The Narcissistic Truths – No. 108


10 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths – No. 108

  1. K says:


    I did exactly what you did. He was my safe place, too, and the betrayal was mind-numbing. All I can think about now is the scene from the It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, when Sally yells out: “What a fool I was!”

  2. 12345 says:

    I called him my safe place! To his face! Can you believe that!? More of a safe place than my mother and father. I had no idea that he made my mother and father look like the greatest normals in the world. What a fool.

    What’s interesting to me now is that I never called him my best friend. I knew from the jump that he didn’t tell me everything about himself or his thoughts. I mean, lots of people say their person is their best friend. I knew subconsciously that he indeed was not my safe place or best friend. Consciously, I refused to see it. I always refer to it as a mind fuck. I guess I kind of mind fucked myself in some ways.

  3. PhoenixRising says:

    It truly is. By leaps and bounds it’s the worst.

  4. Twilight says:

    Betrayal comes in many forms…who betrays who in the worst way

    It is all in the perspective of those involved.

    Who’s pain is worse the empath or the narcissist?

    Hope comes in many forms…..what it looks like to one can look very different to another, we all carry hope, we just don’t all see it in the same way.

  5. Sandra says:

    On the downside, the horrified recognition that we predictably and reliably played right into the betrayal. It does appear to everyone that we did, indeed, know the warnings and signed up anyway.

    On the upside, the mitigating recognition that the narcissist is an equally predictable automaton who can be dealt the devastating betrayal of noncompliance.

    I finished Exorcism today. I love love the metaphor of the Emotional Sea and the 3 battles.

    I’m so far from dry land…but I think I saw a bird.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Pleased you found Exorcism useful. I like your reference to seeing a bird. That is using your empathic trait of hope in a constructive fashion.

  6. ANK says:

    Yes. It feels like the worst betrayal and because they continue to lie and betray even when found out and asked to be honest even if the truth is painful.
    They continue to do the same, again and again.

  7. Yolo says:

    For me only when its immediate family.

  8. narc affair says:

    Yes it is bc we are lied to in the worst way and then discarded terribly.
    I met a friend online i thought really cared and sympathized with my situation. We got to know each other over the span of a few months and i helped support this person thru a scary time in their life. They soon turned into a person that was hungry to be recognized and left my friendship by the wayside. I stopped initiating any conversations bc it was all about them. This person blocked me for no reason on facebook. It hurt me bc i opened up to this person and really believed in them. It chipped away another piece of my capacity to trust people.
    They had the audacity to criticize others saying they werent “healed” when the person who wasnt healed was them. I suspect them to be a midranger who thinks themself an empath but an empath wouldnt do something like that.
    Narcissists betray our trust and that hurts the most!

  9. shantily says:

    By far … yes it is

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