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Ask 2: The Narcissist Answers by [Tudor, H G]

Fifty questions posed by those who have been subjected to the clutches of various narcissists. Fifty answers from the narcissistic psychopathic mind of H G Tudor.
Fifty insights.
Fifty enlightenments.
Fifty reasons to read this fascinating material

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11 thoughts on “Ask 2

  1. SuperXena says:

    I highly recommend this book as part 2 of the first book :Ask the Narcissist!
    If you still have unanswered questions from your ex narcissist, you will, with not doubt find them here.
    This book answers questions like if the narcissist has the feelings of love and happiness and how they regard these feelings as an obstacle in their quest of extracting fuel to survive, why therapies are not effective as a way of solving the conflicts arising from the entanglement with a narcissist, what happens with an ageing narcissist.
    These and many more answers that helped me finally escaping him.
    This book provides another valuable key in your journey to leave the narcissist behind. A must to read book!

  2. eudoxiajones says:

    Fifty Questions: Spectacular!

    However, if you look at numbers, in reality 50 equals 5 + 0 = 5 if you understand 0 means nothing and has no value then there are only 5 questions. Are you ready? Or does that make it 6?

    1 Who do you think you are really?
    2. I know you think you are sharp but so am I. Would you agree?
    3. You claim to know me but – do you really know me?
    4. Are you really that insecure?
    5. Do you know what YOU DON’T EXIST MEANS?

    1. SuperXena says:

      Hello Eudoxia!
      This comment on the other hand has a huge dose of emotions( in comparison to your letter to the narcissist that I found very interesting) This comment is very aggressive, denoting a lot of anger. If you want to share : Who are you directing your anger to ?

      1. eudoxiajones says:

        Hello Zena – nobody – I’m not angry, I got past that a long time ago. Right now just having a bit of fun because it really is a big joke – it’s a big cosmic joke on us when you peel back the layers of deception and above all the self deception – it’s very liberating. I’m not so cold and clinical except when dealing with narcissists. I’m actually a very warm, happy and good humored human being. I’ve just learned that when dealing with narcs “grey rock” is the only way to go. If you are not sure what that is you may wish to google it. Anybody else and I’m just normal and I am truly loving life and the skin I’m in and most certainly a psychopath free zone.

        1. SuperXena says:

          Hello Eudoxia!
          Thank you for your answer. Yes, I am well acquainted with “going grey rock”. That term could be compared to the concept of
          becoming a Flawed Reason to Extract Emotion (F.R.E.E.) that HG uses when describing this process.Are you acquainted with it?
          Good to know that you have found a liberating way to tackle this and that you have reached a psychopath free zone. I do understand as well when you say that you have gone already through the “anger” stage. That process resonates with me as well: I have gone through different stages of emotions since I left him ( sadness, anger etc). Now I have no emotions left for him: just a complete liberating feeling of relief and indifference towards him. Like he is just a blank space in my life.
          Best wishes

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        2. SuperXena says:

          …just adding about the term “grey rock” that is used so much in psychology: it is useful up to a certain point. To be effective you have to know first WHY you are attractive to them in order to turn yourself into being unattractive to them. Valuable answers that I have found just in here and nowhere else.

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          1. HG Tudor says:

            Good observation.

          2. SuperXena says:

            Thank you HG. As you have also stated it and now me corroborating it from my own experience. All the sites and books I found before your site and your books were either:
            1. Giving information about the ” symptoms” of being /having been entangled with a person with NPD . Coming mostly from the ones that were entangled but not giving any practical solution to it.
            2. or from some ( many psychologists) that have not been entangled with one giving just the “clinical” aspects of the symptoms: addiction,co-dependency state, depression, anxiety, PTSD etc

            But neither of those groups spot how this infection is created. This is what your site and books give. It is really a break through in the understanding of this process.
            What I think it is unique is that your site gathers both :
            a)the ones that have been “infected” giving them the opportunity to exchange experiences between them finding a forum of understanding and perhaps validation.
            b) your knowledge allowing your bloggers to ask you directly.
            Your unique classification of the Narcissist in schools and cadres and of the group of Empaths ( that can’t be found elsewhere) is crucial in finding out the antidote to this infection.

            Isn’t it true that the only way of finding cure to an infection is by spotting and knowing what the infection is and how it is “planted”?

            You give us here both the right antidote ( for those who have been infected) and the vaccine( as a preventive measure not to be infected if exposed again).
            I think that not just me but many other bloggers here greatly appreciate and thank you for giving us the opportunity of learning and defending ourselves. Regardless what your prime aim is…It is greatly appreciated of us.

          3. HG Tudor says:

            Thank you SX, I appreciate your comments.

          4. SuperXena says:

            Your welcome HG.

        3. SuperXena says:

          clarifying:*” Valuable answers that I have found just in here on this site and books and nowhere else”

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