You are being manipulated and you may not even know how.
This will tell you.
Beat the narcissist and know their machinations.

13 thoughts on “Manipulated”

  1. Have you written about…
    -Causing big problems for someone, e.g. taking out a huge loan in their name
    -Giving someone a sense of helplessness, by always saying ‘no’ to everything they suggest.
    -Creating problems/chaos as a distraction,

    1. Hi Brian,

      1. Not an article in itself, financial abuse is referenced in a number of posts.
      2. Not an article in itself, albeit the power of no has been discussed
      3. Not as a distraction but for fuel.

    1. HG is right. They have complete eroded our self esteem so that we feel dependent on them and then feel a compulsion to go back to them to make the pain stop. Don’t do it Karen. He won’t make your pain stop.

      We had control of our self esteem and emotions before and we can regain it for ourselves.

      You don’t need him, you can do this yourself and with the support of good people. He will only reopen and deepen the wound.

      Big hug and love to you xx

      1. I can do it. Thank you so much. It’s been 8 weeks and I’m still sobbing every day.

      2. 8 weeks is no time at all Karen. This is the hardest thing in the world. Not only are yu missing someone you loved, you’re also ‘kicking the habit’. No one else (apart from the good people on here) can even befn

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