The Narcissistic Truth No. 17



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  1. I have been to 22 countries and we are all enslaved by our governments.
    Follow the big money.

    If anyone followed Trump through the years, he has been saying the same thing about our country since the 80’s. It is all there on the internet.

    We are so busy helping everyone else in the world and that we forget our own. We have many woes in our country that need to be healed or fixed and tossing insults doesn’t help such as Cody’s.

    1. It was not so much a vote about leaving Europe but rather a two fingered salute from an electorate that felt ignored and disenfranchised to an managerial technocratic elite who are perceived to bypass normal democratic functions. Precisely the same reason why Trump won.

      1. Thank you Mr. Tudor. You are truly a politician. Stating the facts, cause and effect, yet never your own opinion.

  2. HG, did someone seriously ask if the Royal Family is in charge? You can see why we got the outcome we did… πŸ™

    1. They did. Mind you, I believe that absolute power vested in one individual would mean far more gets done than by committee and excessive bureaucracy.

      1. To be fair, it’s not our new presid… (sorry, can’t bring myself to say it) fault that the educational system is so bad that most people in this country don’t know the difference between Parliament and the monarchy. But don’t count on it getting better under his reign of terror.

      2. Cody, I’ve been to 3rd world countries where the literacy rates are extremely low. Yet the people are so knowledgeable about global politics and history. The problem here is the media. It constricts the viewpoint and brainwashes the public. To think, all this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for one reality show. We have been enslaved by the media.

    2. Really Cody? Are you going there? I voted for Trump. Have something to say. Better yet, I invite you to come have a face to face conversation with me. It is easy to send insults when you do it from a keyboard.

      1. Well HG, you know my sentiments​ ​​on many things, including this.
        I am not a tiger. I am a Lioness, with tiger tendencies.

  3. One can escape yet the cost is usually high. Maybe you understand what I mean HG.
    Thank you, one day I will be able to say the why I am so thankful. Until then I will be my beautiful Hot Mess that I am.

      1. Thank goodness for many reasons.

        Having children is overrated at times.

        I had such a pleasant dinner with #2 son last night. Smart (like his mom). I have the intellectual conversations with this one. We talk of Sam Harris, Dawkins, A.I., and everything in between. The brain and how magnificent it is, free will or lack there of.
        He is a most wonderful conversationalist.

  4. Kd, I don’t have bio kids of my own, but do have stepkids with a Matrinarc that would probably make HG unpleasantly revisit childhood memories…but nothing is impossible…ever….mind over matter so they say…the one good thing about being a stepparent is you are NOT a parent…I am not letting go of that perk card (although I do love them as if they are my own but it just doesn’t work out the same way as stepparent)…

    1. Being a step-parent means you did not give birth, but the responsibilities are still the same.

      Parent: Verb. be or act as a mother or father to (someone).
      “the warmth and attention that are the hallmarks of good parenting”
      synonyms: raise, bring up, look after, take care of, rear; hand-rear
      “those who parent young children”

  5. Or maybe it is vice vera, eh? Anyways, although not relevant to this picture (which is fabulous btw), I did say if Donald Trump was to win the presidency that I would publicly admit that the American election was NOT rigged – so here is that admission. Hottest first lady in the HOUSE!…and I have to drink 3.5 Irish Car bombs, but glad he won!!!

    1. What is of considerable importance is that the republicans have the House of Representatives, the Senate and will appoint a more Republican leaning Supreme Court. He will be able to wield effective power.

      1. Very well said – you keep up with America politics I see..very well versed! I’m glad Trump won…wasn’t a Hilary fan, but hopefully he will do just as you say and wield power – need to clean up America’s balance sheet – it’s atrocious! In the UK – how is the government – is the parliament or Royal Family in charge?

      2. I do keep up, it is relevant to me in terms of personal and professional interest. In the UK we operate a first past the post system. We have a general election every 4-5 years and votes are cast in constituencies. Whoever gets the most votes in the constituency is elected as the Member of Parliament. The party which has the most MPs forms the government. That party already has a leader who automatically becomes the Prime Minister. Accordingly, we do not vote for one person to become PM. The ruling party, here it is the Conservative Party sets out its legislative intent and then brings bills in the House of Commons, which debates the bill and then votes on it. If passed the bill goes to the next stage. The second legislative chamber, the House of Lords then debates the bill. Sometimes the bill might be rejected by the Lords and it returns to the Commons for amendment. If the Lords passes the bill, then it is placed before the Queen who has to give royal assent for it to become an act and therefore the law. The Queen could refuse royal assent but it has never happened so far. That is how our laws are enacted.

        Since our system is first past the post, one can have a situation where the winning party may actually have fewer votes than the second placed party, but it has won more seats in the constituencies. Also, if the Prime Minister resigns, the political party has a leadership election- not the electorate as a whole – and the winner becomes the Prime Minister. This happened earlier this year when David Cameron resigned and Theresa May was elected by her party’s MPs. She therefore does not actually have a mandate from the country.

        In terms of who runs the country, it is the Prime MINISTER with her cabinet and her MPs who have a majority in the House of Commons. Of course some might suggest the media actually runs the country at times or the Illuminati.

      3. HG, that was a turn on – I have read that three times and you know when something sounds really smart but you have to read it a few more times to get it? That totally happened πŸ™‚ I think I am getting it though – a little different in USA…although we joke here that CNN stands for (Clinton News Network) as it was very biased, but Trump pulled it out….so do you like Theresa May?

      4. She is capable and was the best choice of leader for the Conservative party and thus Prime Minister. I also think it is advantageous to have a lady in the position. I do think some of her cabinet appointments have been questionable however and the issue of Brexit remains a thorny one.

      5. Any reason why a lady? Hillary had a lot of chauvinists males who weren’t happy about the thought of a female prez (her passing out didn’t help) but I think a woman does a better job than a male in some cases…but best combo is together. I do feel bad for Hillary though as she worked hard for the race, but the FBI letter 11 days before the election day was Debbie downer…it was almost like checkmate at that point

      6. HG. Politics make strange bedfellows…or something like that. This will be an interesting four years. Let’s see how many people who once reviled each other become butt buddies.

      7. This is my only fear. A far right religious appointed Supreme Court Justice could set us back a few decades in human rights. (Pro-choice or Roe vs. Wade, same-sex marriage)
        I just hope he works on Obamacare and the budget, to start with. Congress is what rules more than not. They need term limits

      8. HG. Buy stock in lip balm and diaper rash ointment. Body parts are about to get chapped. You reference to the Illuminati made me laugh and shudder at the same time.

  6. How do I fully awaken from this hallucination?
    Erasing every trace of him from my phone was the easy part.
    Now, how do I cleanse my heart and soul of this infection?

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