Little Acons – No. 54



4 thoughts on “Little Acons – No. 54”

  1. When I was 17, my narc mom would make me feel bad about using eyeliner and lip balm.

    But now, she takes my red lipstick without asking and uses it for herself.

    I then chose to hide my lipstick. And other stuff as well.

    She is so crazy, that she steals my dresses as well, but NEVER let’s me borrow her perfume. Or her comb.

  2. I can envision your mum HG making you wear a tacky Christmas jumper when you were younger.

    I remember when i was about 10 my narc grandma wanted us to get matching outfits. I was young so it didnt bother me much either way. Its actually a warm memory of her. If i were in my teens a way different story lol

    1. I take that back HG your mum probably had you wear a tuxedo to the childrens christmas parties thats if she allowed you to go to them. A somatic mother would have to outdo the rest as far as fashion and a tacky anything wouldnt do. Of course im only speculating.

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