Beautiful and Barbaric

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3 thoughts on “Beautiful and Barbaric”

  1. This book is one of the most “straight forward” and scary books I have read.
    Trying to resume the contents of the book by quoting one paragraph of the book:

    Kill you with kindness.

    “I want to destroy what once existed and replace it with my design and my desires. I want to murder who you were and resurrect my creation in your place. I want to kill you with kindness.”HG Tudor. “Beautiful and Barbaric”

    Excellent book that takes you deeper into the toxic and dark mind of the Narcissist.

    1. Superxena
      Both your first and last sentence would be a good book review where you purchased it. I like to see what others have to say when considering a particular title.

      1. NarcAngel. Thank you! I usually submit a book review after reading HG’s books.Both where I purchase them
        ( in this case) and here on the blog. Have you read this particular book?

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