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  1. I am not a romantic, Love. I don’t know wtf i am…but I know that I’m not a romantic…I’ll keep eliminating who I’m not and eventually I will find out who I am. ❤

  2. Love I am sorry I giggled at the thought of what what you did I bet purple and red highlights are pretty.
    I went from platinum blonde to mahogany, waist long to shoulder length. I wanted to disappear, and I did in a way. Took a long time for people to reconize me and gave me the time i wanted to be left alone while i recharged.

    Snow White you should try platinum blonde.

    1. Unfortunately DFA it did not have the dramatic effect I was after. Black hair is very hard to lift. So my highlights are only visible in the light. I still look the same but with shorter hair. I’ve accepted that if I want violet hair, I should look into wigs.

      1. OMG. N2 and I went to a festival and someone had the audacity to touch his bald spot and say “Rogaine”. Even though we were fighting at the time, I wanted to break the person’s hand. Fn rude.

      2. Mmmmn, did I tell you how sexy I find bald men? It is known that they are very virile.

  3. Well well…if it’s music I have to chime in. Madonna….seen her twice.

    Here’s the list:
    Justify my love
    Take a bow
    Live to tell
    Dress you up
    Into the groove
    Beautiful stranger
    S.E.X. (only if u have to pick something new)

      1. Lucky you Jaded. Maybe you’ll have a white Christmas! How romantic that would be. I picture snuggling inside by a roaring fire, hot chocolate, a lit Christmas tree, while big flakes of snow are coming down.

      2. Why not you Jaded? I thought we’re all romantics. No?
        Should I add a bear skin rug to spice things up? 🔥

  4. Good morning Love and Jaded,
    Those are great picks!!!!
    I had always wanted to see her in her cone bra days but never made it. Lol

    1. Thanks Snow. I remember as a little girl using a hair brush as a microphone, gloves, and fake jewelry to reenact Material Girl.

      1. Those were great times Love!!!!
        When I dressed up last year at school I got out my lace gloves and my cross necklace and had a blast.
        My only regret is that I didn’t dye my hair platinum blonde once in my life. LOL

      2. I have always wanted hair like the pop stars and tv personalities and realized that so many have extensions so I finally decided that’s what I was going to do.
        They are long and dark brownish/black.

      3. I first read this as Pitbull, HG. I’m sure you would still be smokin’ and plus it grows back. Then I realized you wrote Pitfall and I had to google. Interesting band.

      4. The human eye can read words and interpret them even if they are not what are written. Not always good. Autocorrect is a bitch and so am I.

      5. Snow white,
        Really? I worked in a salon in California in late 80’s while I was in school. That was the first time I ever seen it done. Sewed in. The only thing I do sometimes is adhesive lashes. The salon does them. lasts 3 weeks then fill. My hair is dark brown/black. I have been verious shades, red, blonde. Highlights low lights, blue, cherry, purple, pink. Big color trend in NYC right now is rose gold. Currently i am golden blonde. This is vanity related talk so I guess is fine to talk about on narc blog…lol

      6. Never too old Snow White 🙂 I joke that if I leave my industry, I’m gonna dye my hair pink. Even though I don’t like it in my clothes, it looks cool in the hair.

        On a side note, it snowed here today. Beautimous.

      7. Good for you Snow! I’m sure you look hot hot! Go platinum! I love playing with different colors. My hair is jet black, so it takes a while to get it to purple or blood red… But I’m determined.

      8. Thanks Love,
        Are you putting both red and purple in? I think it’s cool to have black hair with some color in it.
        I have had navy blue in the back by my neckline peeking out for the past couple of years and I loved that.
        Maybe platinum one day.😂😂

      9. Lol I just realized you were probably talking about a music group. I thought you meant the video game Pitfall Harry and princess Micay. Was with a gamer nerd narc once…
        I have a full bag of hobbies thanks to my narcs.
        What’s one of your hobbies Mr. Tudor?

      10. Snow, navy blue sounds awesome. I’ve always had waist length curly black hair. After my last narc, I finally rebelled. Cut it shorter and alternated between purple and red highlights. My goal was to go completely violet. Yet my stylist told me violet is the hardest color to achieve because your hair has to be bleached white.

      11. Violet would be beautiful Love!!!! Get the wig.

        And I agree, a bald man is very sexy. Especially one that wears a suit.

      12. Really it was supposed to be Pitbull? I LOVE him! My dance group and I have performed to his music a few times.

  5. Christmas is an opportunity to ruin isn’t it.?
    I haven’t enjoyed Christmas for 18 years and haven’t had a tree up for 4 years because it traumatises me to remember all the sadness he caused in order to destroy it and go on the ale instead.
    I dreamt about him again last night.
    He invades every aspect of my life mentally and I’m sickened by it.
    If I could have one wish it’d be to never have met him.
    He permeates every thought whether I’m awake or asleep.
    Mind control successful.

  6. Cool. It is high time to spread the awareness. Not many people are aware of narcissistic abuse yet even though I keep seeing many examples for it in my social circle. Good job !!!

  7. Very intense, HG. Something else is intense…This is the last month of the year…Which will come first, two million hits or year end…tune in daily *plays suspenseful music*

      1. Even though making projections cause me to itch, I have to say you are likely correct….now the question is which day? Blogs typically slow down around the holidays, but yours is not the typical blog.

  8. I love when you try something new HG. Do you have plans to use these spots elsewhere?
    Btw, the music reminds me of a Madonna concert a went to a few years ago. Brought me right back to that night. Great pick!!!!

      1. “Express Yourself” is my favorite.
        What are your thought on her? Ever met her?

      2. So when Madonna asks do you believe in love, do you shout back, yeah baby I do?

        I like her music, she makes excellent disposable pop.

        Hank Panky has to be my favourite song, it is a master piece of rhyme and rhythm.

        Actually it is awful.

        Of her early work I would choose Open Your Heart. Of her middle period it would be Frozen. Of her more recent offerings I’m Addicted.

        I have not met her although she did hold my gaze and smile at me when I saw her in concert. Or did I hold her gaze and smile at her?

      3. Of course I do HG! I still believe.

        This made me want to put on my I’m a Sinner shirt from the MDNA tour. I also like that song. That was the tour you reminded me of. Did you see it?
        We have a decade day at the preschool and I dressed as her for the day and my one little boy referred to me as ‘Sassy’ from that day on.

        I have no doubt that she was taken in by your mesmerizing eyes and smile.

      4. ‘The Power of Good Bye’ – hands down her best song. Played it for hours, days and weeks. When the tears finally subsided, I felt such inner peace listening to it. Turn up the volume, immerse yourself in the flow!! These days, this song fills me with pure joy! 🙂

      5. No but I have drunk several times in the pub which he owns in London. I went there with Mel B from the Spice Girls and Chris Eubank the boxer one time. That was an interesting evening.

      6. Oh my goodness, Eddie Murphy’s baby mama? How did you 3 end up together?
        And thank you for letting me know about Guy Ritchie’s bar. Swoon! I’ll add that to my list of places to visit.

      7. We were attending a drinks reception at the Mayfair Hotel for the launch of a new concierge service. I knew Chris anyway and Mel B knew a friend of mine so joined us and we headed to the pub.

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