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2 thoughts on “Smeared

  1. Jaysle says:

    When a Narc spreads a rumor that a victim is his girlfriend when the two of them have never even gone out on a date and really only speak on a passing basis when the two of them are at the same social event, is that considered smearing or something else?

    I realize smearing consists of negative comments made about the victim, but lying about the relationship status between the Narc and the victim could definitely be viewed as negative, especially if the victim doesn’t feel the same.

    Is the Narc just using projection in hopes to bring this rumor into reality (to be right and win of course!) or is there another reason for doing this (especially if the victim doesn’t give in in the end)? Why create an elaborate story that people can see isn’t true is what seems so incomprehensible.

    Why wouldn’t the Narc actually wait until he has actually secured his victim as his girlfriend before telling others so that he won’t look like a liar and a fool if it doesn’t turn out to be the case?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It could be considered smearing by the victim, but not by the narcissist as he will regard as a complimentary thing to say about somebody.

      Because of his arrogance in assuming he will secure the victim in any event.

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