Little Acons – No. 49



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  1. Saw this one happen to my ex N when we dated in high school. Her mother made some comment about her in the context of that because of her academics that she could probably get a job as a receptionist/secretary. This coming from a woman with no secondary education as far as I know and didn’t have to work. My ex N was created by her parents for sure. BTW people that work in reception/human resources are underappreciated.

  2. A topic I am interested in knowing more of: Greaters. I feel I know the least about them.

    And have you ever been fooled by another narc? Even a passive, sweet lil’ victim Mid-Ranger who pretends to be all sensitive? *Boo-Hoo*

    They love to pretend to care about others. Have you ever thought, ‘There’s a nice empath,’ only to say…’Wait, never mind.’

    1. I haven’t been fooled but it is fair to state that there have been people who I have come across who have presented as the empath and after a period of time I have seen that they are in fact a Mid Range Narcissist. It didn’t lead to any issue for me, but it wasn’t immediately apparent.

    2. They are very difficult to spot! They’re like The Terminator. It takes a while for that passive aggression to reveal itself.

  3. I can count on one hand how many times my mother complimented me in my lifetime. Now when she tries to compliment me it makes me feel very uncomfortable. Thankfully i no longer yearn for her validation or measure of my self worth.

  4. “Be successful, but do not be more or equal successful than me.”
    ” Be nice and beautiful, but never shine more than me.”
    “Be happy, when I say you have to be happy.” “Do not be happy, if I am not happy.”
    These sentences are already the translations, not the original words which confused me a lot because of the inherent contradictions.

  5. another one ..
    “Are you going to be good? if not i dont love you!”
    From my mother..from my father..from my ex husbend…so ….bye bye all of them

  6. snif…😥 i was that little girl….but now i am a litle nice evil because that..ha ha..😇😇 and i love myself..
    Do i said evil ? nooo..i want to said angel..!!
    Nice day to everybody..even to the N..!!!

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