Understanding the Fuel Matrix



All narcissists have fuel matrices and you need to understand where you fit into that fuel matrix and how that particular matrix functions as part of protecting yourself.

This Logic Bulletin takes you through :-

1. The Fuel Matrices of all sub schools of narcissist. This includes updated and expanded information about the Upper Lesser Type A and Upper Lesser Type B Narcissists, plus the Middle Mid Range Type A and Type B Narcissists.

2. What the Fuel Matrices look like, their size, the nature of the matrices and who sits in them.

3. How the relevant narcissist of each sub school relies on the individuals in the Fuel Matrix

4. What the Virtual Fuel Matrix is and how it operates.

5. How a Long Distance Appliance fits into it the narcissist fuel matrix and how that functions.

6. Detailed descriptions of each sub-school of narcissist, their behaviours and actions to increase your understanding of the different types of narcissist. This is a comprehensive expansion which will help you understand a lot more about the way different sub schools of narcissist operate.

A fascinating and educational exploration of the fuel matrix and the interaction between you and the narcissist, this is essential to know how the narcissist behaves so you can ensure your No Contact Regime is as effective as possible. It is also advanced reading for those who feel they are well-acquainted with the narcissistic dynamic from their existing reading and consultations.

This extensive Logic Bulletin is available at just US $ 10 and is a bulletin you will read several times and refer to often and can be obtained here

35 thoughts on “Understanding the Fuel Matrix

  1. Lisa says:

    Mine is mid lesser I would say , although I always thought mid range as I didn’t know lesser can be broken down in that way . Unbelievably accurate HG. No one is writing about npd in this way and this is how it needs to be explained . People that keep writing about grandiose behaviour , it’s very misleading and doesn’t help people spot the signs

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Indeed Lisa, thank you.

      1. lisa says:

        By the way he’s a lesser mid victim !! And Sam Vaknin does know his stuff a combination of his YouTube stuff and HGs way of explaining things is in my opinion a very good education and should arm anyone that should find themselves in this position . Sam Vaknin however has no sense of humour unlike Mr Tudor and also does not break things down in the way HG does , as I said he’s the only one doing it , very unique .
        I’m not sure why people actually think all narcissists are physically attractive , or highly charasmatic or successful . As I said we are lucky to have HG to break this down for us to see the signs .
        The way some people describe narcissism is just crazy and soooo misleading

  2. amsodone says:

    Fascinating, as usual HG. I liked the visual representation and it reminded me of spider web although I think of my past narc as a lizard chameleon creature, and he would likely have walked on sticky areas in web, haha.. my visual.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

  3. acushla1977 says:

    This question goes out to any Indian (and also perhaps Jewish?) readers of this blog, in addition to you of course, HG.

    The mother-in-law narcissist. What cadre is she?

    She has zero intellect, and usually no job. But she controls her temper so well. And her mask of caring is nothing short of an Oscar winning performance. She derives positive fuel from her sons and negative fuel from daughters-in-law, always the master of triangulation. And conservative society thinks she is oh so great. Ninety percent of TV soaps revolve around her. So, Lesser, Mid-ranger or Elite?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Acushla,

      Just to clarify you are asking about the schools when asking about Lesser, Mid-Range and Elite. The cadres are Victim, Somatic, Cerebral and Elite.
      The fact she does not work may indicate she need not do so because she gains financial support from elsewhere. Her lack of intellect may be something which is constructed as part of a particular façade, but you will know better than I as you know her and I do not. I would suggest she is Mid-Range given what you have described.

    2. acushla1977 says:

      Thank you, HG, for this insightful analysis. Looking forward to part two!

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Thank you Aculsha, you are most welcome.

  4. Broken says:

    Does the fuel go both ways? Are victims also fuel seekers? We do get fuel from hoover attempts and from trying to reach out with occasional response? Initial suffering, or withdrawal feels like we are missing fuel from you?
    You gave us all (fuel) and now we get none. Are we partly Ns too? Just a feeling I have when I resist the urge to once again reach out to the illusion.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You may have narcissistic traits Broken, but you are not narcissists. I imagine that a case could be made out for victims requiring some kind of fuel but I would not describe it as such because

      1. It would confuse the clarity of explanation as to how fuel operates for our kind; and
      2. Its applicability and need is different for you, thus one would describe it as something else.

      1. Broken says:

        Thank jour for the clarification HG!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You are welcome Broken.

