Silent Night


Silent night, frozen out night,

You’re not calm, feeling shite,

He’s gone missing, leaving you riled

Left alone, bereft and reviled

Should you call the police?

When will this behaviour cease?

Silent night, absent night,

‘Phone not answered, it’s not right,

Left you crying tears on your face,

You’ll keep searching, it’s part of the chase

Taking apart your self-worth

As he gives you a wide berth

Silent night, lonely night,

He’s disappeared from your sight,

How is this meant to be love?

This time you’ve had enough

Change the locks, end the contract

It’s time for no contact


25 thoughts on “Silent Night”

  1. HG you are writing songs for us now?!! Your gift giving to us never stops! I honestly feel so touched and moved!! You may be a malign heartless narc, but to us you’re simply the best!🌹❤️🌹

  2. “How is this meant to be love”
    I was drawn to this line.
    It’s still emotional for me to accept that it wasn’t.
    I hated the silent nights. I don’t ever want that again.

    1. Oh Yes, I have a rain dance, a fire dance, a narc come hither dance 😉
      Mr. Tudor, do you want to watch me dance?

  3. To be able to control nature such power, and no I shall pass on that. More responsibility then I care to have, I already have more then I desire.

    They thought I would cave in to their wants and found out they were wrong. Yes many believed them. It doesn’t surprise me thou.
    Lies bring comfort brutal truth brings discomfort. And when one is made to look inside themselves, easier to lie and project onto another then face the truth.

    Is it still freezing there Love?

  4. Love I laughed at your comment because word on the street a few years back, I did kill mine, he really is dead, I made sure he was, I just didn’t kill him.

    1. Lol yes we are the first to be blamed for everything. They have everyone so brainwashed. Natural disasters and cancer are our fault too.

  5. Speaking of Silent Night. I do have a good memory of ‘our’ first Christmas day together. No, its not what you think. He INSISTED we go to his fathers house. The Godfather of narcs. I refused. “Nope” I said. “I want to start our own traditions.” Hmm. Of course not acceptible to the narc, so off he went as I continued to prepare the Christmas roast for the family that had agreed to come. Its getting later and later and later. No word from him. 4 pm he walks in. Disheveled, soaking in perspiration, ANGRY, tired and drunk. Hmmm. “Rough day was it” I asked. His responce “they all got pissed. They went elsewhere where I didnt want to go. No one would drive me home, and I couldnt get a Cab being Christmas day, so I had to walk!!”(35 kms). My responce (in my head) was ‘ha! Sucked in idiot!! 40 deg heat and you bummed your own day!’
    Ahhh the good memories. They are priceless.

    1. That gave me a fit of the giggles, thank you for that, Lisa! “Disheveled”!! 😀 😀

      They are narcs after all, did he expect them to care enough to drive him home? Taste of his own medicine… 🙂

      1. Your welcome Matilda. Glad you enjoyed the memory. We dont get many ‘good ones’ of the secret revenge type, do we? It was great seeing him slip on his ass that day. 🙂

      2. He should go for long walks more often, Lisa… he will be too tired to be much of a nuisance around the house! 😀

      3. Yes Matilda, indeed! I often thought to show him in which direction the nearest cliffs were. Could have even given him a packed lunch for his trip, before sending him on his way. Of course, I never did….but I thought about it…….. 😉

  6. I always say, they ain’t dead unless I’ve killed them. So when you are sick with worry, can’t get a hold of them, and think they are lying in a ditch somewhere … Take a deep breath… They are just fine. They always land on their feet.

    1. We do always land on our feet.

      Typically with someone else by our side while you are at home worrying and wondering.

  7. Nice poetry of a tormented person needing to share their pain.

    I do not feel things that most do but I do not want to cause deliberate pain unless I am insulted or disrespected. I can cause more damage with my words than I realize. But I am only speaking the truth and it is their problem if they can’t handle the truth.

    I hope you are not causing havoc with the ones ho love you. You are above this. You are evolved.

    I know you need fuel but figure a way to get it without the collateral damage. You are so powerful.

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