Little Acons – No. 7


A series of memes which encapsulates the mind set of the narcissistic parent towards their child resulting in the creation of the Adult Child of a Narcissist.

5 thoughts on “Little Acons – No. 7

  1. analise13 says:

    Translation: I cannot and do not know how to love you.
    I am incapable of giving or feeling love towards another.

    That is horrible for a child to experience.
    HG were you told this as a child?

    Have you stated this to your appliances when deflecting blame? can I say I love you, when you don’t trust me. Why must you be this way. You ruin everything. You make it hard for me to love you. You bring this upon yourself.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No, I was not told this.

      I do not recall using the comment.

      1. analise13 says:

        I am pleased on both counts.

  2. taylor says:

    HG is your ex wife married? Is her new husband one of your kind?

    1. HG Tudor says:


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