No Contact



The key to banishing the narcissist, explained by the narcissist.






12 thoughts on “No Contact

  1. Elizabeth says:

    They feed on emotion learn to be cold blooded. I sent an old one a short and sweet dismissal during his love bombing text. Told him I was bored with his banal messages , since there was no real communication or making plans just crap to keep hope alive. I told him i believed he was incapable of loving anyone mostly himself and that I deserved better. Also said i knew what real loved by a real man and he just did not compare. Never heard from him again . Mission accomplished

  2. Sarah says:

    The video is pretty badass…the site is looking pretty damn good HG! Well done!

  3. forgotten says:

    ambitious video ❤ book was amazing and I wished I’ve had the knowledge yeeears ago.

  4. Evan711 says:


  5. Snow White says:

    That was a great video! I loved the whole dark look with the special effects and great music.
    That’s a must read book for anyone going through this. It was extremely helpful.

  6. Love says:

    Beautiful video and amazing book. I was doing such a good job following your book and remaining no contact. Then I broke down after another hoover attempt and responded. I wrote an essay, giving him a piece of my mind. I let him know that I’m a high octane fuel tanker and he will never find another like me. He promptly replied, agreeing with me and demanded to see me immediately.
    Now I feel silly and understand why its important to maintain no contact. He probably laughed through the response and my words fell to deaf ears.

    1. Snow White says:

      Did you see him Love? How did you feel after writing that essay?

      1. Love says:

        Hi Snow. Thanks for asking. Truthfully I felt good to get it off my chest. I did not respond after that and have not seen him. He does not know where I live, I moved right after the discard. This new place has been my haven. I’m not ready to let him in.

        1. Snow White says:

          Oh that’s good to hear!!!! There is so much that we would like to say to them. I’m sure it was emotional for you. I find myself crying as I write some comments on this blog but do feel better afterwords.
          No contact is very hard for others to understand. I know I didn’t and thought I was going to die those first few weeks. I’m glad you have a place that you feel safe.

      2. Love says:

        Thank you Snow. You are very sweet. I appreciate the kindness!
        💜❤ Big virtual hug 💛💚

    2. MLA - Clarece says:

      Don’t beat yourself up. I’m notorious for caving. Lol

      1. Love says:

        Thank you Clarece. I am very grateful to Mr. Tudor for creating such an incredible blog, which has allowed me to meet wonderful people and hear their stories.

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