents just for him (your kind).

    1. His Echo! I was just thinking about Echoism today…we all have a choice of who we choose to be 🙂 Stereotypes are boring and ordinary…sooo dullll. But you love him for who he is – you see the creature, the false self, and the object and they make a remarkably beautiful person – they really are the most special (but they don’t want to see it I guess?). But you have a duty to yourself to R-U-N if you are being abused…NO ONE creates who YOU ARE – that is wayyy to much control given to someone else – you don’t have to be his echo…just be you 🙂 If your voice chooses to echo, it does for no one else other than you…BUT it is for you – not in spite of you.

      HG…can you help me out here?? Who ever gave a crap of what others think? Who would know what someone else is? Well, other than you of course 🙂

    2. Maddie says:

      “He was right I was groomed by my parents just for him (your kind).” So spot on! I was groomed by my mum for a narcissist…and then by each of them…moulded into perfect empathic co-dependant … I’m used to it now.

  4. Freedom121 says:

    Wow .. It’s all I can say .. Do narcissists all have a manual to read and follow ?? All the writings of HG and the stories of us suffers is my last 4/12 years …. Just being hoovered up again … Then he let the mask slip .. Again .. More fool me .. As lasted 48 hours .. Now got to do it all again .. But this time I’m going rock .. Let’s hope he chokes on it

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You would think we did have such a manual Freedom121, but at narc club we always deny the existence of such a manual.

  5. Just call me Virtue. 😉 I could literally hug the “hell” out of you right now HG. Is it only cuddling that is off limits? or are hugs allowed ? Thank-You for another great article. You know that I don’t have to tell you this but I am anyway. Sincerely, It is very well done. I work hard and I love a man that loves to work hard too. You have been keeping yourself very busy and it shows. it is very obvious that your partner would have to go along way to keep up with you. I Hope ( Kim is it? I might be a little behind) has a good pair of sensible long distance running shoes. “Arseholes” was a nice added touch btw. (you sure you’re not a Maritimer!! lol ) Question please. You stated a while back that you use to write logs or journals for yourself at first and that after those writings had been discovered to exist that there was the suggestion on the the “good Dr.’s part to continue your writings to the extent of which led to this Blog. Other than the books that we purchase through Amazon and the like and your more than plentiful wonderful examples of your writing capabilities that we all have such free access to here on your blog, do you have plans to write and be published in any other genre? patiently awaiting the next chapter…Is yours truly.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Elaine, thank you for your kind comments I am pleased you enjoyed the article. No, I am not a Maritimer!
      My immediate writing will concentrate on the works which need to be shared on the blog and the additional material to add to the stable of narcissistic works. I have many works in progress and additional ones which I wish to write as well.
      Thereafter I will be turning my hand to a different genre based on some pre-existing work and some additional ideas which I have which I will announce in due course for those who are interested. It is safe to say they will be some way off just yet, given the work I have to undertake here, but it will be in the near future as opposed to say 5 years away. Thank you for asking.

      1. Does earlier work involve sci-fi? MGH? If neither of those make sense my sources have failed. Yes or No?

          1. One more thing. Did you complete the 3rd book Narcissist Unmasked? If you did I cant find it and do you feel bad that readers have had to wait to find out what happened?

          2. HG Tudor says:

            It is being written at present.

      2. Much obliged, and I dare say…I would be most intrieged

  6. Hope says:

    Memorable post, HG. Looking forward to reading about the Mid-Range & Greater’s responses.

    Until I started reading your blog & books – I truly believed all Narcissists knew exactly what they were, and that they also studied techniques from books or online. I also thought they met together online on blogs/boards to improve their skills.

    How wrong I was. And I doubt if I was the only one who thought this. Thank you for clarifying this.

  7. Snow White says:

    That ending was so funny HG! Great job. I will be waiting patiently. Lol

  8. Pentiumpilot says:

    Reblogged this on Psychopathy Today.

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