5 Early Warning Detectors


How much did the last narcissist cost you? Thousands in “borrowed money”? Thousands in legal fees/therapy costs? Hours of wasted time deliberating and analysing? Time lost which would have been better spent with your children, your extended family and your friends. Time away from work? Time tied up in court proceedings?

The cost of ensnarement with the narcissist is huge.

NOW you can avoid that risk in the future.

Want to know sure-fire ways to determine that a narcissist has you in his or her sights?

Be burned once and determined to ensure it does not happen again?

Want to spot the narcissist nice and early so you can GOSO?

This Detector will give YOU the power to ascertain that it is highly likely that a narcissist is seeking to seduce you.

This material explains to you the various ways you remain at risk of future ensnarement even when you may think that you will not.

It details how Emotional Thinking and from which sources, will impact on you and how you must guard against it.

As part of the battle against Emotional Thinking and understanding that as an empath, you always draw narcissists to you, this simple and effective tool will allow you to determine that a narcissist has begun to interact with you and therefore you need to undertake more detailed examination and exit.

To assist you further, this excellent device gives you the differing behaviours of the schools of narcissists and also with regard to normals so that you can engage with people, primarily through a romantic involvement, but also with regard to social, business and work scenarios with increased confidence and assurance.

A small investment of just US $ 10 which will provide you with returns time and time again.

Obtain Early Warning Detector here

14 thoughts on “5 Early Warning Detectors

  1. Jess says:

    It’s uncanny how well you understand your kind. Every word is true. I’ve done the research…

  2. K says:

    Perse, Queen of Hell Fire

    “Why is is every time I talk to you, you got your damn nose in a newspaper/book!??”

    My MMRN pulled that shit with me so I told him to put his God damn cell phone away. The lesser narcissist in me wanted to shove it (the cell phone) up his ass, but the empath in me would not allow it. He is a somatic so he might have enjoyed it.

    Translation: The narcissist is too busy focusing on his needs and she is the appliance and should function when it suits him. Using an ereader is tantamount to a criticism because she is ignoring his needs. She is an object and is there to serve him and she is not allowed to have needs or desires.

    1. Windstorm2 says:

      Good translation.
      My exhusband can’t stand for anyone he’s with to be on a phone when we’re in a restaurant or a car. I keep mine always by my hand on silent. If he pulls his out for more than about 15 secs, then I just open up this blog and start reading comments.
      He’ll ask, “What are you doing?”
      I’ll say, “Oh, I’m reading that blog about narcissists.”
      Either he puts up his phone or I just keep reading. 😊

      1. K says:

        Thank you, WS2.
        I am practicing my narc lessons. The same thing happened with my mother. She ignored me until I sat down and went on narcsite and then she kept asking me what I was doing!?!? Over and over again… I told her it was time for her to go home. Narcs really do follow the same set of rules the world over.

      2. narc affair says:

        Hi windstorm. …your ex hubby knows about this blog? Wow! Ive not told my narc i even know about narcissists. Hes brought the term up a few times so i suspect he knows ive been on narc sites thanks to facebook.
        Does your narc know hes a narcissist?

        1. Windstorm2 says:

          Yes, he knows. We’ve talked about it occasionally over the years. When we were teenagers he seemed to think everyone lied or was delusional about feeling the emotions he can’t feel and about feeling empathy. Over the years he’s come to realize that he just doesn’t have them, but that some people do.

          He’s always been really smart and great at psychology- reading people. After he went thru forced counseling in rehab he’s not nearly as abusive and shows more cognitive empathy. And of course after 44 years, I’ve gotten adept at reading his moods and often help diffuse situations where I can sense he’s about to be hurtful from lack of empathy or the lure of negative fuel.

          We have talked many times about this blog. He can do a kickass impersonation of a midrange narc! He is often astounded at my naïveté when I tell him things I’ve learned here. You know, things he thinks any intelligent person should have already figured out long ago! Lol!!

          I do have to be careful about bringing it up, though. Sometimes he’s willing to hear things I’ve learned or still question, but sometimes talking about what I’ve learned here irritates him. He IS a narc after all and wants my attention on him – not some other narcs blog! I’m careful to not be annoying (if I can help it). As long as he’s willing to play nice, I do too. 😊

  3. Just having read these 2 posts about tips to flush out the narcissist gives me some hope.
    I’ve printed them out as a kind of ‘study guide’.

    Some of these interactions can be observed in public, and it’s interesting to do so.

    It seems when i have noticed some of these, like “jealousy”, criticism, interaction with minions, or inattention, its about a 50/50 split, between norms and narcs.

    An obvious one (to me), was a middle aged couple being sat at a table in a restaurant, She is speaking to him animatedly, while he ignores her and interacts with his phone. She gives up, and pulls out an ereader. He finishes whatever on his phone, starts to speak to her. i can’t hear what he is saying at first, but then before she can respond, he speaks rather loudly, “Why is is every time I talk to you, you got your damn nose in a book!??”

    Whoa, I’ve heard that one before, and I recognize it when I see it, now.

  4. SC says:

    On the mark. Your insight amazes me.

  5. Bubbles🍾 says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,
    The show I watched the other night…”the making of a psychopath”… the good doctors did a “do good and get reward scheme”.

    Is this your case scenario ?
    Most fascinated … thanks

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No, it isn’t Bubbles.

  6. narc affair says:

    4. The gentle criticism is my narc to a T. I dont make it a point to ever criticize him but when hes been on a cycle of devaluing i have and he reacts exactly as outlined by the greater. He will usually get this evil type laugh then get quiet and im sure its fury. He does remember it and will as stated use a backhanded comment even years later in reference covertly to it.

    Also the crying one except my narc facades crying. Ive not seen him cry but hes said he has, yet he never admits to it being bc of anyone hurting him its always bc of something he witnessed or seen proving what an empath he is. He never admits to insecurities or weaknesses yet loves to hear about mine…again for later use. Narcs file and store away this info. for fuel and manipulation.

    The more i read up the more im convinced hes a lesser greater.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Spot on HG. I cannot thank you enough for eradicating any doubt about the mid range I was involved with and any whom I may come across again.

  8. Joyascending says:

    Great post, HG! thank you, you always have excellent insight. I also liked the post of social media.

  9. Windstorm2 says:

    All very accurate, including how the non-narcs respond.

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