The Narcissistic Truths – No. 57



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  1. iJaded1 are you referring to me?
    I am sort of healed, sort of trapped. I am worn down and out.
    I am on this site because I have seen positive changes but I want to hear from HG that change…permanent change IS possible.

    1. Hi Jane. I was referring to my misunderstanding of what the tears in this post represented (I didn’t think about crocodile tears and assumed they were real. I sincerely hope HG can heal. I’m glad you are on your way to healing. 🙂

    1. It means than when the narcissist feels he is going to lose the primary source, the false waterworks will be turned on in order to deploy a Preventative Hoover.

      1. Do you really experiencing feeling fear at losing this person at that moment if they are breaking free from you? I mean, does it trigger feeling that childhood rejection and you now get a chance to subconsciously recreate the scene to try to not be rejected now and essentially secure a win?

      2. The Lesser and Mid-Range will. I regard more it as a continuation of the games in order to draw them back in with a layer of sugar and charm, for me, if it is not working after that doling out of charm , then the trigger occurs which is linked to the ignition of fury (as per How No Contact Feels – Part 3)

      3. Yes!! That’s sooooo true. Liddle diddums used to do that to me.

        He would switch those teary eyes to watery mode and it was liddle boy needs mammy time.

        He tried mucking about about a year ago…..I told him to “shove off, just go…not putting up with this bull……. anymore”.

        Went downstairs and the crocodile tears were falling.

        Told him to pack it in.

        I am never going back to living in the hell – the merry go round he had me on for 22 years.

        Cry me a River.

      4. I obviously didn’t get it either. Silly and gullible me thought you were en route to healing. N2 would do this. You are better than that.

      5. Cry on a dime, give you nine cents change. This one played that card regularly.

  2. I publicly apologize as I feel this meme and your last meme resonated on a personal level and remedied. I appreciate when things make one think, and was guilty of such. Do you forgive me?

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