The Narcissistic Truths – No. 54



20 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths – No. 54”

  1. HG, do you cry to get what you want? If so what are you feeling during the tears? If narcs don’t feel guilt or sadness…is it fear?

    1. No. Such behaviour is beneath me. I once squeezed a tear or two out with the good doctors but that was necessary in that interaction and is the only time I can ever recall doing so as an adult. In that instance I just thought of all the injustices meted out against me in order to try to feel sorry for myself, but even then it didn’t fountain as it would if a Mid-Ranger did the same.
      I see crying as weak. I was brought up with a ‘no tears’ rule.

      1. Did the doctors figure out you faked it or do they think they made a breakthrough on that day?

      2. HG,
        I too was raised with that rule. No crying and no anger, not allowed.
        I still hide when I cry and it takes a lot to get me there.

          1. Oh, that is old news! I was diagnosed long ago, remember?
            Now, where is my Dark Arts book?

      3. i think many little boys are told this… “NO crying… suck it up”… etc…. It is seen in certain cultures as weakness for boys to cry or show emotion….

  2. On Friday my ex called, he was crying and accused me of trying to destroy him. Earlier that day, I had visited his IPPS’s mother with the news that her son was in a relationship with a narcissist, so she called her son and he left work. The tears went away immediately after I called my ex a rapist-pedophile-pig.

  3. Crocodile tears and nothing more. Fake like everything else. The better the actor the more convincing, until….you’re the EXPOSED victim. Is that a fair assessment HG?

    1. Do you mean Narc Truth No 54? It means that for example a Mid Range Narcissist will turn on the water works when he is Last Chance Saloon, i.e. there is a risk of him losing his IPPS and therefore it is a Preventative Hoover.

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