The Heart Hooks – No. 16


The concept of coupling, merging, becoming one together is invariably one with significant romantic connotations. How magnificent is it that somebody wants to become the perfect whole with you? You have such compatibility on so many different levels – your view of the world, similar interests, tolerance to particular issues, disdain for others, similar ambitions in terms of career, family and the attainment of happiness. You and him, you and her, whatever the constituent parts, the idea of two people becoming one is something which is embedded with the romantic ideal.

Of course the concept of finding your other half, often referred to as your better half, is not some flippant remark but is actual at the core of what people are looking for when they seek somebody to love and be loved by. They are looking for the other half of themselves. This does not mean an exact replica, but someone who has similarities – sometimes it may be striking physical likenesses, such as a red-head seeking another red-head, other times it might be similar levels of physical attractiveness but it is multi-layered with a whole structure of similarities and matches. This is why we are so deadly when it come to seduction. You are in effect seeking yourself and when we engage in our customary mirroring we are showing you yourself. Naturally, you do not recognise that you are being mirrored. You are too caught up in our artifice and its effective illusion to realise that you are being shown yourself. Instead, you fall head over heels for us as you believe that this is the real us and why wouldn’t you? Not only are we experts at this mirroring, we appear genuine and what we show you is so enticing you cannot help but fall for it. Fall for yourself.

It is quite the irony that falling in love with yourself would be what most people consider to be a rather narcissistic trait and who causes you to do that? A narcissist.

Thus, not only is this heart hook one which comes laden with romantic repercussions and emotional weight, it taps into the central method of seducing you. It sounds wonderful that we want to be one merged being with you, that we are such a perfect match we want to become as close as we possibly can be with you and thus become one person together. It is alluring, it sounds like an act of self-sacrifice, letting our own identity go to become a new and improved entity with you.

Whilst it certainly will sound desirable and romantic to you and whist it of course utilises that powerful premise of causing you to believe you have found your other half, this heart hook belies an actual truth, but not in the way you perceive it to be.

We want to become one with you because in our minds you belong to us as does everybody who we connect with. We control the environment and in order to cause the world to be bent to our will, we create the illusion that everything is connected to us and is controlled by us. When we want to become one with you, what we really mean is that we want you to shed your own identity and be subsumed into us. You effectively vanish as we own you and assimilate you into our being. You are connected to us so that you pump the delicious fuel into us, we assume your character traits which we apply to the construct and we commandeer your residual benefits – your money belongs to us, your house is our house, your friends become our friends, your resources are our resources, your network becomes ours to use as we see fit. You automatically sign away any sense of identity and independence from us as we suck you into our world and make you part of us.

When we declare that we want you and I to become one, you hear a romantic and heart-felt plea that evidences compatibility on every level. What we are actually telling you is that you belong to us and we want to consume you, absorb you and pull you into our world, causing you to submit to out total control for the furtherance of our aims and agenda.

You do not become one with us.

You cease to exist.

12 thoughts on “The Heart Hooks – No. 16

  1. With everything you write…. it’s the truth.
    Such truth from such a liar.
    Uncanny HG.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      As I have said before, it usually takes a wrong-doer to show you that you are doing wrong.

      1. But im not doing wrong. You are. Who showed you?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          That doesn’t make sense.

          1. I sometimes have an interesting interpretation filter. I interpreted it to be that u were the wrong doer showing me my wrong… but i didn’t do anything wrong. And with that same logic.. somebody would have had to show you your wrong. 🙂

      2. Findinglife11 says:

        I sometimes have an interesting interpretation filter.
        I interpreted what u said as you were the wrong doer showing me the wrong i was doing. And with that logic…. someone would’ve had to show you the wrong you were doing as well… but who?

      3. Findinglife11 says:

        I sometimes have an interesting interpretation filter.
        I interpreted what u said to mean that you were wrong and were therefore showing me. With that logic…. Who would’ve shown you your wrongs?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          What was meant by my comment is this

          1. I am a wrong doer (based on the perspective of others – of course I regard it as necessary and right)
          2. When you are doing wrong, doesn’t mean you are doing a bad thing but rather you are doing it incorrectly.

          As Superxena pointed out, what I am telling you is that someone who habitually does ‘wrong’ things is better placed to tell you that you are trying to tackle your own ‘wrongdoer’ in the incorrect way and I show you how to do so in a more effective way, so you are correct and effective in how you approach these matters.

    2. superxena says:

      Hello findinglife 11
      I think that the message HG is trying to give with the statement:
      “….. it usually takes a wrong-doer to show you that you are doing wrong” is like stating : “who knows better the techniques of robbing a bank but the bank robber himself”. Just giving a parallel…I couldn’t find any better way of trying to explain it..It doesn’t mean that you are doing wrong. I hope it helps.

  2. Picture looks like a Sia album cover.
    Absorb the person so you have an identity? In other words they all wanted to be just like me. How cool is that?? Twins! Or wait…is that a mirror??? *squints eyes*

  3. SVR says:

    You are extremely bright HG. You know it all and it’s great that we benefit from it. I read a couple of minutes ago that narcs know what they are doing as they lie to cover it up but know from your information this is not always true. The lesser would lie by instinct, is that right? The narc I knew told me I had a choice and I most certainly did. I left the merry go round very quickly as enough was enough which followed by 2 years of OMG I am heartbroken, I wanted to die (actually I wanted peace from it all really), I could not be bothered with life (he had taken me from me) but now I am a different person. I am the real me. I do love myself now and I am worthy just like you say you mirror us and I really liked him so why was I so hard on myself all my life. I realised my childhood was not what I thought and it’s like being born again (not in a religious way lol) and I am relaxed in life, say NO frequently and realise that there are human predators lurking. I am not game anymore. This was an experience of heartache and one I will never want repeated but the best gift of all came from it all: I love myself.
    Best wishes to all on this horrendous journey.

  4. No no no, you got it all wrong – we already ARE one.

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