A Letter To The Narcissist – No. 17


Dear Narcissist,

I have decided to end our relationship due to the preposterous state of it/them.  Having entered into a unilateral agreement for behaving masochistically I have decided to correct this error within myself.

Your kind always accuses our kind of all sorts of, well many things, but in particular of having no emotions which is in reality simply your kind projecting. It’s really a confession – you absolutely tell on yourselves in this respect.

Your kind function in reptile mode having readily adapted (due to early limbic system atrophication or vestigiality whatever is the case) to reptilian brain functionality where as neuropathological and empathic people use their mammalian brain.  Well adjusted neuropapths and empaths can reason.  Both of course use their neocortex but I digress.

From what I understand by observation and being on the receiving end of your kind is this – you always function in survival mode. That is exactly how reptiles function.  No reasoning with crocodiles and snakes is there?  They may make nice pets (for some) but as for lovers, friends, or family members they simply don’t cut the mustard.

Because your kind functions in survival mode you have to make sure you keep us in survival mode too – in order to make you feel better to avoid the precipice, in other words your kind has to bring our kind down to your level in order for you to function.  I’m afraid I am simply unable to make that adjustment.  Therefore, I am now going on strike in relation to this function.

To add insult to injury and to aide in your riposte, your kind use covert manipulation in order to keep us in a permanent state of Stockholm Syndrome. When your kind are attacking, slandering and maligning us it costs you nothing. It does not tax your energy at all because it is how you naturally and comfortably operate. On the other hand it has the reverse effect on us. If we defend ourselves or try to vindicate ourselves it costs us a great deal – this is a sinkhole for our energy. The longer we stay involved with your kind the longer we subject ourselves to emotional deprivation and acute energetic depletion. This must stop so I have decided to put a stop to it from my end.

There is a simple solution to this nonsense you see. People just need to be able to recognise your kind the minute you approach and know without reservation or ambiguity one’s own limitations, vulnerabilities and blind spots.  Fix those, “know the narcissist” and you’re home and hosed almost anyway.  Remove the core programming that allowed us to draw you in the first place and it could very well be game, set and match.  Once that has been accomplished your kind will find us unpalatable due to poor fuel provision and are likely to hunt elsewhere.

Unless we set loose our own narcissistic qualities after being pushed into Supernova status without consent of course, and decide to have a bit of fun at your expense for a change.  That would be somewhat rewarding for some I suppose but as I personally do not suffer immediate self gratification, nor seek revenge nor predisposed to narcissism myself, I will abstain from such a practice.

I am officially a narcissist “no fly zone” all thanks to your kind :-


14 thoughts on “A Letter To The Narcissist – No. 17

  1. K says:

    Your letter was a very scientific, pragmatic and no-nonsense approach towards narcissism and the narcissist. The solution really is simple: detect them, remove subsequent fuel, become unpalatable and the narc disappears looking for a better supply. Now if only we could get your instructions printed onto the back of every cereal box in the world, in every language with a picture of a Chupacabra* next to it. I think I will join you in the “no fly zone”. Thanks!

    A creature also known as a ‘Goat Sucker’ simply because it drains the blood and body fluids out of goats (empaths), leaving them dry and lifeless.

  2. Tappan Zee says:

    SHG–I really look forward to hearing more from/about you and your experience. I am not a scientist. I have high IQ. And really wondered how the hell I made so many poor choices in my life being so smart. And you know the brain like a BOSS. And yet….. I think this is the start of cool thing. Being smart in the ET area. I always wished I were “dumb” so to speak. I could cope better. No, my focus needs to shift. I googled neocortex. I am not science smart. Haha.

  3. Noname says:

    “Having entered into a unilateral agreement for behaving masochistically I have decided to correct this error within myself”.

    Within myself. Bravo.

    Do it, Eudoxia. It is a single possible way to heal yourself and I see that you have enough strength to do it. My sincere and best wishes to you.

  4. SuperXena says:

    Hello Eudoxia!

    I think your letter stands out among others for the cold-hearted
    logic /almost cruel ( as opposed to emotional thinking) that runs through it! It reveals the new mind set you have acquired when analysing what you went through and finding some positive outcome of it to your advantage.I think this is the right way of approaching it when you look at it in retrospective. Seems to me that you are really on the other side of the fence!

    1. SuperXena says:

      …just adding: but of course,you are not sending the letter!

  5. Peaceful says:

    Eudoxia, I loved reading this!! I’m with NarcAfair, I believe it would take the wind out of the narc’s sails… What do you think HG? Would that do it?

    In reference to Shg, so what if she’s not scientifically correct… The emotion is fantastic. And hey…if narcs can make shit up, so can we 🙂

  6. analise13 says:

    This letter is using all your dialogue and terminology HG to explain to the Narcissist what they are and what they done.

    A Greater may be amused and wounded and commence their revenge smear campaign.

    The lesser would be critically wounded and unable to comprehend the language or information relayed in the letter and physically lash out.

    The midrange, definately would be criticized and wounded and thusly retreat to find fuel.

    It is emotionless, robotic and encyclopedic with factual points of narcissism. It should cut through the core of their narcissist.

    Well done, Eudoxia.

  7. Susan says:

    Hi. Your talking about the reptilian brain reminded me of something my ex narc once told me. He told me tat when he was 11 or 12. He hkept having a strong knowing that he was descended from a snake. Or that he had a familiar relationship with snakes somewhere in his background. He said he couldn’t make sense of this feeling but he kept getting that. That the snake is his relative. Did you ever have that HG?

  8. Shg says:

    I love the tone of your letter and will aspire to emulate it in my letter to my Narc (No contact for 12 days after 5 years of absolute bullshit). However, as a neuroscientist, I beg you to do a little bit more research on the matter in order to avoid spreading false scientific information. Narcissists do not function like reptiles, they use their neocortex as well. Yes they lack the use of certain functions but as we all down they are impares due to trauma. Perpetuated by other human beings. I think we need to start accepting that there is no difference between our kind and their kind- if those HG built his narrative on this duality- because as much as we might not like it, we are the same kind. We are both sapiens sapiens, the species that knows it knows. They are more fragile than us and whilst No Contact is necessary for our mental health, saying that they don’t use their neocortex is preposterous and incorrect.

    1. Shg says:

      Whoops typos “as we all know they are impaired” “even if HG”

    2. eudoxiajones says:

      Hi Shag

      Thanks for your response (I am Eudoxia) to clear it up when I quoted “They both use their neocortex but I digress” it was referencing all types not just empaths and neuropaths and I can clearly see how you would have interpreted it as such. Of course their kind (shall I say the opposite end of the spectrum) do have a neocortex, they could not get away with what they have thus far without one.

      Thanks for pointing out the ambiguity.

      Cheers Eudoxia

  9. narc affair says:

    I thunk this letter would take the wind out of any narcissists sail! You understand so well what makes a target and why narcissists act as they do. That is the best armor against being preyed upon! Flat out…youd be no fun for a narcissist which is a huge celebration! 🤗👍

  10. Tappan Zee says:

    THAT is how it’s done. ✅

  11. Paula Sarno says:

    I enjoy this excellent letter very much !!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Congratulations to the writer

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