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Technology is a boon to our kind. It enables us to reach more people than ever before for the purpose of a quick squirt of fuel or as part of the orchestrated campaign to seduce our next victim who will be our primary source. The prevalence of social media platforms, blogs, chatrooms and the like provides us with a ready audience for us to declare our brilliance. Whether it is a pithy tweet, a photograph of our latest cycling adventure on Facebook, the culinary achievement that has been shared on Instagram, there are so many ways to herald our magnificence. We do not need to be near to these people. The reach is millions and therefore when we receive a praiseworthy comment, a like or love indication from the relevant button then that sudden dose of fuel comes our way. It is an almost instant hit. Fire something out across the electronic ether and in a matter of moments a reliable dose of fuel will come winging its way back. What a wonderful and simple method.

Even better is the use of our computers to search out targets, vet their online information to ascertain whether they would be suitable for our purposes and then to mine for information which can be used in the seduction of our targets. It is all there. The computer us used to find the information which forms the bedrock of our campaigns and it is also the instrument of our campaigns. So many repeated ways to bombard somebody with our supposed love. Our incessant application and monitoring. The ways in which we can keep in touch with different prospective victims as we assess who will be best. The way we can develop your replacement as we feel that your positive fuel is waning and your devaluation is just around the corner. The way we can triangulate you with a piece of machinery as our eyes remain locked on the screen as we engage in our online flirtations and gathering of fuel. The computer is truly our friend but it is also very useful for you to understand what you are dealing with.

Our use of the computer is a telling indicator of who you are dealing with. Whether it is a tablet, laptop, PC or mobile ‘phone (after all you are really carrying a small computer in your bag or pocket these days) you can expect to find similar secretive and furtive behaviour from our kind when it comes to the use of the computer to further our machinations. The computer is the nerve centre of our operations and as such it is something which we will guard. Accordingly, you should be aware of activity and behaviour such as: –

  1. Closing the computer down when you are nearby;
  2. Switching screens when you are nearby;
  3. Refusing to let you use the device;
  4. If you are able to use the device, we will not allow you to know the password and instead will enter it for you;
  5. If you are able to use the device, we will hover over you whilst you do so;
  6. If you are able to use the device you will find that the e-mail account is either locked or is empty, the search history is clear, there is no predictive search element in the search bar which may give away previous and frequent searches and documents are locked down.
  7. If you are given unfettered access to a computing device then it is highly likely that we use a different device for our dark works which you do not know about, otherwise there is no way that we will allow you to use such a device so freely. In this instance you need to have identified other red flags to indicate it is more than likely that you are engaging with a narcissist to raise the prospect of us using two computers. If there are no other red flags your unfettered access to the computer will purely be as a consequence of the use having nothing to hide and he or she will not use a secret device.

You would do well to consider the computing habits of the person that you are with and especially so if you have suspicions that you are dealing with one of our kind. Understand that the computer (in its various forms) forms the platform for so much of what we do. Gathering new victims and seducing them, organising and executing your devaluation, orchestrating the smear campaign against you. You should know that the computer is a tool which is used against you and you can utilise it as a barometer of our attitude towards you which will then in turn allow you to understand what you can expect to happen.

So much of what we do occurs through the electronic medium because that allows us full reign to portraying what we wish to portray to the world at large. It allows significant access, it provides a platform for heralding our achievements and it is not an exaggeration to state that it forms the engine room of our activities.

We will never allow you access to our computers but if there is a shared device then you should look out for two things. The first is that after we have used it, our e-mail inbox, browsing history and messaging will be cleaner than a contagious diseases research lab. This situation will persist for some time. The second is that when there is something to read in that inbox, from that browsing history and those messages you ought to know that we wanted you to see it because your devaluation has begun and this is the electronic bait that has been set to provoke you. Bear in mind, this is just what we are prepared for you to see for the purposes of gathering fuel. What is really going on our devices that we will not allow you access to (and the ones you do not even know about) is far, far worse.

10 thoughts on “Suspect Computing

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have female friends who snoop around, check tablets, phones, laptops and whatnot. I always thought “let’s not go there”. Mistake. If I ever date again – even though right now bathing in hydrochloric acid seems more appealing to me – I will be looking at that stuff. Not secretly, but if he’s not willing to show that stuff it’s time to go.

