Why does he lash out at you, abuse, assault and insult?

Why do you get ignored and cold-shouldered?

Why does he walk off and disappear?

Here is the answer.

By understanding fury, what causes it and what purpose it serves you will unlock a fundamental element of the narcissistic dynamic.

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11 thoughts on “Fury”

    1. Amy S., are you still attracted to him?
      I don”t think you can do much to control him, you have only power on yourself.
      Try taking away the power he has on YOU by making you watch his movie, then consolidate your position by moving farther and further away, emotionally.
      First let’s assess things HONESTLY:
      – do You like him?
      – do You dream to have wild sex with him?
      – do You want him back?
      They can smell your desire miles away….what are you hoping in your heart?

  1. Hello, HG! I am back Haag. After six weeks of no contact, I’m back in the office. The plotting scheme has began. There is a twist, however, I have been moved to another room which 3 guys. My narc is in a room next door. He is furious!!!! He keeps sending his lieutenants to check if I’m talking to any of them. Already is plotting and triangulating. 2 new guys started with us ang god knows what he tells them about me. They look at me like I’m a weirdo. Won’t dare even talking to me.

  2. Dear HG, a question for you: would you do anything different than what you are doing now if you didn’t have to follow the “rules”?

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