The Narcissistic Truths – No. 176



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      1. But yet you do create real time investment with tangible events, things and memories.

  1. oh! I misread it! sorry! mine would always say, “I can’t* take you anywhere”. As in, scolding…
    Perhaps that’s another truth?

  2. 😒🙄…
    Attention all visitors –

    Please remember this helpful rule of thumb:


    “The N Truths” are always presented with an assigned #, as each is pulled from the list of HG’s many truths. The entire rule is portrayed in the form of a witty one-liner, which is written over a corresponding vivid image that relates to the context of said “rule”.

    Just wanted to put that out there.
    *May I kindly suggest in addition to reading his blog and visiting his YouTube channel, to read (and purchase) all of HG Tudor’s books! They are all FANTASTIC. I love them!

      1. 💜💜,
        I’ve not been afforded such an appointment.
        Nor would I ever assume HG would allow anyone he knows in real life to know about his work, let alone give them privy to post here.
        No, I’m not significant, don’t worry. I just don’t understand why it’s 2017 and there are people alive who use the Internet and still don’t have a clue what a meme is…
        Admittedly, yes, it was a little sarcastic. Why? Because people ask this question so often that I kinda wanna mock them at this point by making it seem like a response to question that clearly belongs in the subreddit: “explain it like I’m 5”.
        Kinda weird you’d assume I was a lieutenant just because stupid people get on my nerves…

  3. LOL!
    Literally they ALL say this!
    Matrinarc, Patrinarc & the Ex-Boyfrinarc.
    This made me laugh, which I really needed. 💙
    Thank you, HG.

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