    I remember a couple of months before I escaped, I said “do you know what I always liked about you?”, his face lit up and I felt a bit like an ass because the thing I was about to say wasn’t really that nice. I said it anyway: “that you never really used Facebook or social media, but now you’re addicted”. He claimed he doesn’t really use it. Ha ha haaa. At that point I had no clue how much he used it and for what.

  2. Sarah says:

    Ass… ah-ahhhh…

    He saved all the pics of us.

  3. Ms brown aka Seastarr C★ says:

    you mean there guys out there that don’t do this?

  4. Narc affair says:

    Cleaner than an infectious disease lab ..😂
    The narc has been more and more triangulating me with people online. He will ” innocently” show me a comment he made on a fb group page and the reply and its almost always from a woman. So far ive been ignoring it and grey rocking but a few weeks ago i had had enough after one woman put a heart icon after her msg and i told him i no longer wanted to see any replies from women and it was disrespectful and he was disregarding my feelings. I told him i needed time away and took a few days from him. He hoovered saying he was sorry and missed me blah blah blahhh then …we have to trust each other lol yea trust someone who constantly makes me feel insecure? Major gaslighting! He never gets insecure bc ive never gone out of my way to make him feel that way only secure in my love and loyalty.
    It felt good to stand up for myself and my limits but i dont kid myself itll just be something different next time. Ive noticed a trend with this cycle…when he hoovers hes exceptionally loving and full of energy. Its giving him major validation and fuel these devalues. One day i wont react at all to these triangulations bc i wont care. Eventually the same tactics lose their effectiveness.

  5. mistynolan01 says:

    Ooooo so wicked, so cunning. Or, very severely needy and desperate. Yes. That’s it — very severely needy and desperate.

  6. sunbirdie says:

    Oh yes and the fake accounts they use in these computers and apps such as fb, and blocking one source against another while they are ‘in relationships’ on different profiles with different women, so as to not raise any red flags. No way was I allowed to look at his phone, but from the very first date he insisted he look at my fb messages and then wanted my password for fb.. this was after i had known him for 1 hour!!..Such a control freak 😦😦

  7. Ken says:

    Quesrion: if the narc doesn’t get much social media attention on their pages, are they truly a narc? I think my ex possibly used me to get more attention?

    I had pets that I really loved, one day all of a sudden one of them disappeared into the clear blue sky. Are you saying that a narc will use not only taking away something that you love, but also will exploit it online, just as a way just to get attention, through you?? After it was clear that my pet was not going to be returned to me, I noticed a very high amount of separate fake accounts contacting me, for an extended period of time. Prior to this, I had zero fake accounts contacting me. Are you saying it was likely the narc / flying monkeys taunting me? After disposing of my pet? I can not wrap my head around this….at all.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      The attention of the social media platforms of a narcissist are indicators and not in themselves determinative.

      Yes we will exploit anything, absolutely anything if it serves our purposes.

      For instance, the recent tower block fire in London resulted in a narcissist that I know of using it to post jokes about the event on his social media platform to draw negative fuel.

      1. Ken says:

        Ok. I understand. But the example you used was a situation that already existed….in my situation the animal was gotten rid of, I believe, by the narc, then used on social media to get attention. Is that not, if I am right about it, extremely brazen? It’s one thing to make nasty comments on a circumstance that already exists that people are talking about, it’s completely another to be the creator of that circumstance then go to the online site and act like you care when you don’t, and you know you caused all the trouble amongst the hundreds of people (if not more) who actually do care…….including the person suffering the loss – at their hands. Does that not start wandering into the sociopathic traits / tendencies? Like a murderer who shows up at his own crime scene to watch everyone’s pain and disbelief and smirk at the cops while they work ??

  8. Teresa Richardson says:

    I lived this for almost 3 years. He was doing this o line thru the engagement and the marriage. When I found out cause he dropped his phone and didn’t know it , I flipped the script told him I knew what he was after googling all the weird stuff he was doing and eventually threw him out and got an order of protection. He hasn’t hoovered and it will be senseless as I know what he is and am done!!!

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