Decipher : What The Narcissist Really Means

Want to know what he really means?

This is the answer.

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One thought on “Decipher : What The Narcissist Really Means

  1. emotion detective says:

    Do you have any articles on the Victim Narcissist alone?
    It seems there are so many of them from the survey.
    Is he/she always complaining about everything, every step they take is difficult, always blaming someone else, or the system for everything that goes wrong.
    Do they have a number of illnesses going on at the same time? Always either starving, or inconvenienced by conditions they are forced to live in, etc.
    Do they cause these unfavorable circumstances in order to draw pity and let the system ‘take care’ of them, in courts, prisons, healthcare, whatever it is, which in a way draws attention to them, and then they flourish in those circumstances as the victim?
    Are they using the system against each other, in the family of origin, repeatedly. Are they proud of their criminal record, in some twisted way?

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