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  1. Hey HG,
    what do you think the percentage of Normal people, Empaths &Narcissists might be?
    Do you think there are more empaths or more Narcissists?
    If one thinks of predators and prey, one would assume a majority of empaths, but I seem to have met very few, while narcs abound! Perhaps it’s because narcs can also chose normal people, if they cannot secure an empath?
    Loosely I’d say my situation/environment includes 10% empaths or less, 20% narcs, 70% normal , and that’s working in a field where children are cared for!
    What do you think, HG? Are there more of us, or more of you?

    1. You are an empath, that is why you see more narcissists because you attract them and no doubt have been wandering around blissfully unaware in hunting grounds.
      There is no empirical evidence, but the bulk of people are normal, then there are numerous and empaths and then fewer narcissists. Think about how many empathic victims a narcissist has? That is anecdotal evidence that there are more empaths than narcissists.

      1. Thanks for the reply. If there are more empaths, why do I meet so few? That was more rhetorical a question.
        This page is the largest collection of empaths I ever saw!
        My current regular spots are a school (work), a DIY shop & arts store for my oil painting – but I never talk to people there-, the supermarket and a psychodrama course (which I recommend to recovering empaths!)…I had not thought these were common hunting grounds; are they?
        Facebook I am sure is one, so I don’t add people I don’t know in real life.
        Most of the narcs I meet are at work, unfortunately…Although I did meet and identify one at a vegan gathering, of all places!
        Did you ever write a post about common hunting grounds? i would love to look into it, please.
        As ever, thank you for your replies and the valuable information you provide us.

      2. Unfortunately I can’t order the book as I am located in Italy, for some reason it won’t let me. I’ll try to figure out why. ๐Ÿ™

      3. You should have no problem with ordering the e-book in Italy, Erin. If you have continued problems, e-mail me.

      4. Ok. I’ve now confirmed that my nastiest ex, which I found hard to pinpoint, was an elite Greater Narcissist, not cerebral, although he unfortunately wasn’t particularly attractive despite being extremely well groomed.
        As a teacher, lover of animals, who has narc parents (and almost all of my exes, apparently, I’m lucky I escaped so often prior to devaluation!) and tries to stay in shape, I can see why I am such a target! I still haven’t quite figured out what type of narcissist I am, though. It took me a while to reach the conclusion I was an empath at all, because I’m also stubborn, opinionated and I can be harsh with people who act like victims when they are not.
        Are there any other fellow empaths out there who fit my description and have discovered what you are? ANY imput would be appreciated!

        Side note, showing my “darker” side: when I am in a bit of a mood, I feel like going out to hunting grounds, to identify narcs and to let them try a seduction, just to then suddenly become emotionless and turn them down, confusing them.Just for kicks. I never do, though…I just like to entertain the idea ๐Ÿ˜‰ Am I alone in this?

        I look forward to when your work on the different schools of empaths will be finished, H:G! I hope it will be as interesting as I have come to expect from you.

  2. Not that I have thought about it before I read this meme…..but is it any coincidence that all of my narcs have hunted animals and have had guns and gun licenses? (Guns are not common in England…..even the English police do not carry them.) Do you have a firearms license HG????……….Diva

  3. Wabbit season!
    Duck season!
    You know maybe us empaths should have narc season & go hunting ourselves….
    Our collaborative thought processes would see to it we were never caught ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Interesting, does the “hunting season” has the seasonal prevalence in the narc’s life?

    I’ve noticed, that my Patrinarc, first husband and cousin become more “active” during Autumn and Spring.

    My Patrinarc always gets rid of his mistresses in late Winter and starts the new relationship in early Spring.

    Do you have any seasonal “hunting preference”, Tudor?

    Do you see any correlation between Season and “Hunting time” in your Narcs, girls?

      1. IVANKAโ€” ur not starting from scratch. this blog is scary. the only thing scarier is NOT having this blog. the truth hurts HERE but it’s a small price to pay for protecting us OUT THERE.

    1. Three days before for me, Ivanka. In fact, it was on Valentine’s Day that he called me for the first time to ask for a date. This meme is downright scary!

      1. The whole blog is downright scary. I cannot get over how they all seem to think alike. Of course, even after reading this blog for months, I still fell for the hoover this week. Saw him again, slept with him again, and fell right into his big evil hands again. Starting from scratch once more…sigh

      2. Sorry to hear that, Ivanka. I certainly know how hard it is to resist. I’m at almost a year of no contact, and I moved 100 miles away and set the hoover bar very high. Otherwise I could’ve gotten in trouble myself. Hang in there. Maintain no contact. Recovery takes time and effort… but you’re worth it!

  5. I’m smiling…why? I just found out my ex is on two different dating sites presently. After he discarded me in mid-July. I found out I had been replaced with a new primary two weeks later on FB stalking him like a desperate. I unfriended him on there since August. guess he’s having trouble in Paradise already in his new golden period. She’s probably not working out. My name for him is the Predator. I only got a benign hoover so far. At least I lasted 11 months with him. She only lasted three.

  6. HG, do you know about the new trendy word “highly sensitive person”? I think when you talk about empaths you include that group, so “empath” would be a broader term…I’m wondering because something has been on my mind, lately:
    HG, what do you think the percentage of Normal people vs Empaths vs Narcissists is?
    Apparently about 15-20 percent of people are empaths7highly sensitive, although that number seems a little high to me.
    Do you think there are more empaths or more Narcissists? Logically one would think there are more empaths, but for some reason I find myself personally meeting very, very few of them!
    using the broad term of “Empath”, I think my exposure has me seeing this percentage:
    10-15% empaths, 20% narcs, 65-70% normal , but that is only in my experience…
    What do you think?
    Fellow empaths, what say you?

    1. I have heard of the term yes. I see you have repeated your % question in another comment so I will address that there.

  7. The perfect day to lovebomb a potential victim or a new one then later to devalue them while they hunt again.

  8. this was great. It actually scared me so much. Great to start relating this to hunting and being killed. I need to realize that the narc wants me dead. Great work HG

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