For Your Protection

Want to fight back?

Bolster your arsenal by learning about what the narcissist thinks and fears.

Scores of explanations, insight and tips on how to deal with the way that the narcissist behaves.

You may feel outnumbered but with this you will never be outgunned.






11 thoughts on “For Your Protection”

  1. Mine happens to be 2 sisters! And a flying monkey sister. All born into the same family. NC for 8 months and counting. Can’t go back there again if I want peace in my life. Very sad but true!

  2. What if the narcissit is ur child. Ur 23 year old daughter? U love her with all ur heart but u gotta let her go. No contact. Like she has died.

    1. This is exactly where I’m at. My 23-year-old daughter is pregnant for my first grandchild and already is using him against me giving me ultimatums telling me what I canning can’t do in order to see him. She blames me for her whole life and just because my world don’t revolve around her then I don’t care about her. I traced it all back to my narcissistic mother but it took been married to The worst narcissist to open all this up and to be able to see it for what it is it’s been one heck of a journey so far and I feel like I’m nowhere near where I need to be.

  3. It is not normal that you have to protect yourself from someone that all you wanted to do was love them. It’s Insanity that people want to destroy other people. I do not find purpose in destroying other people. What a wast of someone’s life.

    1. Why bother, walk away. some of them are killers so picking away at their grandiose false self and exposing the cowardly damage evil child could be dangerous. Unless you are prepared to defend yourself in a physical beat down dismiss them, they are not worth any jail time for murder or any lesser charge.

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