    2. Gabrielle says:

      I have been thinking of the exact same question! Some of the stuff I have been reading is making me question if I am the Narcissist. Everything you echoed here. I also had some questions in regard to HG’s book about sex as well. Specifically the fact that I was the one who seemed more determined in bed, constantly asking if I was pleasing him, making him feel good and so on. Certain things I read had me wondering if I was the Narcissist.

      I also hear you loud and clear on the seeking of fuel from hoovers and the occasional response. I miss his attention, sadly.

  5. TryingtoEscape says:

    Excellent HG!! Very helpful! Cant wait for Part 2!

  6. Karen lynn says:

    I honestly can not wait for part 2. I am thinking at some point of having a consultation. This husband of mine whom is 60 days from being divorced from me is living with our 28 year old son. He only has his internet fuel sources that I can tell. I’m still wondering what the hell just happened to me. 31 years together. Never suspected he had a lover. As a matter of fact I’m beginning to think he is more of the cerebral type. But in the beginning the sex was out of this world. I can’t imagine living the rest of my life with no sex or love for that matter. I wish he wasn’t a narc. I just wanted him to love me back of which I am learning he was incapable. 😭

  7. Mel says:

    Awesome! HG, keep em coming, I love this! It explains so many questions and breaks down who’s who. I used to be friends with a lesser until she slept with my boyfriend..she could never keep friends or relationships and her and her brother are unusually close, I always thought something was going on. She fits between LLN and MLN.

  8. WEB says:

    off topic and may have been covered before, but what do you think of Sam Vaknin? I assume he’s a greater but… to look at him…not good looking (yes, I’m being shallow, but if you’re going to be a greater you’d better be a beautiful specimen) and his website is very 1992. His writing…meh. How I’d love to do a documentary on this topic of admitted narcissists…

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Who is Sam Vaknin?

      1. WEB says:

        Lol 😉

    2. HG Tudor says:

      Just kidding WEB.

      SV is a Greater Cerebral adopting my classification. He is very much a cerebral given his academic approach to narcissism. I have seen a little bit of his material on YouTube and I am aware of his books, although I have not read them and he clearly knows much about the topic albeit from a different perspective. I have a different method of communicating my knowledge which is in keeping with my status as a Greater Elite.

  9. KDB says:

    Quite informative. Was curious about this. Thank you HG.

  10. E. B. says:

    Your new posts are excellent! Thank you so much for writing this one and thank you also for The Faces of Devaluation. I was able to understand some things narcissists did to me. Looking forward to reading The Fuel Matrix Part Two.

  11. penny dropped says:

    Very interesting! I particularly like these articles which break down narc behaviours in such detail, I find they really help me to make sense of what the hell happened!.

    I’m also very much looking forward to part two, as the devious specimen I was entangled with was definitely firmly in the mid-range. I’m sure I’ll find it to be especially informative and relevant.

    Thanks HG.

  12. Insatiable Learner says:

    This is phenomenal! Really looking forward to part II! HG, when you talk about the number of IPSS’s, does this number include DS’s? Thank you!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Yes and pleased you found it helpful.

  13. Twilight/Dawn says:

    The ULN tolerate his IPPS holding a degree that was not of his choosing? I asked due to this is the time frame things seriously escalate, accusations of leaving him when I graduated and the physical violence became increasingly worse. He was correct in the fact I was planning on leaving, I was getting my ducks in a row. A “friend” pointed out the connection to everything I was doing. I had to change to a different degree, I don’t believe it was the money (I would have made 3x what he did) over the control of me not leaving.

    1. HG Tudor says:


      1. Twilight/Dawn says:

        Thank you for confirming

  14. Maria says:


  15. W.E.B. says:

    HG, how often do you write new posts and how do you choose your topics?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello WEB, I write new posts intermittently at present. A fortnight may go by without writing anything and then I may do a few in one sitting to publish over the following days. In terms of the topics, I have a list in my journal. Some have been suggested by the readers and others are ones I have chosen to convey various parts of my life and the narcissistic dynamic.

      1. WEB says:

        Thanks HG,
        How do you write about topics that include the children dynamic since you don’t have any children? Do you curate from other narc sources or …? your info on the topic of children is on point so I was curious.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          No I do not use other N sources, I have no interest in what others write (nor the time to read it). I was a child once. I also have nieces and nephews. I also have interaction with others who are of my kind who have children so I am able to observe and use my own experiences too.

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