The Narcissistic Truths – No. 196



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  1. This could Ben read “little mirrors nothing more” AND “little nothing mirrors more” both of which are horrifying.

  2. Is the reason we are romantically entangled with narcissists that we were raised by narcissist parents? Thank you so much HG, your blog and books are immensely helpful. Is that really your voice in the videos?

    1. For some of you yes, for others no. Narcissists sometimes target other narcissists and normals, but usually we target empathic individuals. Those people who are empathic make the best targets for many reasons. Those people who are empathic and “imprinted” (prior involvement with a narcissist, especially during childhood) make the best targets.

      1. Dear Mr Tudor,
        Your last senctence …. could you please elaborate why do they make the best targets ?
        Many thanks

  3. HG,
    I am curious about whether or not you intend to procreate, (I believe you currently have no offspring.) If that is too personal, I would understand you don’t wish to answer.
    Would it be possible within this project to write about how to make (or better, not make) narcissists of children? Like a guide for parents to not continue the cycle of narcissism they learn in their family of origin?
    Or have you already written such a guide?

    1. I have no offspring that is correct, I have no interest in children.

      There would be no point – the reader would not know they are a narcissist and therefore not see it as applicable to their treatment of the child.

      1. Can you write an article on why narcissists have children? Do they not realize until it’s too late it wasn’t what they thought it’d be?

      2. My pleasure, HG. I do enjoy helping out and, as an added benefit, I am able to embed the knowledge that I learn here.


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