The Narcissistic Icicles – No. 3


12 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Icicles – No. 3

  1. analise13 says:

    These icicles are the narcissists truths.
    Statements behind the facade of how they really think and feel.

  2. SuperXena says:

    These new series of narcissistic icicles are a powerful reminder.

    “Large icicles can prove deadly and destructive
    especially when they grow larger and have a long distance to fall.”

    This particularly was definitely a large size icicle.

    It reminds me how the impact of the fall of an icicle is even stronger when the narcissist changes in a blink of an eye from burning hot passion to freezing cold cruelty.

    When those icicles do not just stay as thoughts but slip from the dark mind through the poisonous tongue dropping them as words from long distance up …making the impact even stronger.

    Disguising sometimes this falling icicles (when spoken ) as a joke…but the icicle has already been dropped , the impact has taken place..that was the aim….for then melting again…leaving no trace..

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Well put SX.

      1. SuperXena says:

        Thank you HG…the freezing, menacing narcissistic dropping icicles..brrr.

    2. SuperXena says:

      *typo: Disguising sometimes THESE falling icicles..
      of course I meant…

  3. narc affair says:

    I hope one day you come out with a tear away calendar HG. It would have a combo of terminology, tools to deal with narcs, narc truths basically tidbits from your books and blogs. Id definitely buy one! Itd be a great way to start each year! The front would have your black silohette 😄

    1. HG Tudor says:

      That’s a good idea.

      1. Insatiable Learner says:

        I would buy a few of these too! Great gift for any occasion!

  4. Oh wow! How did you know?
    Guess he never thought he’d go first.
    And he did try to still punish me after he was gone.
    Now that I know, it bothers me not.

    Oh BTW, W, we did NOT have a funeral or anything for you.We just got on with our lives. You’d already gotten enough attention from us.

  5. Mila says:

    I know, HG, that’s the truth. During idealization stage, my ex used to tell me that he would die for me. He would die just so nothing ever happens to me.

    I’m sure he doesn’t want me to die for the reasons you are describing. And, I did throw a few grenades back at him when he discarded me. At least, that’s how he described it later on. He also admited that he deserved it for what he had done to me. (Of course, it was a lie just like everything else was a lie).

    I feel relieved that he is no longer in my life, but I also have to be careful as he will never stop stacking me. On and off.

  6. Jasmine says:

    Haha! And you’ll never catch me either 😜

  7. narc affair says:

    Narcs say the sweetest things 😄

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